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message 1: by Dani Alexis (new)

Dani Alexis (danialexis) | 3 comments Mod
Give us your "Top Five..." books of any kind. Some ideas to get you started:

Top Five Favorite Books
Top Five Least-Favorite Books
Top Five Books Made Into Films
Top Five Books With Really Disappointing Endings
Top Five Children's Books
Top Five Books You Thought You'd Hate But Ended Up Loving
Top Five Books You Thought You'd Love But Ended Up Hating
Top Five Books on [Hobby or Topic]

...and so on. Feel free to add your own!

message 2: by Jud (new)

Jud Barry | 7 comments I feel really bad about this. I thought about my top five least favorite books and realized it was way more than five and they were all Berenstain Bears books. And, yeah, I know: R.I.P. Jan Berenstain.

It was the preachy quality. I know the stories always had a moral and they were good in that way, but Pooh and Alice were always so much more fun to read aloud.

I hope this doesn't land me in Goodreads hell.

message 3: by Jacki (new)

Jacki (infinitereads) Top five books from the Harry Potter series:
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Book 7

Sorry, I want to participate, but I have to limit myself or I get overwhelmed with options. :)

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