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message 1: by Kyrah (last edited Feb 28, 2012 02:13PM) (new)

Kyrah I was watching an interview last night with Abby and Cathy in it and.... wow it really changed my opinion of Abby. First, I found out that since DC is reality television the cameramen only tape DC when Abby would get really frustrated with the dancers after like, forty times of telling the dancers not to bend their legs. The cameramen also don't record the parts where Abby is really nice to the mothers and dancers and hugs them. Also, remember when Abby yelled at Holly because she didn't show up for rehearsals? It was only because Holly and all the other moms signed a contract stating that they will show up for every single rehearsal. The only really good thing that I learned is that Cathy was lying about bringing the bumblebee costume to the good will, it was really in the back of her closet. She gave it back to Abby.

P.S Abby and Cathy got along REALLY well. AND did you know that Cathy only acts the way she does because she feels way older than the moms because she's 52 and Vivi's 7?

message 2: by Kyrah (last edited Feb 28, 2012 03:23PM) (new)

Kyrah Also, Abby is 46

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