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MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) | 15305 comments Mod
Hermes Cabin

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Savannah | 4231 comments Kylie rolled around in her nook in the floor. She hadn't been claimed yet, like she'd expected, but she had a hunch it would be happening soon.

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Brittany Hruby (bookreader1998) | 69 comments Party at beach g2 party time

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ella Gwen walked into the cabin and looked around.

message 5: by Zoe (new)

Zoe | 337 comments Restarting: Brittany stormed into the cabin, exhausted. She was tired and angry. She had spent all afternoon arguing with Chiron the centuar. She knew, she knew her dad was Hades. but no one believes her. they say she hasn't been 'claimed'. whatever that means. She flopped down onto her bedroom and sighed. She rolled over, and passed out.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) ((kk))
Anna strolls past the Hermes Cabin on while checking out all the cabins.

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Zoe | 337 comments Brittany: Is someone out there?

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Anna stops. She turns and looks inside the cabin. "oh, its just me. Im Anna" she says while walking up to the door frame.

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Zoe | 337 comments Hi Im Brittany. What time is it?

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Anna looks at her neon green watch. " 3:34. So is your parent really Hermes or are you undetermined? " Anna asks curiously.

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Zoe | 337 comments Undetermined. Technically. I dont want to talk about it.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Anna nods her head and glances at the ground. "um, so how old are you." she asks trying to change the subject.

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Zoe | 337 comments 14. How about you?

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) "im 15" Anna says while shuffling her feet awkwardly.

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Zoe | 337 comments So who's you godly parent?

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) "Poseidon. God of the seas and stuff. Yay for me i guess." Anna says while sighing and stuffing her hands in her jean pockets

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Zoe | 337 comments What's so bad about that? Doesnt that make you related to Percy Jackson? I just got here this morning and he's all I've heard about... when i wasnt arguing with chiron.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) "well its only bad because the whole reason ive had trouble my whole life is because those monsters or whatever knew that i was powerful. But whatever ill save you the sob story. And for the Percy Jackson, i haven't met him but i look forward to meeting him. Why was Chiron arguing with you?" Anna says like it was rehearsed. She had always been a a good talker.

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Zoe | 337 comments Its hard to explain. Its more like i was arguing with Chiron. Its not like i got a dream message or something, but somehow, somehow i know my godly parent is... no you wont believe me.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) "Try me, I won't judge." Anna says suddenly intrigued.

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Zoe | 337 comments Hades. It's Hades.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Anna smiles, her freckles seeming to dance with color. "well its not totally impossible. Do you just have this instinct, or is it a physical feeling?"

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Zoe | 337 comments The thing is, im not totally sure. Instinct i guess.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Anna nods, understanding what it felt like. "well, i guess we'll have to wait and see if he claims you."

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Zoe | 337 comments The thing is, I had a dream from the Fates. They said that my father cant claim me.The other gods would be angry. but Hades has other children right? i was hoping they could help me. Also Apollo is the god of the oracle right, maybe his children could help me too... what do u think?

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) "It is definitely worth a try. I know that there is a kid named Nico, son of Hades. Maybe he could help you." Anna says. "I can help you too if you want."

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Zoe | 337 comments Thanks! So how long have you been at camp halfblood?

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) "i actually just got here a few hour ago. I was checking out the cabins and stuff." Anna says while talking with her hands.

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Zoe | 337 comments Really? and you've already been claimed?

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) " well yeah... i used to live in an orphanage for girls. We went on a field trip to a museum and i had to protect them from a horde of hell hounds. While fighting i was claimed by Poseidon and i was picked up by a saytr..." she says fiddling with a gold ring with gems and greek words. She was trying hard not to cry.

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Zoe | 337 comments I'm sorry, that must have been really traumatic. are u ok?

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) "yeah, yeah im fine. Im just glad that none of the girls got hurt." Anna says picking up her composure once again.

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Zoe | 337 comments "good.should we go look at some other cabin's?" Brittany said, getting up.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) "Alright, sounds like a plan." Anna says smiling slightly
((where to now?))

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Zoe | 337 comments just go to the camp halblood rp.

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