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Do you think Aden's family was right to discourage Aden and Annie's relationship? Why or why not?

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Cindy Woodsmall Aden's Old Order Amish family was very concerned when they began to see the developing relationship between Aden and their Old Order Mennonite friend, Annie. Although Roman later admits he opposed the relationship mostly because of his fear of losing his twin brother, Aden's mother and father simply seemed to be worried about the well-being of their family. Do you think they were right or wrong to try to discourage the relationship?

Paula-O I had mixed emotions on this, I feel these groups are too restricted in what they can do and dont think God would think the relationship was wrong.
In another way I felt that because they chose to live in those groups then they must follow the rules set down. so really not clear on this one.

Tina Watson I also had mixed emotions about this while reading the book. I found myself questioning everyone that was involved and or knew about their feelings for one another. And questioning what I would do in their situation, both in love and as a parent.

I would have to say the way Aden's parents (mom and Roman) handled it was the right way to go about it.

And for Aden saying what he did to Moses towards the end. I know it wasnt easy for Aden to tell Moses what was in his heart, but he said the right words.

I was happy for the ending.

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