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Alethea A (frootjoos) | 481 comments Mod
Hello there! Please discuss spoiled for Touch of Power here! Not on the other thread. :D

Jasmine M | 12 comments thanks Alethea, I'd really like to know what everybody thought in detail

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Alethea A (frootjoos) | 481 comments Mod
I loved it. I was a little worried about the Death Lilies at first (the cover for the US one is a little off-putting to me) but I like what she did with them.... The thing that I kept turning and turning over and over in my mind was, are the Fifteen Kingdoms = Ixia and Sitia?? I don't think so, but whenever something comes up that was an element in either Glass/Study series, my mind starts trying to find connections (that probably are not there). But I asked Maria and she said no, it's a totally different world. Hmm... somehow my brain still does not believe it, I guess I just really want to be back in Ixia/Sitia :D

Jasmine M | 12 comments hmm, I didn't see a similarity, the magic system was very different, and the whole atmosphere, even the geography seemed different, but as it is the way with all Maria's books, I fell into the rhythm of her writing -which is my favorite part- and the state of breathlessness we have when reading one of her action packed books

as a whole I really enjoyed the book, the story, the characters -especially Avry and Kerrick (and I knew they will be together in the end)- the magic, the know, everything

however, there are things I wish were different
for example, I new in advance that Avry will save the prince, get sick be healed and ends up with Kerrick, the book was so similar to "Poison study" in this regard I started calling Kerrick : Valek

there is something else I didn't like, the way her friends left her in the end to die alone (ahm, alone with Kerrick), even though she asked them to leave her, I still don't see them doing so, I love how everybody had faith in Prince Ryne and how Avry chose to save him because of their faith in him...sorry I got sidetracked :P

another thing I wish was different is the development of Avry and Kerrick's relationship, I mean I knew they would end up together, but hoped that Maria would push it to the next book, you know, to give us something more to look forward to "will they be together? what on earth are they waiting for ARRRRG..." that kind of thing... but it's just me :D

finally I was hoping for more romance, I mean Avry was a lovely young woman travelling with five young men (Belen is only thirty, if my math is right) and since Kerrick didn't lay claim on her or anything at the time, and since they didn't know the deadly side effects of her healing the price, I was hoping to see some flirting and attempts at romance with her from one or more of the company, maybe there was and I didn't notice ???

please don't hate me everyone, I truly liked the book, but I can't help but to wish it was even better...

Erga (aquawoman23) | 6 comments I really enjoyed the book. I honestly can't wait for the next book of the series to come out. I am really curious to find out how is it that the peace lily killed Avry yet she was still alive I am glad she is pushing that so we have something to wait for. The whole betrayal with Sepp was so obvious the moment I met him in the book I knew. It was like what happened in magic or fire study I don't remember with the guy who protected Cahil (sorry I forgot his name :( ) also I also knew that Avry and Kerrick would be together but honestly he did not show any signs of care for her. It wasn't like Valek and Yelena in poison study Valek was revealing emotions toward Yelena even before they were together but I still really loved the book I wish the next book was out already!! Sorry for the long comment haha

Lærke Madsen This book was absolutely great - but you wouldn't expect anything less from Maria Snyder. I wish we could have known a little more about Avry's past, her life as an apprentice and all.
A very good book, and I am looking forward to the next one - and the last of course.

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