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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  (scheherazade) | 364 comments Mod
I'm thinking about buying a kindle this month, as my bookshelves are rapidly filling up, and I live in a two bedroom house (so there's not exactly room for expansion!). I'm in two minds, though. Firstly because I like actually *holding* a book while I'm reading, and equally because I know that I can just bring one down from a shelf whenever I want it (I notoriously forget to charge things -- my phone, ipod, you name it). Secondly, I get headaches looking at anything electronic for too long -- computer screens, the television, that kind of thing. I'm wondering whether I'm going to be able to read practically using it, or whether I'll have to keep stopping all the time.

So, maybe some of you who already have one can help me out. What are the pros and cons? What's the screen like to read from? Are they worth buying, in your opinion? If you had the choice, would you buy yours again or do without? All help appreciated, I really am in two minds here!

message 2: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
The Mr bought one for me for our anniversary last year and it was the best present he'd ever got me. I love everything about books and if I'm reading books first published years ago I always buy used, old, copies for the shared experience but kindles are so easy. They prop up easily (no holding them open), you can make notes without feeling you're ruining a book, check words in the dictionary, search things you remember but aren't sure of where you read originally and e-ink is even easier on the eyes than the brighter white/black contrast of new books. They also store an awful lot and if you really can't wait to read a book you can have it in seconds. Battery life is good if you turn off your wifi too. I wouldn't say I'm a convert - I still buy books if I think they are keepers or are bargain prices but sometimes i read a paperback and wish I could take notes, or read a hardback and hate the weight (I now only read FS or really nicely made hardbacks) and I don't miss bookmarking or propping open. Eventually I'll clear out my shelves because I don't need as many books anymore so the less aesthetically pleasing editions with no sentimental value will go. + think of all those free classics!

message 3: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
Oh and you can change the size of print, spacing and font and if you really want to you can set it to read aloud(which is stilted but you might like it when you are doing housework or whatever).

message 4: by Jo (new)

Jo | 592 comments Mod
I am also pondering on buying a kindle to take on holiday otherwise my suitcase may be full of books. I'm thinking just the bog standard one, presumably I won't benefit from 3g/wifi etc if I'm planning on downloading books at home - thoughts please?

message 5: by Kirsty (last edited Apr 23, 2012 03:32PM) (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
I have what's now called kindle keyboard and we just got my mother in law the newer one with no keyboard and I prefer mine. It came with a plug and I like having 3g to use when not at home. I think it also has more memory. You should go and try them both - I'm pretty sure some stores stock them. They are so much easier than carrying books around (although I carried around the snow child which was a pleasure) :)

message 6: by Jo (new)

Jo | 592 comments Mod
Good thinking, I was just going to order one from amazon but I'll go have a look at them first.

Sam (VanillaFountain) | 577 comments Mod
Hubby just bought me a Kindle touch, I can't wait for it to get here!

Won't be replacing all of my books obviously but my bookshelf is way too full so needed to do something *whistles*


message 8: by Ness (new)

Ness (Violet74) | 209 comments Mod
Finally thinking of putting some Christmas money towards a kindle. I'd like to have one that shows coloured images/book covers. I think maybe it's worth me getting the Fire as then I can access the internet and maybe my course website and read my module material off it, like I can on the kindle app on my phone.

With the Fire can you access all websites like with a tablet or just downloaded apps? Bit confused. Any advice appreciated x

message 9: by Jo (new)

Jo | 592 comments Mod
Yes you can access all websites from it, mum got one for Christmas and its really good although she finds the screen a bit bright for reading and I've not worked out if you can dim it yet - does anyone know?

message 10: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
Jo wrote: "Yes you can access all websites from it, mum got one for Christmas and its really good although she finds the screen a bit bright for reading and I've not worked out if you can dim it yet - does an..."

You can dim it Jo - if you touch the top bar (where it says *****'s kindle time wifi battery) you will see a little bar with lines on it pull it down (swipe from top of your screen downwards until you see the menu revealed), click on more+, Sounds & Display and then adjust the brightness. Also switch off your wifi, when not in use, as it drains the battery:)

message 11: by Ness (new)

Ness (Violet74) | 209 comments Mod
Thanks guys, can't wait for it to arrive now ... ordered the Fire HD. I paid for guaranteed delivery today as I knew someone would be in, but the courier has gone awol with it :( .... Amazon said that it might be Thursday now. Hope it turns up soon.

Opted for the HD in the end as the speakers are Dolby audio and the sound quality with headphones in or out is supposed to be really good and I hope to put spotify on there. Also the storage for the HD is pretty good, I went for the 16GB bit could have paid £30 more for 32GB. Feel a bit deflated now, was looking forward to having a play with it this weekend. x

message 12: by Jo (new)

Jo | 592 comments Mod
Annoying isn't it when you're expecting something and it doesn't arrive in time, make sure you get the next day delivery back from Amazon!
You'll love it when it arrives though x

message 13: by Ness (new)

Ness (Violet74) | 209 comments Mod
Can't wait for it Jo :) not been this excited for a long time. Got the delivery charge back from Amazon, just seen the refund email. Just wish they'd choose more reliable couriers.

Has anyone bought the powerfast adapter to charge from the wall? I've ordered a generic wall charger from ebay that's suitable for the Fire, just hope it will be ok. I just don't want to get the laptop out to charge it every time. x

message 14: by Jo (new)

Jo | 592 comments Mod
I charge mine through the laptop but the battery lasts ages so I don't mind.
Thank you Kirsty for the advice, turned out she'd not read the user guide which might have been helpful! But we have dimmed it now using your instructions x

message 15: by bookishbat (new)

bookishbat (morgaine_cat) | 90 comments hello all you ereader folk,

just thought you'd like to know that Humble Bundle is doing another ebook bundle! it's pay what you want and support charity, as usual, and they will probably be adding more stuff to it in a few days.

message 16: by bookishbat (new)

bookishbat (morgaine_cat) | 90 comments only 2 and a half days left on the Humble eBook Bundle.
they have added four more books to the offer, one by Holly Black and one includes a story by Neil Gaiman!

message 17: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
My kindle is frozen and seems to have given up - just before it's 2nd birthday:( I contacted Amazon uk and they only offered me discount (which was mainly refurbished kindle models). I contacted Amazon in the U.S. (since I'll probably replace it with one over here) and they sent me a generic reply asking me to try restarting it (maybe they should have read what I'd sent them). I'll have to contact them via a chat to see if they will offer discount - I think I'll go for the paperwhite 3g without ads since it always bothered me that it didn't have a built in light. My Mum and sis-in-law have the fire but I don't like the traditional backlight and would find it too far removed from an actual book (I love e-ink). I did read on my old iphone but only when I had to and to get free books. I hate it when things are broken and I feels really weird being without it:( I spent so much time finding books for it and I can't even access them so that I can put them on a new one (most of them were backed on my old macbook pro) :,(

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  (scheherazade) | 364 comments Mod
I just ordered a Kindle. Late to the party, but it was quite a decision for me, somehow. I have to keep telling myself that it doesn't mean I can't buy paper books anymore (not that I have the room for them anyway!) The job I have now means that I can actually afford one without feeling skint for the rest of the month, so that helped too!

message 19: by Jo (new)

Jo | 592 comments Mod
Did you get your kindle fixed Kirsty?
Which one did you go for Sarah? I've got the original standard one, I think I'd go for the paper white if I needed a new one. I do still buy paper books sometimes too but it's so much easier taking a kindle away with you rather than a suitcase half full of books!

message 20: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  (scheherazade) | 364 comments Mod
I went for the Paperwhite, in the end. The light sold me, because I'd quite light to be able to read in the dark sometimes. Otherwise, I'd have gone for the standard version! It's arriving tomorrow -- I'm quite excited!

message 21: by Kirsty (last edited Sep 09, 2014 09:07AM) (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
I had to get a new one and since the fire hd was on offer and we'd earned some money off I opted for it. The paperwhite seemed just like reading my old kindle but with the light it really needed. It was tough to choose but since I could use the fire hd as a tablet too that's what I went with. I'm now waiting it out to see if the paperwhite goes on offer (which usually seems to be before they release a new version so I might wait for it although it depends on price) because the shiny screen on mine is really irritating and I haven't been reading much because of it. I do use it for the internet and apps quite a bit so it was well worth it. I also like reading in sepia during the day. I sometimes read on kindle iPhone app and have recently put it on the iPad air so I might read on it since its pretty light. Good choice on the paperwhite Sarah:)

message 22: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  (scheherazade) | 364 comments Mod
Well, it arrived. I like it, I think -- it's so quick to download, and the screen really isn't like a screen at all. The only thing I find a little annoying is the lag -- it seems a bit slow to respond to commands when you press the on-screen buttons. Otherwise, I'm happy!

message 23: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
I had a kindle keyboard (as it was later named) that froze and could not be revived:( My sis in law had said she loved her kindle fire so when it came to a replacement instead of opting for the paperwhite I opted for the fire hd (only cost a bit more and could be used as a tablet). I tried to ignore the screen glare until I finally tried reading on our iPad Air and realised how much easier it is to read on it. I didn't want to carry such an expensive item around (I never seem to get to read it anyway tbh) so I asked for a kindle voyage for my birthday. It was sold out until after Christmas (by the time the Mr finally got around to trying to order and was shocked by the demand). Finally I have a kindle voyage and I have spent a while adding books so this year there are no excuses. I have just read a Facebook feed post which contained some of the books I have loved and many I have wanted to read for far too long. I will try to check in to the group more often and will be compiling a 12 + 4 list soon:)

message 24: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  (scheherazade) | 364 comments Mod
What do you think of the voyage, Kirsty? I like my paperwhite, although there are a few things about it that annoy me.

message 25: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
It's so tiny and light. It's a bit strange to read on a device that is so much smaller than a book page but I love e-ink and how similar it looks to a real book page (and with no annoying kindle fire Hd glare).

What annoys you about the paper white?

message 26: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  (scheherazade) | 364 comments Mod
Sometimes when you press the screen to turn a page, it skips to the end of the chapter, and then seems to get stuck in a loop where it will only go backwards and forwards between the current page and the chapter end. It's also a bit unresponsive, sometimes, like you'll press an on-screen button and nothing will happen, so you have to press it again. Even a stylus doesn't really help, and, of course, the whole thing gets covered in fingerprints.

They're just little things, but they become irritating when they impinge on the reading experience. I find myself sitting there and thinking how it wouldn't happen with a paper book.

I did wonder if the haptic buttons on the voyage would solve at least a couple of my issues!

message 27: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
Have you thought about contacting Amazon? You should've covered under a one year warranty and if I were you I'd use it because mine stopped working all together when it was around 2 years old:)

message 28: by Kirsty (last edited Jan 08, 2015 11:29AM) (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
Have you tried changing the sensitivity of the page turns? Not sure if paper whites have that in settings:)

message 29: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  (scheherazade) | 364 comments Mod
It actually didn't occur to me to contact amazon. I think I assumed that's just how it was, rather than a fault as such. I've looked through the setting and I don't think it's adjustable.

I may try an email to customer services.

message 30: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
If you get no joy from emailing call them. I had s weight when my kindle froze and it was like chatting with a robot. I think they tend to auto respond which is irritating :/

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