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If there's a girl's dorm, then there has to be a guy's dorm, right?

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Lamia entered the boy's dorm across the hall from the girl's and showed him in.

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Sugata | 108 comments "Wow" he murmured as he looked around at the commonroom of the dorm this is a nice place. He sat down in one of the soft arm chairs surrounding the fire. He looked back at the girl and smiled "Thank you for your kindness. How long have you been here?"

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Lamia laughed, "three hours?"

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Sugata | 108 comments "Wow" He whistled. "Maybe I passed you on the road somewhere and didn't recognize you." He laughed at the thought. "So were are you from?" He snuggled into the plush of the arm chair some more.

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Lamia shrugged, "I'm from no-where." she answered honestly. "I've been wandering ever since my mother tried to burn me at the stake."

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Sugata | 108 comments "Wow harsh, i guess that's what you call tough love.."
He sighed remembering his home. "Wait, Why did she try to burn you at the stake!?"

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Lamia shrugged, "That's what they do to witches," she replied.

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Sugata | 108 comments Raeth let his mouth drop "Wait your a magic user!" He sat up quickly "Do you know about familiars and all that stuff?"

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Lamia shrugged, "Never had one. My grandmother did though... why?"

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Sugata | 108 comments "This is amazing who would of thought that a wizard would be in the castle too."
Raeth nodded a couple times. He looked at Lamia, "Being a familiar myself I can tell you that living without a Wizard takes something out of you. I was hoping that maybe you could grant me a peace of some kind."

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Lamia tilted her head, "you want to be my familiar? or you want me to unbind you? the first i can do. the second isn't possible."

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Sugata | 108 comments Raeth nodded three times. "The honor would be mine if I could, however unlike most familiars I am not bound by orders. I must protect you, however I have my own free will. That is your choice if you wish to take me as a familiar, even if it's only for a time."
He stood up. "What do you say?"

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Lamia was weary, "Am I able to break this bond if I wish?" she asked

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Sugata | 108 comments "Or my own, that is why I'm still here instead of disappearing with my last master." Raeth shook his head. "I wasn't there to protect her... and she died." He looked away at something only he could see as his eyes glazed over.

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"What was her name?" she asked, curious.

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Sugata | 108 comments "Sophiea Hope Evangelica." Raeth's eyes teared up. "She summoned me from the void and breathed life into me, I swore that I would protect her, and when she needed me the most I was powerless."

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Lamia nodded, understanding. "Well I would be honored to be your Witch." she said softly.

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Sugata | 108 comments Snapping out of his trance with her words, Drawing his sword and he kneeled before her with the sword in tip down in front of her. "I swear that for the time I serve you, I will not fail you." He Whispered.

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Lamia nodded, "Raeth. You may rise as my companion, protector and familiar. I give you my alliance."

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Sugata | 108 comments Reath stood feeling the pack being confirmed his body exploded with the power he had once felt before. He fell back into the chair gasping for breath as the magic of his new packed flowed through his body. The runes on the back of his hands started glowing as they too activated with the new magical power flowing through him. He laughed after his body stopped shaking from the power flowing within him as he grew accustomed to the familiar feeling of it. "I had only felt that once before. But your magic is just as powerful as hers was."

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Becky Taollin wearily pushed open the door to the dormitory. He was tired for no particular reason except that the shielding he had been trying to perfect had left him with one terrible headache, as his magic often did. He flopped face down on a spare bed and just lay there for a few moments before noticing that he wasn't the only person in the room like he had first assumed.

"Hello, I don't believe we have met before, I'm Tallin."

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Sugata | 108 comments Straining to get up Raeth met the other mans hand with his own. "Names Raeth Summoned Familiar." Adding a proud emphasis on Familiar. "This is my witch Lamia." He gestured to Lamia. "Nice too meet you, I"m Guessing were going to be roommates from now on."

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Becky "Guess so." Tallin flopped down in a chair. "So how long have you been here?" He thought he would keep the conversation on less complicated things until he could figure out what the heeba-jeeba a 'Summoned Familiar' was. He nodded to Lamia, sure he had seen her around, but not 100% sure.

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Sugata | 108 comments "Just got here myself, Lamia got here right before me." He sat down on one of the plush arm chairs. Pulling out his sword he began to sharpen the edges using a whet stone. "How about yourself, how long have you been here?"

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Becky "A week maybe, I don't really remember, a lot has happened and I kinda lost track of the date somewhere along the way."

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Sugata | 108 comments Looking down his sword blade he noded to himself accepting the blade was sharp enough. He slid the blade back into his sheath. "So you had really bad hangover, I have had some of thoes too." Raeth Chuckled as he laid back into the chair.

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Becky Tallin frowned. "I don't drink generally, I find that it clouds my mind too much and I start to loose control of my power..." He trailed off, remembering the last time he got drunk. He shook himself back to the present. "Basically I don't drink."

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Sugata | 108 comments "Know that feeling, it was enjoyable for a time." Looking at his hand, but I won't need that anymore, he smiled twoards Lamia, and turned back to Tallin. "Maybe we can have a drink together, but not enough to get drunk." He happily suggested.

((Have to go seeya later))

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Becky "I'll just have a coffee if you don't mind, I find that I am addicted to the stuff right now."

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Sugata | 108 comments "All right, well I'm going to try out my new powers at the Battle grounds, I'm itching to use them." Slinging his sword over his shoulder he gave a bow to Lamia before leaving.

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Becky Tallin woke up with a start, he had been dreaming but something had pulled him out of it prematurely. He pushed himself upright in the chair he had fallen asleep in and concentrated. He felt a presence that was familiar to him but wasn't Jennevine's, it felt like.....but that wasn't possible.

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