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message 1: by Jon (new)

Jon Saboe (JonSaboe) | 3 comments The Days of Peleg

I am the author of this book and I am trying to update this cover to the new one that corresponds to its prequel, The Days of Lamech: The Long-Awaited Prequel to the Days of Peleg
As a 'librarian' I thought I could make this change, but I only see the option to delete or the option to add non-cover images.
The ISBN is 1598008099 and a good image can be found here:

If anyone can help me get this updated -- or show me what to do, I would appreciate it.

Thanks so much in advance!

Jon Saboe

message 2: by Cloudedleopard (new)

Cloudedleopard | 139 comments Hey, has the book with the old cover ever been published? If yes, then it's usual to create an "alternative cover edition" of the same book. I can do this for you, or correct the cover image in the older entry if no.

message 3: by Jon (new)

Jon Saboe (JonSaboe) | 3 comments Yes, Old cover was published. Publisher wanted a new cover -- one that had a similar theme to the prequal.

That being said, I'd prefer that the new cover be the only cover displayed here. That first cover was more of a 'friends and family' cover, if you get what I mean.

Thanks so much for the quick response!!!


Jon Saboe

message 4: by Cloudedleopard (new)

Cloudedleopard | 139 comments I'll fix that according to the GR standards... If it was published, some might already have the book in their shelves. I'll create an additional cover edition with the new cover and combine the editions. As soon as some added the new one, it'll appear as the first book in the search.

I get what you mean, but people like to have the cover in the database to be the same as the one in the shelf at home...

message 5: by Cloudedleopard (new)

Cloudedleopard | 139 comments Done

In general, you must first delete the old cover and then upload the new one. As soon as one cover is there, you can only add seperate picture.
For new cover editions, a new book must be created and illustrated with the new cover, a librarian log note must be added that the new cover edition corresponds to the old ISBN (since the ISBN cannot be put into the ISBN field) and the two books can be combined.

message 6: by Jon (new)

Jon Saboe (JonSaboe) | 3 comments Thanks so much, Cloudedleopard!

Really appreciate it.


message 7: by Cloudedleopard (new)

Cloudedleopard | 139 comments No problem, you're welcome!

message 8: by D.L. (new)

D.L. Morrese (dl_morrese) | 1 comments I've tried updating the cover on my first book without success. Goodreads allowed me to update the second book by deleting the old cover first. Why won't it work for my first book? I see no way to add a new edition. How do I get this updated?

message 9: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7029 comments We do not generally removed covers if the book has been published with a cover that gets changed we create an alternate cover edition. People want the cover they read on their shelves.

Please post link to book or ISBN and a link to the cover (not bookseller site) and some one will look at it

message 10: by Cloudedleopard (last edited Feb 29, 2012 08:15AM) (new)

Cloudedleopard | 139 comments You can post the ISBN or GR-link to your first book here as well as a non-amazon, non-seller's link to your new book cover.
Same question as before: has the old book with the old cover ever been published? If yes, I can create a new (alternative book cover) edition and combine it with the old one. If no, I will try to replace the old cover.

message 12: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments 11 done

message 17: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10980 comments 13-16 done

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