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Garon quickly dressed for his meeting with the princess, but his thoughts were elsewhere. In particular, they were dwelling on the peasant girl he'd met in the market. Which was dangerous. Snap out of it, he told himself, shaking his head.

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ladymartinez | 104 comments (yo the ballroom!!)

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((yeah I'm there))

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As Garon and Caleb rushed into their rooms and started to gather the things they'd need for the journey, Garon thought grimly of the task ahead. But mostly he thought about Fey. About her beauty, her smile, her laugh.
"Snap out of it," said General Caleb, frowning. "Garon. As your friend, I'm happy for you, but as your military adviser I'm warning you to be more careful. This girl could be dangerous. We can't make any promises to her or to her parents."
Garon frowned. He'd known Caleb since boyhood and was used to his bluntness. "I know."

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella walked in, "Need anything?"

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Garon looked at the maid and frowned. "No, I don't think so."

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ladymartinez | 104 comments She knocked and then something came from the shadows. It was the silhouette of a man. He was all in black and something glinted in his hand. She unsheated her sword and held it. "who are you?" she growled. He did a mock bow and smirked "dont recognize me my beautiful princess?"

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harriet (harriet64) Isabella curtsied and left.

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((did she knock on their door?))

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harriet (harriet64) ((who???????))

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ladymartinez | 104 comments ((yes))

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Garon stood-- he had work to do. Crossing the room until he reached the threshold, he extending his hand and placed it on the doorknob. Then he froze, hearing a noise on the other side of the door. Voices. Angry, stressed voices. Walking backwards into the room, he grabbed his sword from under the bed, taking care to remain silent. Then he returned to the door, twisted the knob, and rushed out, sword ready in front of him.

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ladymartinez | 104 comments He stepped into the light. He was rens assasin brother. She knew he was close friends with garons brother. "you" she said her sword was raised and she heard someone come from behind the door. She didnt think but react she quickly moved in her all black gear and was pinning garon to the wall. She muttered a curse that was very unladylike and in no time was facing the assasin again. "what are you doin here?" she asked standing next to garon. He smirked. "why you ask?" he looked at garon xavier "my prince" he said coldly.

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"You," Garon growled. He'd seen this man before-- mingling with his traitorous brother. He raised his sword even higher and stepped slightly in front of Fey. "What do you want?"

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"I am here to take the princess to your brother" he said looking at Fey his eyes twinkled with mirth "He has taking a fond liking to the lady" he smirked and Fey gaped "M-Me? But how i have not met the prince since we were small infants" she thought about there childhood and how she loved to play in the garden with him. Well used to anyways she thought giving a sideglance at the man she loved.

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(( :) ))"You will not touch her," he said, fire in his eyes. Burning rage spread through him, anger at this man and mostly at his brother. Kailan the traitor had gone too far. "Leave now if you wish to live. You may tell my brother that I swear on my life, I will kill him if it's the last thing I do."

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ladymartinez | 104 comments He bowed "My apologies" he said as he lifted his head "but i was ordered to get her no matter the cost" he said as he raised an eyebrow. He looked her up and down "I see why both the princes like you my sweet" he said with malice in his voice. She felt her cheeks burn and she didnt think. She thrusted her sword foward and it ripped his black shirt as he sidestepped "Feisty" he chuckled and went to her

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Garon's anger could no longer be contained. Without even pretending to fight fairly, he slammed his fist into the man's groin, and then clobbered his head with the hilt of his sword. The action was over in an instant-- the assassin never had a chance. He heard the skull crack from the mere force of the impact. Turning to Fey, Garon sheathed his sword. His eyes held the cold glint of a warrior's. "We're leaving. Now."

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ladymartinez | 104 comments She took one last look and nodded she hurriied with him. This was going to get ugly.

The man grunted and stood. "oh my prince you will never run away, there is always temptation lurking around" as he spit out blood his head pounding. He did his real job to deliver the picture and soon he blended with the shadows gone.

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Garon stared after him for a moment, but then hurried Fey into the room and slammed the door shut.

Caleb looked up, surprised. "What happened?"

"Get the bag, we have to leave now. Kailan's assassin just tried to kidnap Fey."

Without questioning him, Caleb grabbed the bag they'd packed and picked up his sword, strapping it to his belt. "We ready to leave, but we need horses."

Garon turned to her. "Where can we find some?"

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ladymartinez | 104 comments "the stables." she went across the room and went to a specific wallnpark and pushing a brick in revealing a hidden passage. "luckily were close by" she dimpled "gentleman" she said and hurried in taking the spiral steps downwards which would lead to the servants quarters.

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((to the servants quarters))

Garon and Caleb followed her down the stairs quickly.

((sorry i'm so late i gtg!))

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