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Elizabeth Risley (ElizabethRisley) | 228 comments This is the final book of the series - and it's a doosey! Because we already have several posts about the end with spoilers lets keep this thred spoiler free. If you have read the last book....then visit these threads:

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Elizabeth Risley (ElizabethRisley) | 228 comments I hope there will be some people who "visit the post" as they are's going to be a challenge not to spoil this book - which has so many revelations but we'll give it a try.

Chapter 1: The Child
Talk about starting off the last book with a bang! Literally. So at the end of Wintertide just about all the "bad guys" are gone: Sauldur, Merrick, Archibald, Ethelred ... all save one - Luis Guy. What a shock to have him killed off in the opening scene.

I must say that I had completely forgotten about Mercy. So how great is it that in the first scene we have her brought back and we get our first revelation: She is the Heir of Novron! I was so happy to have someone other than Gaunt to pin my hopes on.

We are only a few pages into the final book and we already have three major characters dead: Guy, Miranda, and Arcadius - this really lets us know that no one is safe and the body count will be high.

I LOVED the scene with Lenare and Guy - especially when her mother chimes in about not toying with him and just get it over with - Priceless.

Chapter 2: Nightmares
It's nice seeing Alric care for his sister - although they certainly have their "sibling moments" and he won't be so kind and understanding later in the book - you know that he does love her and wants to protect her - I found his rescue of her at the end of the last book to be very touching. In doing my re-read I've found another of those interwoven threads...Alric, Mauvin and Percepliquis. Their desire to visit the lost city has been brought up several times in the past and as soon as it is mentioned here you feel happy for them as you just KNOW that they will be living out their boyhood dreams.

And then she runs into Myron!! Oh I so love Myron...and people who are Myron fans are in for some nice Myron moments in this last installment.

Then we finally see part of the nightmares that is plaguing Arista. I love that even though Arcadius is gone, we do get to have some insights from him. A nice way to keep the connections between the past and the future without something as common as making him come back as Gandalf did after fighting the Balrog.

Chapter 3: Prisons
Again a great scene that plays like a movie in my mind. I can see Hadrian staring down Gerald (who doesn't stand a chance - but at least Hadrian is keeping his cool. Arista and Amilia behind them...then Modina's quiet - come in the door's not locked - so simple and yet so fun to read.

I loved the first meeting with Hadrian and Gaunt. Royce's prediction as come true that Hadrian will have to serve someone unworthy...I can't think of how this could have played out better. Very satisfying.

And finally...We see Royce again. There were so many things that COULD have happened to Royce after the end of Wintertide. He could have run off to Avempartha, turned dark and terrorized the countryside to try and revert to what he once was. But I think it was great that Modina locked him up for his own good. She has learned so much through her own trials and tribulations - she is actually quite wise but it shows in very restrained ways.

Once again Gwen keeps Royce alive - such that he is...this is not the "same old Royce" and it's sad to see how devastating her loss is to him.

Chapter 4: Fall the Wall
This reminded me a lot of the founding of the fellowship of the a good way. It's great to see the "team" being formed and I went back to the Emerald Storm to scan to find out how many would be going. Adding Royce to the team was obvious, of course, but there are some surprise additions to come shortly. I love the leverage used to get Gaunt to go. I was also frightened by the prospect but now that I knew Mercy existed - I wasn't overly concerned about Gaunt ruling.

Chapter 5: The Marquis of Glouston
How can you not like a scene with Myron...My favorite lines in here:

“Are you saying you want me to assume ownership of all of Glouston? Everything—except the books?”

Myron nodded and glanced at Emily. “If that is too much trouble, perhaps your friend could help. Maybe she could have some of those castles and knights—you know, many hands make light work.”

He's so easy to unconcerned with wealth and power - I love how he is both frightened and appalled by the very notion.

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Elizabeth Risley (ElizabethRisley) | 228 comments So for anyone who hasn't started the final book to make any predictions on what might transpire?

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