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message 1: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Boucher This is a to-read for me. The movie with Olivia deHavilland and Richard Burton is one of my favorites along with Rebecca, The Birds and Jamaica Inn all directed by Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Believe the book is much like the movie was done but will read and find out. I personally love du Maurier's style of writing~wonderful.

Sally I love Daphne's books but after I read one, I have to pace myself. I just cant take more than one book at a time. That said, I love her writing style. There is a book out now called Daphne and it is about her writing an unofficial bio of the bronte sisters. I haven't read it yet but I am looking forward to it.

Deanne Wildsmith I loved My Cousin Rachel. Also loved Rebecca and The King's General. Also enjoyed Frenchman's Creek and The Loving Spirit but was not too keen on Jamaica's Inn.
I loved the film Rebecca with Lawrence Olivier but hated the tv version that was done a few years ago with Emilia Fox and Charles Dance. Remember there was controversy over Emilia Fox being topless in one scene. I did not particularly like the tv version of Jamaica Inn with Jane Seymour either. Enjoyed The Birds and would love to see a modern version.

Tash Dahling I adore Jamaica Inn, and have started her "The Du Mauriers" which is written so beautifully and in true Du Maurier style.

message 5: by Joanne (last edited Jul 21, 2014 02:13PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joanne Moyer Daphne du Maurier is one of my all time favorite authors. I just reread My Cousin Rachel and it's still excellent. I of course love Rebecca and also like The House on the Strand ... I've read many of her books over the years

Sally, if you're talking about Daphne
by Justine Picard, I have read it and I really liked it

message 6: by Feliks (last edited Jul 09, 2014 05:28PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Feliks 'My Cousin Rachel' (to me) is her second best book after 'Rebecca'. Its a phenomenal read. In fact I'm not sure if any of her other books carry as much weight/power as these two. DuMaurier is best when conveying menace and threat. Thus, 'Frenchman's Creek' and 'King's General' are sopping wet romances which edge close to the silly; 'The House on the Strand' also feels contrived. Meanwhile, 'The Birds' and 'Don't Look Now' are great--possessing just the qualities I admire-- but both are short stories. I would choose 'Jamaica Inn' as her third-finest novel; the story isn't so amazing but again--its as I say--because of the air of foreboding and a great villain.

I dislike the Burton / deHavilland movie of 'Rachel'; in part--but not entirely--because I think deHavilland a singularly unattractive actress. Much respect for her acting skill but she was just not the Italian femme fatale which the story calls for.

BBC / Granada television(?) did a much better mini-series in '82 which I would leap to recommend over the '52 Burton version; the cinematography and the acting is much more appropriate and convincing. It's odd because similarly dark, grainy, b&w camerawork in '39 was wonderful for Hitchcock's 'Jamaica Inn'.

I am astonished (well I guess I oughtn't be) first to learn that they tried to remake 'Rebecca' and botched it; and secondly to understand that nudity lay at the root of the problem. So typical. The clumsiest, most sophomoric of errors plague all of today's hacks.

Sara The Scapegoat, Flight of the Falcon and The House on the Strand are all wonderful and often overlooked.

Joanne Moyer Sara wrote: "The Scapegoat, Flight of the Falcon and The House on the Strand are all wonderful and often overlooked."

The Flight of the Falconis another of my favorites and long overdue for a reread

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Jo O'brien Currently working my way through Jamaican Inn and then I am going to read the biography of Daphne by Justine Picardi. Picardi also wrote a fantastic biography about coco Chanel which I would recommend to anyone who is interested in strong, iconic women.

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