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Sarah Hello everyone :)I present to you . . .
Our first newsletter!

I'm sure everyone knows how newsletters work, but I'll explain it for the benefit of those who might not. Basically, every month there will be a newsletter telling members about updates from the previous month. I will be the one who will write it each month. I'll announce competition winners, new things that will be going on, and just any other notices.


So, the group was formed in February. So far, we have 83 members (Amazing), so thank you all so much for joining and inviting people if you did!
Things may be a little unorganised for a few weeks because I'm still getting used to running a group but I assure you, you'll be glad you joined. :)

This month, we will be having some competitions - Writing Of The Month, IYC (Ignite Your Creativity) Display Picture contest, and Weekly Themed Writing Contest every week. If you want to know about them in detail, please visit the topics where the rules and information are.
If you want any more competitions, please request in the Competition Ideas topics.

I am pleased to present to you our new moderators!
Ally, Mai, Izzy99, and Ali!
They will each have their own area of speciality.

Monthly Read
The monthly read for March will be The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Discussion about the book can be found in the Monthly Reads folder, and you can also post your reviews in the reviews topic. By joining in on the monthly read discussions you will get points.

Points Scheme
The points scheme will start on 1st March. You can sign up for points after that date and when you do certain things in the group you will earn points. Visit the topic which explains all about points to find out more.

Birthdays This Month
Happy birthday to:

Your Head Mod,

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Congrats to all the new mods!

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