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Im not that far in the book but im in the part when Dany realizes her brother would not be a good King. However my question is on the part when Lord Eddard has to kill Sansa's Wolf. From what i been reading on line this has some kind of message but im not quite getting it. Is there any that can explain without spoilers or should i just keep reading. Again Please no Spoilers

Might also be helpful to remember that he is the kind of man who makes a point to do things himself because it is the right thing to do!

I'd suggest that you keep reading. The answer to your question appears later in the book.

It seemed clear to me from the moment they were found, that the direwolf pups represent the children they are being raised by and what kind of "wolf" or "Stark" they will become. Even early in the first book, Bran's is loyal and brave, Rickon's is wild and difficult to control, Ghost is loyal and strong, but different (his white color) and separate, Arya's is protective but causes trouble, Lady is quiet and polite - but then destroyed . . . hmmm... There is lots of foreshadowing in these books, and while Sansa isn't killed (at least as far as I've read) the minute I finished this section, I assumed her relationship to the direwolves would be destroyed, and that she will stop being a Stark. Not sure when it will happen, but I do think it will happen. Don't expect everything to be cleared up by the end of book one. It won't be. I just started book 2 and the stories and relationships of the wolves are still being developed.

Many references later about Lord Eddard who used to do the excutions in his own hands. And there is something you will discover later about the wolves.

This really isn't a spoiler but the wolf does represent an aspect of its' owner. So in effect he is killing a part of Sansa.

Keep reading. And if you don't want to see spoilers, stay away from the message boards, too!

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