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message 1: by Lynne (new)

Lynne weir | 27 comments This is a short story I completed a few months ago. I myself dont really know what to make of it or think of it, even though I wrote it. so I would love to hear what you think and what you take from it. Fingers crossed you like it...

message 2: by Lynne (new)

Lynne weir | 27 comments I never liked my life; it always angered me to think of it. I hated it in fact and I've often wished to just run away and dissapear into a thick mist never to be seen again. Funny thing is wish came true. That day my parents were yelling at each other's faces like they always do, inches away from each other, their eyes glowing with an anger and hatred that needed a release. I stood there watching, tears slipping slowly down my face. the noise of their screaming pierced into me, into my very heart and I found myself covering my ears wanting it all to just stop, to pause, to just end and be silent. I can't help but let out a scream in anger and then it happened, a sudden stillness that almost felt like solid as it pressed in on me. My hands that had been clutching my ears so tightly now fell to my side and I found myself looking around in amazement. So still, so very quiet, mum and dad are in front of me but their frozen and behind them in what should just be a wall a door now stood. it was slightly open and I could see light shinning in from the gaps. I move then, circling around the statues of my parents and to the door and putting my hand upon the handle I pull it all the way open and find myself staring at just pure brightness. I turn slightly and look back at my parents, their faces twisted in hatred, their hands raised as if to stike each other. It's not the last image I would have liked to see of them but I don't mind, they still look beautiful to me. More tears trail down my face as I know this may be the last time I see them but I know I can't stay here, I just can't stand it anymore so I take a deep breath whisper my last goodbye and step though the doorway into the unknown.

I'm in a large room, so large I can't even see where either side of it ends. It's white and silent and still. I feel different, I feel at peace and looking down I find I'm naked but I don't feel ashamed, I just feel relaxed, happy. I take a step forward and gasp in surprise for the ground isn't as smooth and flat as I first thought. It's jagged, sharp. It cuts into my soft pale flesh drawing blood. I watch in fascination as it drips down like a ruby red tear upon the whiteness of the ground, seeming to burn out at you, a small puddle of blood against the never-ending room of white. White, it's all I see, so pure and sharp and deadly. Underneath me, above me, all around me... it's all a sharp jagged whiteness like snow covered knifes, a sharpness hidden away in a blanket of softness. It's strangely enticing though. I just want to lie down, to feel the jagged ground pierce into my naked back, draw blood from my unprotected legs and cause the tingly sensation of pain from my otherwise numb arms. I just want to lye here surrounded by this deadly whiteness, to bleed out so it pools out onto the ground and to just fade away, to just dissapear...becoming nothing.

Then finally it happens.
I'm nothing.
I'm dead.
I've entered a place of empty bliss.
I am no more.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Beautiful! Reminds me of my story End, Beginning, Renewal (which you can find on this group)

message 4: by Lynne (new)

Lynne weir | 27 comments Great thanks so much. :) I'll look it up.

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Cool! For some reason I like dark/death stories.

message 6: by Lynne (last edited Feb 29, 2012 08:28AM) (new)

Lynne weir | 27 comments I dont usually write this sory of stuff. Most of my stories end up turning into So it was well out of my comfort zone yet it sat so well in my head that the thought of not writting it down and forgetting seemed a waste. I'm just glad it payed off and someone liked it. thank you. :)

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Well, i know this may sound weird, but i like stories where the main character(s) die. it adds the drama

message 8: by Lynne (new)

Lynne weir | 27 comments I guess there is a sort of twisted romance that is also very dramatic about it sort of like romeo and juliet. For some reason there seems to b a sort of romantic view of death or maybe thats just be. Though I have just finished a book where the girl falls in love with death.

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