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Who is your favorite Character in Lord of the Rings?

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Fire Breathing Unicorn (Ginny123) | 6 comments My favorite character is.............. probably Gollum! I know he is insane, but I'm insane too, so it works out pretty well!!!! :.D

message 2: by Rue123 (new)

Rue123 | 8 comments Mine is Piggle.

Fire Breathing Unicorn (Ginny123) | 6 comments Dobby123 wrote: "Mine is Piggle."

Uh..... yeah...., I guess that's sort-of an answer..... I guess

message 4: by Christian (new)

Christian | 2 comments who is Piggle?
Well mine is a tie between Gollum and Smeagol.I know they share the same body but they technicaly classifie as 2 different characters.

message 5: by Lótë (Iris) (new)

Lótë (Iris) (irisflowerpoppyseed) | 1 comments Wow, there's so many...
Probably Aragorn or Éowyn or Arwen. I can't really decide.

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