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Marialyce (absltmom, yaya) For discussion of these chapters

message 2: by Janie (last edited Mar 20, 2012 09:32PM) (new)

Janie (justjanie) | 57 comments Things are just beginning to drag for me here, though I still say I'm enjoying it. I'm only in chapter 30, but I wonder if there's a secret between Cynthia and Mr Preston. Did I miss something in the plot? (Its been known to happen.)

I wonder if Mr Gibson has any regrets about marrying Hyacinth at this point in the story.

message 3: by Bea (new)

Bea | 233 comments To say anything about Cynthia's past would be a spoiler. I can almost guarantee that the book will pick up for you soon.

Marialyce (absltmom, yaya) Sorry Janie, i have really fallen behind...:(

message 5: by Janie (last edited Mar 21, 2012 02:52PM) (new)

Janie (justjanie) | 57 comments THANK YOU BEA!!!!!! That's fantastic news! I just read your post to my husband because I'm that excited. I was just thinking, "If I only knew something exciting/weird was coming I'd be okay. :)

message 6: by Becky (new)

Becky | 170 comments Just finished Chapter 26, and I have to say, I absolutely cannot wait to find out what Mr. Preston has over Cynthia. It seems like it is something that her own mother doesn't know about, because I feel that Hyacinth is very tricky and false, and would be more careful about him than Cynthia tends to be.

I like to see that Molly is so agreeable. She can talk with Lords, but she never forgets the butcher. She is strong willed, but quiet, and very intelligent. I wonder if she isn't modeled a bit on Gaskell herself? I would have given anything to meet Gaskell!

message 7: by Becky (last edited Mar 27, 2012 10:41AM) (new)

Becky | 170 comments Oh poor Molly. Its so awful to be stuck in the "I love you like a sibling" end of a relationship! It really makes me hate Cynthia a little bit for her, but I know thats unfair. I got a little angry at Roger too for his presumption on Molly's relation to Cynthia, it hurt her so much more.

I got a little more annoyed at Mr. Gibson too. I understand not wanting to dwell on his wife's faults, because that exaggerates them. But upon recognizing how beat down and sad Molly has become, you dont think he could stick around for a moment and try to help? He abandoned her to a rude stranger in favor of his practice.

This book has really taken off for me. I can't put it down.

message 8: by Janice (JG) (new)

Janice (JG) So, I think Preston has something on Cynthia, but I don't think Mrs. Gibson knows about it.

The tricky bits -- Osborne being married, Hyacinth's self-centered manipulations, Cynthia's secret -- are beginning to unravel.

I wonder if Roger will ever be able to see Molly as anything other than a sister.

Meanwhile, I am getting great satisfaction from the Tower crowds' attention to both Molly and Roger... because it irritates and confounds step-mother Hyacinth so much :)

Marialyce (absltmom, yaya) I know...anything that gets to Hyacinth makes me happy too!

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