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Lacy (lacy_stewart) | 1873 comments Brett and Lacy are starting Charlie all night on March 1, 2012 for their PIFM buddy read. Anyone is welcome to join us.

Brett | 478 comments I'll start it tomorrow between classes :)

Lacy (lacy_stewart) | 1873 comments LOL! Thursday is the first! I know, I keep forgetting that it is leap year too.

Brett | 478 comments Hahaha! Oops! Then Thursday I will start it haha

Lacy (lacy_stewart) | 1873 comments Okay, I started it with my coffee this morning. I'm about 40 or 50 pages in. So far it is cute, but I'm not super impressed...yet. I can tell that it will be an easy and quick read. I like the banter between Allie, Joe, and Charlie.

Lacy (lacy_stewart) | 1873 comments This book is pretty cute. It is a nice break from all of the other books I have been reading lately. I do love how simple it is, while still being witty. What do you think about it?

Brett | 478 comments I like their banter, too. Something about allie gets on my nerves. This happens in every book I read tho. The main female always gets on my nerves somehow and then redeems themselves later in the book. I agree, it is a simple book but sometimes you need a simple book.

Lacy (lacy_stewart) | 1873 comments I wrote you a response earlier today and my internet stopped working before I could save it!!

I finished the book today and like I keep was cute. I see what you mean about Allie getting on your nerves, but Mark is the one that really annoyed me. What a dweeb! No self confidence at all. I wish Charlie had punched him when he had the chance to.

The character I really liked was Joe. He needs his own story!

Keep me posted on what you think!

Brett | 478 comments I finished it! It was ok. It was a cute little read, but it was ok. My favorite parts were when Charlie was on the radio.

message 10: by Lacy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lacy (lacy_stewart) | 1873 comments I'm sorry it was just okay! I was going to give it two stars, but I bumped it up to three because I really couldn't put it down.

Thanks for reading with me!

Brett | 478 comments It's ok, I'm still glad I read it :)

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