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Kelli Im wondering if anyone has an idea on how to get the first chapter from Daemons POV from the print copy book. I have the ebook version and I attempted to purchase the print copy but was unable to get it. The book is pretty much sold out and Barnes & Noble said it is now on Print On Demand since its going to be rerelease in the next few months. Any idea if theres a way to find that 1st chapter online?

Renée you could ask a friend to borrow his/her book (or scan the pages) ..

Mary Hi, I'm just wondering where I can find it online, especially the first chapter from Daemon's POV. I read the book and it wasn't included. Kinda sucks :(

Renée it isn't online, believe me I checked.

And if someone puts them online it's breaking the copyright rules!

As I said, ask a friend to borrow the book or have him/her scan the pages so you can read them!

good luck!

Kelli Thanks! I was wondering if it was on the internet someplace and I just hadn't known where to find it.

Thanks guys! :o)

TooManyFeelsToDeal When I was reading off my kindle I read a few bonus chapers the were from Daemon's POV but I don't remember which chapters

Kelli Bethany wrote: "When I was reading off my kindle I read a few bonus chapers the were from Daemon's POV but I don't remember which chapters"

The ebook version has 2 scenes from Daemons POV but the print copy has the entire first chapter from Daemons POV. I have the ebook copy on my Kindle so thats why I was hopeful to find the print version to read that first chapter.
Also, Obsidian is supposed to be rereleased in August and that copy will have 2 new scenes from Daemon POV. Its supposed to have the "Porch Scene" and one other that Jennifer Armentrout is keeping secret.

violet If you buy the book his POV should be at the end like a whole chapter. After I finished reading the book it was there and OMG it was soo good.

Renée 1: you know thats illegal, right?
2: thats the ebook, she's read the ebook, she wants the pov from the paperback. its a different chapter...

Kelli Renée wrote: "1: you know thats illegal, right?
2: thats the ebook, she's read the ebook, she wants the pov from the paperback. its a different chapter..."

I would have happily purchased the print copy despite already having the ebook version but its unavailable. Sold out. I couldn't find it anywhere since they're rereleasing it in April. The rerelease has 2 different Daemon POVs, not the 1st chapter. Since I can't find it to purchase I was simply wondering if it was available online I didn't know it.
I have every intention of purchasing the rerelease and I would have bought the original print version had I been aware of the 1st chapter goodness.

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Liz Pelletier Hi Kelli,
Someone pointed me to this thread in hopes that I could cheer you up. :) The first chapter IS included in the re-release of Obsidian in print format PLUS two more scenes from Daemon's POV. I just love Daemon's POV and begged Jenn for a couple more scenes for the re-release, and she was more than happy to oblige.

I apologize for the delay in getting your hands on a print version, but the new mass market version will be released next month! Not too long to wait, at least. :)

Glad you enjoy the series!
Liz Pelletier, Publisher
Entangled Publishing

Kelli Thank you so much for letting me know and taking the time to inform me. Im happy for the success of the Obsidian series being so great that the books are sold out! Now I have even more reason to rush out and get the print copy!

Thanks again,

Hannah I was really, really looking forward to the extra too, but for some reason my eBook doesn't have it! I felt like crying! Damn I really wish Jennifer published it on her blog or something :(

BookaHolic Anissah wrote: "Here is the link:

But that page doesn't exist!! I opened the link and it says "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist." :(

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ I don't know if people have seen this or not, but on Jennifer's website there are like 4 or 5 different POVs from Daemon...some are from Opal and some are from Origin. Something like that..just thought I would pass along the information.


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Shymaa If some one have it post it, have pity on us and post it or some thing I'm going crazy and the print copy is unavailable in my country :((
At least tell what was daemon thinking the first time he met katy!

Anissah It's working for me. But if it doesn't work for you go to scribd.com and type in Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Shymaa Anissah wrote: "It's working for me. But if it doesn't work for you go to scribd.com and type in Jennifer L. Armentrout."

What's working for you? I don't get it.
I went to scribd.com and searched jennifer L. Armentrout but didn't find the first chapter of obsidian from daemon's POV

Sophie I really want to read the first chaper of obsidian in Daemon's point and the porch scene and extra one, but they're only in the print copy and I only have the ebook. aw :( Same

Shymaa I'm dying to read the first chapter from daemon's POV, the good news is jennifer said the chapter will be posted on her website eventually and that I have the porch scene so here you go sophia

'i shouldn't be here'

Kat seemed incredibly small and delicate in my arms, her weight so slight I pressed her closer. Oddly, her head fit perfectly against my shoulder. As if she'd placed it there and fallen asleep instead of passing out.
I couldn't believe she'd passed out.
In a twisted way, the whole fainting thing worked. Most likely I wouldn't have to come up with some whacked out excuse for why it seemed like lighting had shot from my fingertips and scared the bear of.
Above, dark clouds rolled in. A storm was brewing - a common consequence of too much charged power. Something to do with the electrical fields affecting the weather and blah blah blah.
Heading back down the trail, I forced mt gaze to stay ahead instead of one what I carried, focused on the scenery. Trees- lots of trees and maple shaped leaves, pine needles, a few shrubs...
birds hopping from limb to limb, shaking out their feathers. A squirrel shimmed up the trunk of a tree.
I glanced down.
Thick lashes fanned paler than normal cheeks. I kind o thought that she looked like snow whit. Good god that sounded lame. Show white? But here lips where parted perfectly, and they were rosy without makeup.
Thunder cracked and the scent of rain rolled in. Checking to make sure she was still out like a little kitten, I picked up pace and flew down the trail Even as fast as i moved, the storm was unpredictable. The skies opened up, drenching us, and still, she slept. She reminded me of Dawson. An atomic bomb wouldn't have woken my brother.
After reaching the porch steps, I slowed down and shook my head, sending droplets flying in every direction. I stopped at the door and frowned. Had she locked it before she left? Dammit, I couldn't remember. If so, she probably had a key in her pocket but that would mean going into her pocket and getting it. How else would i explain how I unlocked her door? My gaze dipped and ran over her legs. Legs unbelievably long for someone so short.. and those shorts where short. Tiny pockets too. Yeah, I was not doing after that key. Well past time to deposit her little butt on the swing and get the hell out of here. Sighing I went over to the swing and started to put her down, but she snuggled closer. I froze, wondering if she was awake. A quick check told me she wasn't. Again i went to lay her down, but i stopped this time. What would she think if she woke up here alone. Why did i car?
'dammit'i muttered. Searching the porch frantically as if it held the answers i rolled my eyes and sat, placing here beside me. I kept my arm around her, because knowing my luck, she'd slipped out of the swing and crack her head open. Then Dee would kill me. I tipped my head back and closed my eyes. Why had i come over here today? I'd gotten my keys back and told Dee exactly how i thought about her stupid bonus points. Boredom? If that was the case, I could've watched the episodes of Ghost investigators I had recorded. I hadn't even considered what i was doing until i was knocking on her door and it was too late to think about it. I was an idiot. Kat murmured something and wiggled close, pressing her cheek against my chest. She was molded to the entire right side of my body, Thigh to thigh. Her hand curled below my hip and I started counting backward from a hundred. When i got to seventy i found myself staring at her- at her lips. Her brow wrinkled. lids flickering as if she was having a dream. Some ridiculous part of me responded to that- to the minute distress pinching her features tensing her body. My thumb stared to move along her lower back, tracing idle circles. Seconds passed and she settled right down, her breathing deep and steady. How long would she sleep. Part of me wasn't bothered b the prospect of sitting here for hours. There was something calming about holding her, but is was also the exact opposite because every inch of my body was aware of how she fit to my side, of where her hand was, the rise and fall of her chest. This was peaceful and torturous. So why not just sit here? Sometime later, after what felt like forever and yet not enough time at all, i felt kat stir awake. It was a slow process that began with her muscles tensing, relaxing and then tensing again when she realized what, who she was laying on. My hand stilled, but i didn't move it away. Wasn't like she was going to fall on her face now but i ... i just didn't and i wasn't at all okey with that i clenched m jaw. Kat lifted her head. 'what,,, what happend?
Oh, you know, shot a pure bolt of energy and you wilted like a delicate flower at my feet. Then i carried you back like a true gentleman and set here for god know ho long and just stared at you. Yep, so not going there. I pulled my arm free"you passed out"
Ï did?"She scooted back, brushing her mass of hair out of her face. I nodded "i guess the bear scared you. I had to carry you back"
"All the way?"She looked disappointed, which made me curious. "what.. what happend to the bear?"
"the storm scared it. Lighting i think. Are you feeling oke?.
Lighting lit the porch, startling her. "the bear was scared of a storm?"
"i guess so"
"we got lucky the"she glanced down, brow knitting and when those lashes lifted i had to force myself to keep breathing normally . There was a quality to those gray eyes- a glimmer that sucked me right in. "it rains like it does in Florida"
I nugged her knee with mine "i think you may be stuck with me for a few more minutes" really that was a stupid excuse for not leaving. I needed something better- no what i needed was to leave. Get up and leave. But then she spoke again
"i'm sure i look like a drowned cat"
I'd almost prefer the drowned cat "you look fine. The wet look works for you"
She scowled "now i know you lying"
I was a lot of things, but a liar wasn't one of them And apparently i was also unpredictable so much so that i had no idea what i was doing until i had shifted and wrapped my fingers around her chin, tilting her head toward me.
"i wouldn't lie about what I thought'I said
Kat blinked slowly and my gaze dropped to her lips again. I really really needed to stop looking at her lips. muscles tightened at the thought of tasting them She'd probably clock me in the face and lay into me with that razor sharp tongue of here. I leaned forward. "i think i understand now.
"understand what"? she wispered.
My unwilling fascination with her- i got it. She didn't put up with any of my crap and i liked that... a lot. A pink flush stained her cheeks. I chased that color with my thumbs" i like to see you blush"
She sucked an tiny breath and that undid me. Pressing my forehead against hers. i pushed to the limit. This was insanity but she smelled of vanilla. Her skin was soft, and her lips looked even softer. I was caught up in a web there really was no escaping. A web of kat, one i danm guarantee she had no idea she weaved. A naive beauty and i'd seen a lot in my eighteen years to know that was a rarity. Something to be cherished. Lighting struck again and kat didn't jump at the thunder this time. She was focused in a way that pleased me, pulled a t my control and teased me with what i could never have. Shouldn't even want to have but i wanted god did i ever want. And if we continued where we were heading it would get messy. I already knew what happend when luxen and humans mixed. I had to much responsibility to be fooling around with her. Too much going on. But i still wanted. My fingers slipped along the curve of her cheek as my head tilted. I was going to regret this- holy crap was i ever but i wasn't stopping. Our lips were only a breath away.
"hey guys "Dee called out.

Sophie Aww, thankyou so much, that was awesome! That was really sweet of you to post it. Hopefully, Jennifer will post the first chapter on her blog. Arrgh. I can't wait for Origin. Too long :( Btw, do you know the title of the other mystery chapter in the print copy?

Shymaa no, the problem is there's about 5 or 6 extras in obsidian only
Chapter 1
Chapter 8 - I shouldn't be here
Chapter 12 - Uh-oh Spaghetti-o’s
Chapter 22 - Homecoming Dance
Chapter 25 - The Morning After
Chapter 26 - Laptop Scene
Chapter 12 and 25 are in the ebook, chapter 22 and 26 on jennifer's blog and I posted chapter 8
Hopefully someone would post the first chapter before I explode!

Shymaa Oh and I forgot the last chapter, chapter 30 is on jennifer's blog, too

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Shymaa And there's deleted scene titled ice cream from obsidian from katy's POV on jen's blog

Renée Posting the scenes from the books breaks copyrights...

Holly (Holly's Reading Hollow) Shymaa wrote: "no, the problem is there's about 5 or 6 extras in obsidian only
Chapter 1
Chapter 8 - I shouldn't be here
Chapter 12 - Uh-oh Spaghetti-o’s
Chapter 22 - Homecoming Dance
Chapter 25 - The Morning Aft..."

Would you happen to have and be able to send me the other bonus scenes? I read Chapter 1 & 8 in my paperback copy of Obsidian, but not the others. Now that I know the others exist, I'm dying to read them! :D Or would you know someone who could direct me to them?

Holly (Holly's Reading Hollow) Shymaa wrote: "no, the problem is there's about 5 or 6 extras in obsidian only
Chapter 1
Chapter 8 - I shouldn't be here
Chapter 12 - Uh-oh Spaghetti-o’s
Chapter 22 - Homecoming Dance
Chapter 25 - The Morning Aft..."

Oh and I meant just the ones from the ebook. I read the ones on her site :) Loved!

Bookcrazed Can't the girl who can get into the website the rest of use can't just copy and paste it on this website?

Adjusting my tie, I stepped out of the SUV and
grabbed my tux jacket off the back seat, slipping it
on. Homecoming. Practically the last place on Earth I
wanted to be at. A night of watching sweaty, gawky
human teenagers paw all over each other wasn’t my
idea of a fun night. But I had little choice.
I glanced over at Ash. Standing beside her brother,
dressed in a white gown, she really did look great.
Too bad it was never, ever going to work between us.
Our feelings for each other, even if she refused to
admit it, had morphed into a more familial thing.
Andrew looked over at me as he messed with his cuff
links. His brows inched up. “I don’t even know why
you’re coming to this, man.”
His sister made an impatient noise in her throat. “I
have to agree, but can we move this conversation
inside?” She waved a slender hand at the school. “I
have people I need to make jealous.”
I smiled. “Do tell?”
“My dress.” She twirled around, and I swore it was
see-through for a second. Andrew looked away, but
not before I saw him pale. Yep, part of it was see-
through. “My dress could feed a small village for a
year, which means these… people haven’t ever seen
the likes of such beauty and perfection.”
Shaking my head, I laughed. Ash… well, she was an
acquired taste. As the three of us headed in, I knew
they’d never believe me if I told them why I really
was here.
It had to do with one sweaty, gawky human teenager
pawing all over one human in particular. Once I knew
that Kat had actually accepted the idiot’s offer to the
dance, there was no way I could stay home. Instinct
was screaming that she was going to need me. Or it
was a really messed up territorial need to… to do
Go in there, beat the crap out of Simon and claim my
Uh no, because beating the crap out of humans
would probably end in death and she wasn’t my girl.
No way in holy hell.
Ash disappeared into a flock of several girls who were
already squawking and squealing about her dress.
Forcing myself to breathe and not zoom around the
room, popping all the balloons that probably took an
entire day to blow up, I found the nearest empty
table and sat. Following suit, Andrew did the same.
He started talking about some football game I could
give two craps about and I zoned him out.
And waited.
And waited some more.
And then I saw Simon’s jock-douchebag friends head
toward the door and I knew that meant Kat was here.
Leaning back in my chair, I casually looked over my
Something unexpected happened to my chest. It felt
like someone had walked right up to me and socked
me in it. I might have stopped breathing. Right there,
surrounded by humans, in front of still yapping
“Oh Mary, mother of baby Jesus,” I muttered.
Kat stood by the door, her hands clasped around a
tiny clutch as her eyes bounced around the
gymnasium nervously. The dress… aw man, that
dress should be illegal. Tight around the bodice and
waist, then flowing over her hips like a river of
crimson silk. Her hair was up, revealing a long,
graceful neck I didn’t know she had.
Red was my favorite color.
Kat wasn’t cute. She wasn’t even sexy. She was
beautiful—absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
I watched her bolt as soon as she spotted Lesa and
an approving smile spread over my lips. That’s right,
Kitten, I thought, stay away from Simon. He so
doesn’t deserve to be in the same time zone as you.
I had no idea how long I watched her, but I eventually
lost sight of her in the crowd. Part of me wanted to
get up, punch Andrew in his mouth to shut him up,
and go find her. But that would raise eyebrows, so I
remained there, gripping the back of my chair so
hard it groaned under the pressure.
Then she reappeared with my sister, skirting along
the dance floor. She stopped, twisting gracefully until
her gaze landed on my table as if she’d been looking
for me. Something inside me roared a male approval.
Our eyes locked, and there was that sucker-punch
feeling again, except in moved lower, into my
stomach. I was mesmerized, enthralled. Her lips
parted and—
And Simon pushed through the crowd, blocking her
from me. Every muscle in my body locked up as a
primal urge rushed through me. I started to stand,
but at the last moment, forced myself to sit.
A few seconds later, Ash arrived at the table. She was
saying something, but I didn’t really hear her. Then
Andrew leaned over, snapping his fingers in my face.
“Man,” he said. “What’s your deal?”
“Shut up.”
“Nice.” Andrew got up. “I’m getting something to
Peace out, I thought. I kept an eye on Simon… and
Simon’s hands. I did not like them.
“Do you want to dance?” Ash asked. “Or do you want
to sit here and glower?” When I didn’t answer, she
huffed as she stood. “Whatever. You’re boring.”
I barely acknowledged that she’d left too and that I
was sitting at a table alone, like a dork. My gaze was
trained on the couple. Couple? God. It was insulting
to Kat to even refer to her and Simon as a couple.
But I could deal. What Kat was doing really wasn’t
any of my business. In reality, she can do whatever
she wanted. If that meant dancing—
Simon’s hand glided down the front of her dress,
causing Kat to jerk back. Her angry expression was
lost in a sea of faces and… well, that was it. I was on
my feet before I even realized it, moving between
dancers, my hands curling into fists.
I stalked up to them, stopping behind Kat. “Mind if I
cut in?”
Simon’s eyes shot wide, and he must’ve seen his
impending doom in my face, because he dropped his
arms and took a step back. “Perfect timing. I needed
to get a drink anyway.”
I arched a brow and then turned to Kat, dismissing
the idiot. “Dance?”
She stared back a moment, then carefully placed her
hands on my shoulders. “This is a surprise.”
Damn if it wasn’t. I wrapped an arm around her waist
and took one of her hands in mine. And damn if she
didn’t feel right in my arms, perfect actually.
Stupid and oddly wishful thinking.
Her incredibly long lashes swept up and eyes warm
but wary searched mine. A pretty flush spread across
her cheeks and down her throat. I’d do something
terrible to know what she was thinking. I pulled her
Confusion and a… richer emotion marked her
features. “Are you having a good time with…Ash?”
“Are you having a good time with Happy Hands?”
She sucked in her lower lip, and I bit back a groan.
“Such a constant smartass.”
I laughed and she shivered in my arms. “The three of
us came together—Ash, Andrew, and me.” Why was I
telling her this? My hand slipped to her hip and I
cleared my throat, looking over the top of her head.
“You… you look beautiful, by the way. Really too
good to be with that idiot.”
Her eyes widened. “Are you high?”
“Unfortunately, no I’m not. Though, I am curious why
you would ask.”
“You never say anything nice to me.”
“Good point.” Damn, I was a dick sometimes. Well,
most of the times. I lowered my chin and she jumped
when my jaw grazed her cheek. “I’m not going to bite
you. Or grope you. You can relax.”
She was silent, so I took that as a good thing. Acting
on instinct, I guided her head to my chest and then
placed my hand on her lower back. Dancing like that
was normal. Nothing for anyone to fuss over,
including me.
Breathing in the peaches scent of hers, I closed my
eyes and let the music guide us. There was
something strangely intimate about slow dancing.
Not the bumping and grinding kind that left little to
the imagination, but this—two bodies melded
together, drifting in the same beat, touching in all
the right places. Intimate.
Okay, maybe I was high.
My hand curled against her back. “Seriously, how’s
your date going?”
Kat smiled. “He’s a little friendly.”
“That’s what I thought.” I searched for him in the
crowd, wanting to knock him out. “I warned you
about him.”
“Daemon,” she said. “I have him under control.”
I snickered. “Sure looks like it, Kitten. His hands were
moving so fast I was beginning to question if he was
human or not.” She stiffened in my embrace. “You
should sneak out of here and go home while he’s
distracted. I can even get Dee to morph into you if
need be.”
Katy pulled back and I immediately missed the way
she felt. “It’s okay if he gropes your sister?”
Well no, but… “I know she can take care of herself.
You’re out of your league with that guy.”
We’d completely stopped dancing by this point. A
storm was brewing and it had a name: Kitten. I
almost smiled.
“Excuse me?” she said. “I’m out of my league?”
Didn’t she get it? “Look, I drove here. I can let Dee
catch a ride with Andrew and take you home.”
Sounded like a good plan to me, but the look on her
face said it was no-go. “Are you actually considering
going to the party with that idiot?”
“Are you going?” She pulled her hand free.
“It doesn’t matter what I’m doing.” And I wasn’t
ready to let her go yet. “You’re not going to that
“You can’t tell me what to do, Daemon.”
Frustration whipped through me. Didn’t she get that
I was trying to look out for her? This wasn’t a ‘who
was the boss of me’ contest. “Dee is taking you
home. And I swear, if I have to throw you over my
shoulder and carry you out of here, I will.”
Her hand fisted against my chest. “I’d like to see you
I smiled. “I bet you would.”
“Whatever. You’re the one who’s going to cause a
scene carrying me out of here.”
I made a sound low in my throat, but she actually
smiled up at me, a mixture of smugness and
innocence. “Because you’re local alien teacher is
watching us as we speak. What do you think he’s
going to believe when you toss me over your
shoulder, buddy?”
Son… of a biscuit.
“Thought so,” she said.
I was still seriously considering throwing her over my
shoulder and carrying her out of here with the whole
school watching. I think I also wanted to kiss her…
with the entire school watching. Probably do things
that would make that flush turn a deeper shade of
Her glare turned defiant and damn if a part didn’t
really, really like that.
A smile formed on my lips. “I keep underestimating
you, Kitten.”

Kat was two seconds from losing it, and I loved it. Her
hands curled into tiny fists. “Like what?”
“Well, the jumping jacks… for an hour or so should
do it.” I was only half serious when I made the
suggestion, but then my gaze dropped over the front
of her shirt. Suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to
see her jump around. “You may want to change
She took a deep breath. “I’m not jumping jacks for an
And that was a damn shame. Crimson stained the
tips of her cheeks. A sure sign she was angry. I
couldn’t help myself. “You could run around the
house, up and down the stairs.” I met her eyes and
grinned. “We could always have sex. I hear that uses
up a lot of energy.”
Her mouth dropped open. “That will never happen in
a million years, buddy.” She took a step forward,
raising her pointer finger at me. “Not even if you
were the last—wait, I can’t even say last human on
the face of this Earth.”
“Kitten,” I murmured.
“Not even if you were the last thing that looked like a
human on the face of this Earth. Got that? Capiche?”
I tilted my head to the side and smiled. She was
really on a roll now. Eyes bright and face flushed. Part
of me hated to admit it, but she was amazing when
she was like this. Absolutely amazing.
“I’m not even attracted to you. Not even a little bit.
I was in her face before she had a chance to blink.
“I’m what?”
“Ignorant,” she said, taking a step back.
“And?” I matched her steps, compelled. Compelled
by what? I didn’t know.
“Arrogant. Controlling.” She took another step back,
but I didn’t let her get far. Oh no, I was all up in her
face, sharing the same air. “And you’re…you’re a
“Oh, I’m sure you can do better than that, Kitten.”
And I knew she could. Kat had a mouth on her.
Speaking of which, my gaze dropped. Her lips parted.
Dammit. “Because I seriously doubt you’re not
attracted to me.”
She laughed—the sound low and husky. Sexy. “I’m
totally not attracted to you.”
I took one more step and her back was against the
wall. Staring down at her, I think I may’ve forgotten
to force my lungs to inhale. “You’re lying.”
“And you’re overconfident.” She wetted her lips, and
energy pounded through my body. “You know, the
whole arrogant thing I mentioned. Not attractive.”
Man, she was so full of it. She’d say anything to keep
arguing. Placing my hands on each side of her head, I
leaned down, my mouth so close to hers I could
almost taste her. I doubted her lips would be sweet.
More like one of those red hot Fireball candies.
I really, really liked that candy.
“Every time you lie, your cheeks turn red.”
“Nuh-uh,” she said.
I slid my hands down the wall, stopping beside her
hips. “I bet you think about me all the time.
Nonstop.” As much as I thought about her, which had
become… nonstop, so it only seemed fair and right
that she did the same.
“You’re insane.” She pressed back against the wall,
her chest rising and falling sharply.
“You probably even dream about me.” My gaze
dropped to her mouth again. Fireball… “I bet you
even write my name in your notebooks, over and
over again, with a little heart drawn around it.”
She laughed this breathless sound. “In your dreams,
Daemon. You’re the last person I think—”
Tired of arguing, I kissed her… just to shut her up.
And yeah, I’d keep telling myself that. Just keep right
on with that train of thought. But the moment our
lips met, a shudder rolled through my body and I half
growled, half moaned. Because I was right—like a hot
as hell Fireball.
Kat wasn’t arguing anymore. No, she was shivering.
Kissing really wasn’t necessary anymore, but then
she pushed off the wall, fitting her body against
mine. Her fingers sunk in my hair and she moaned
against my mouth.
This was so not about shutting her up anymore.
Something came unhinged in me. Like a lock that
had been turned. Or a dam that burst. Or, hell, it was
like being struck by lightning, ran over by a truck and
then shocked back to life. I was moving and doing
without really thinking.
My hands gripped her hips, and I lifted her up. Her
legs went around my waist and she was kissing me
right back with a passion that almost startled me,
and I was hoping she didn’t notice that my hands
were trembling. Hell, my entire body was shaking.
There was a fire under my skin, and I was out of
control. Seconds away from going full Luxen on her
and what good would that do?
Aw hell, it didn’t matter. Not when I pressed into her
and she made this beautifully feminine sound that
really had my blood pounding. And I could feel it
building in me. Pure power and it had nowhere to go
but out. This had been building for months. Maybe
always leading to this.
And then we were moving along the wall. A lamp
toppled over. Kat didn’t seem to mind, thank God,
because I was beyond the point of caring about
anything than what was in my arms.
Vaguely, I was aware of the TV switching on and off. I
tried to rein it all back in, but her hands went to my
shirt and then she was wiggling down, pulling at my
shirt. I could only obey her silent command. I pulled
back and let her take off my shirt.
I’d pretty much let her do anything at this point. Kind
of scary…. and all kinds of hot.
I captured her cheeks, pulling her back to my hungry
mouth. Man, I couldn’t get enough of her taste, of
how she gave it right back to me on all fronts. Her
hands went to the button on my jeans.
There was a cracking sound in the house. Most likely
something had just went up in flames. But we were
moving toward the couch and then we were on it, our
hands everywhere, tugging on clothes, on each other.
Our hips were molded together like our lips.
Kat whispered my name, and I was crushing her
against me one second and then the next, I was
giving up space to explore—for me to explore. Sliding
over her arm, down the front of her shirt and lower,
and her shirt was off. I don’t even know how, but it
“So beautiful,” I said, because she was beautiful. And
then I kissed her again. Kissed her until I knew she
needed air, claiming her mouth as long as I could.
My body took over completely, rolling against hers,
but something else clicked inside me. Another
hidden door was opening. I slowed down, taking my
time. Where everything had been so frantic and
crazed, it was now more tender and controlled.
I was still shaking, though, on the verge of…
Of not being able to stop—not wanting to, of needing
her more than I should.
I stilled and forced my lungs to work like hers.
Inhaling ragged breaths that weren’t enough, I lifted
my head and opened my eyes. I knew there were
glowing, speaking a thousand things I couldn’t say
and she’d never understand. Probably not want to
hear either.
Our gazes locked. The look in her eyes, the way her
body melted into mine, I knew she’d let me do…
anything. But if I didn’t stop now, I wouldn’t stop
ever. And even though I was prone to moments of
‘great dickdom’, as Kat would say, it wasn’t right. Not
under these conditions. Not on a freaking couch. Not
when her life was in my hands.
So I said the only thing that came to mind. The only
thing I knew that would snap both of us back into a
cold, harsh reality.
I forced my lips into the half smile I knew always got
under her skin and said, “You’re barely glowing now.”

Foreigner Is there the first chapter online?

The Blue Echo My paperback copy has Daemon's POV of Chapter 1, Chapter 8, and the fight scene with the last Arum. I would like to post the POV of chapter 1, but isn't that against copyright law or something? Maybe if we have permission from Jennifer???

Renée Yes, as I said before. It is against copyright laws! Jenn Will put them on het site eventually, but for now You have To buy/borrow the Books or wait.

Sayra it was good his pov

Amber Lindsey Hay wrote: "My paperback copy has Daemon's POV of Chapter 1, Chapter 8, and the fight scene with the last Arum. I would like to post the POV of chapter 1, but isn't that against copyright law or something? May..."

Holly (Holly's Reading Hollow) wrote: "Shymaa wrote: "no, the problem is there's about 5 or 6 extras in obsidian only
Chapter 1
Chapter 8 - I shouldn't be here
Chapter 12 - Uh-oh Spaghetti-o’s
Chapter 22 - Homecoming Dance
Chapter 25 - ..."

I'm dying here! The paperback edition with chapter one in Daemon's POV is selling for like $25. I can't do it! I know you don't know me from Adam, but do you think you could e-mail me the chapter?

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Shiamaa I cursed under my breath, pressing my forehead against the windowpane.
This wasn't going to end well. No way in hell.
All these years, the house next to door had remained empty, and now we had neighbors. A teenage girl. Great. dee was going to be all over her like barnacles on a hull- a crusty, seen better days hull.
and on one could resist my sister she was such a damn ball of sunshine.
forcing myself away from the window, I yawned as I rubbed my palm along my jaw. could be worse, I decided. our new neighbor could be a dude. and then I'd have to look dee in her bedroom.
or at least a girl that look like a dude. that would have been helpful. but oh no, she didn't look like a guy at all.
with a wave of my hand, I turned the tv. on and flipped through the channels until I found a report of paranormal hunters. I'd seen this episode before, but it was always fun watching the humans run out of house because they thought they saw something glowing. i lounged on the couch with my legs on the coffee table and tried to forget about the girl with tan legs and killer ass.
I'd seen her four times before today.
three timed on the day she moved in. she'd been carrying boxes that looked like they weighted more than she did. three times I did something so entirely stupid I should be shot.
I'd helped her.
sure, she didn't know that I'd lessened the weight of the boxes so she didn't fall right over, but i shouldn't have done it. I know better.
once yesterday she'd dashed toward a sedan and grabbed a stack of books out of the car. her face had lit up with biggest smile, as if the leaning tower of were really a million bucks.
it was all very-NOT CUTE. what the hell was i thinking? not cute at all.
man, it was so hot in here. leaning forward, I grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I tossed it to the side and idly rubbed my chest. I'd been walking around shirtless more than ever since SHE had moved in.
before I know it, I stalked across the room and ended up right in frond of the window. again. I didn't even want to examine why too closely.
I brushed the curtains aside, scowling.
Hadn't even spoken to the girl and I felt like a stalker staring out the window, waiting......
Waiting for what? To catch a glimpse of her? Or to better prepare myself for the inevitable meeting?
If Dee saw me now, she'd be on the floor laughing.
And if Ash saw me right now, she'd scratch my eyes and blast my new neighbor into outer space, even thought Ash and I hadn't been dating for months, I knew she still expected that we'd end up together eventually. Not because she really wanted me, but it was expected of us......so of course she probably didn't want me with anyone else. I still cared for her, though, and I couldn't remember a time without her and her brothers around.
I caught movement out of the corner of my eyes. Turning slightly, I saw the screen door on the wide porch next door swing shut. Shit.
I shifted my gaze and caught her hurrying off the porch.
I wondered where she was going. Not much to do around here, and it wasn't like she knew anyone. There hadn't been any traffic next door, with exception of her mom coming and going at odd Hours.
The girl stopped at the door of her car, smoothing her hands down her shorts. Nice legs. My lips curved up at the corners.
All of sudden. She veered toward the left. I straightened, hand fisting around the curtain, and my breath got stuck some where in my chest. No, she was not coming over her. She had no reason. Dee didn't even realize there was a girl here yet. No reason....
Oh hell, she was coming HERE.
Letting go of the curtains, I backed away from the window and turned toward the frond door. I closed my eyes, counting the seconds. Humans were dangerous to us. Just being around them every day was a risk-getting too close to a human inevitably ended with one of us leaving a trace on them. And since dee was obsessed with finding "normal" friend, it would be especially dangerous for this girl. She lived next door, and there'd be no way I can control how much time dee spend with her.
And there was the fact that I'd been standing at the window for two days watching her. THAT could possibly be a problem.
My sister wouldn't have the same fate as dawson, there was no way I bear the loss of her, and it had been a HUMAN GIRL that had brought him down. Led an arum right to him. Time and time again it had happened with our kind. It wasn't necessarily the human's fault, but the end result was always the same. I refused to let anyone put dee in danger, unknowingly or not. It didn't matter. Throwing out my hand, I flung the coffee table across the room but caught myself and pulled back just before it crashed into the wall. Taking a deep breath, I settled it back down on four legs.
A soft, almost tentative knock rapped against our front door. Shit.
I exhaled roughly. Ignore it. That was what I needed to do, but I was moving toward the door, opening it before I even knew it, a rush of warm air washed over me, carrying the faint scent of peaches and vanilla.
Man, did I love peaches.
My gaze dropped. She was short-shorter than I realized. The top of her head only came up to my chest. Maybe that was why she was staring at it. Or maybe it was the fact I hadn't had inkling to put on the shirt.

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Shiamaa Since she was blatantly checking me out, I figured I could do the same. Why not, she came knocking on MY door.
The girl..... She wasn't cute, her hair, not really blonde or brown, was long, hanging over her shoulders. She was tiny, barely five and half feet. Still, her legs seemed to stretch forever. And not pin-needle thin either like some girls around here. Dragging my eyes away from her legs took effort.
eventually my gaze landed on the front of her shirt. MY BLOG IS BETTER THAN YOUR VLOG. What in the world did that mean? And why would she have that on her shirt....and the words "blog" and "better" were stretched taut. I swallowed. Not a good sign.
I lifted my gaze with even more effort.
Her face was round, nose pert and skin smooth. I bet a million dollars her eyes were brown-big, old doe eyes.
Crazy as hell, but I could fell her eyes as her gaze made the slow perusal from where my jeans hung from my hips, back up to my face. She sucked in a sharp breath, which overshadowed my own inhale.
Her eyes weren't brown, but they were large and round, a pale shade of heather gray-intelligent and clear eyes. They were beautiful. Even I had to admit that.
And it pissed me off. All of this pissed my off . Why was is checking her out?why was she even here? I frowned. "Can I help you?"
No answer. She stared at me with this look on her face, like she wanted me to kiss those full, pouty lips of hers. Heat stirred at the pit of my stomach.
"hello?" I caught the edge in my voice-anger, lust, annoyance, some more lust. HUMANS ARE WEAK, A RISK..... DAWSON IS DEAD BECASUE OF A HUMAN-A HUMAN JUST LIKE THIS ONE. I kept repeating that over and over again. I placed my hand on the door frame, fingers digging into the wood as I leaned forward.
"Are you capable of speaking?"
That got her attention, snapping her right out of her ogling. Her cheeks turned a pretty shade of red as she stepped back. Good she was leaving. That's what I wanted-for her to turn and rush away. Running a hand through my hair, I glanced over her shoulder and then back. Still here.
She really needed to get her cute ass off my porch before I did something stupid. Like smile at the way she was blushing, sexy even. "Going once.."
The flush deepened. hell. "I... I was wondering of you knew where the closest grocery store is. My name is Katy. I moved next door." She gestured at her house. "Like two days ago...."
"I know." I've been watching you for two days, like a stalker.
"Well, I was hoping someone would know the quickest way to the grocery store and maybe a place that sold plants."
Her eyes narrowed just the slightest, and I forced my face to remain expressionless. She fidgeted some more with the hem of her shorts. "Yeah. See, there's this flower bed in front-"
I arched a brow."Okay"
Now her eyes ere thin slits, and irritation heightened the blush and rolled off her. Amusement stirred deep inside me.
I knew I was being an ass at this point, but I was perversely enjoying the spunk slowly igniting behind her eyes, baiting me, and... The flush of anger was sort of hot in a wired, there's really something wrong with me kind of way, she reminded me of something....
She tried again."Well. See, I need to buy plants-"
"For the flower bed. I got that." I leaned my hip against the door frame, crossing my arms, this was actually almost fun.
She took a deep breath."I'd like to find a store where I can buy groceries and plants." Her tone was one that I used with dee about a thousand times a day. Adorable.
"You ARE aware this town has only one spotlight, right?" And there it was. The spark in her eyes was blazing fire now, and I was fighting a full on grin. Damn she wasn't just cute anymore. She was much, much more, and my stomach sank. Katy stared at me, incredulous."You know, all I wanted were directions. This is a bad time."
Thinking of dawson, my lip curled into a sneer. Play time was over. I had to nip this in the bud. For dee's sake."Anytime is a bad time for you to come knocking on my door, kid."
"Kid?" She repeated, eyes widening."I'm not a kid. I'm 17."
"Is that so?" Hell, as if I didn't already notice she was all grown up. Nothing about her reminded me of a kid, but dammit, as dee would say, I had piss-poor social skills. "You look like you're twelve. No. Maybe thirteen, but my sister has this doll that kinda reminds me of you. All big-eyed and vacant."
Her mouth dropped open, and I realized that I may have gone a little too far with that last statement. Well, it was for the better. If she hated me, she'd stay away from dee. It worked with most of the girls. Ah, most of them.
"Yeah, wow. Sorry to bother you. I won't be knocking on your door again. Trust me."She started to turn, but not quick enough that I didn't see the sudden glisten to those gray eyes.
Dammit. Now I felt like the biggest dick ever. And dee would flip if she saw me acting like this. Stringing together a dozen or so curses, I called out to her. "Hey."
She stopped on the bottom, keeping her back to me."What?"
"You got on route 2 and turn onto U.S. 220 north, not south. takes you into Petersburg." I sighed, wishing I'd never answered the door. "The foodland is right in town. You can't miss it. Well, maybe YOU could. There's a hardware store next door, I think. They should have things that go into the ground."
"Thanks," she muttered and added, "douchebag."
Did she just call me a douchebag? I laughed, genuinely amused by that. "Now that' not very ladylike, kittycat."
Katy whipped around, "don't ever call me that."
Oh, I mush have hit a sore spot there. I pushed out the door. "It's better than calling someone a doughebag, isn't it? this has been a stimulating visit. I'll charish it for a long tome to come."
Her little hands balled into fists. I think she wanted to hit me. I think I might've liked it. And I think I seriously need help.
"You know, you're right, how wrong of me to call you a douchebag. Because a douchebag is too nice of a word of you." She smiled. "You're a dickhead."
"A dickhead?" It would be too easy to like this girl. "How charming."
Katy flipped me off.
I laughed again, lowering my head. "Very civilized, kitten. I'm sure you have a wild array of interesting names and gestures for me, but interested."
And she looked like she did. Part of me was a bit disappointed when she spun around and stomped off. I waited until she yanked open her car door.
"See you later, kitten!" I called out, chuckling when she looked like she was about to go all spider monkey on my ass.
Slamming the door shut behind me, I leaned against it and laughed again, but the laugh ended in a groan. There'd been a moment where I'd seen what flickered be hind the dis belief and anger in those soulful gray eyes. Hurt. Knowing that I'd hurt her feelings made the acid on my stomach churn.
But it was of the better. It was. She could hate me-she should hate me. Then she'd stay away from us, I'd warn dee. And that was that. I couldn't be any other way, because that girl was trouble. Trouble wrapped up in a tiny package, complete with a freaking bow.
And worst yet, she was just the kind of trouble I like.

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Shiamaa That is the first chapter from daemon' pov DON'T COME KNOCK ON MY DOOR

Michelle °O° Shiamaa wrote: "That is the first chapter from daemon' pov DON'T COME KNOCK ON MY DOOR"

AWESOME... thanks :)

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Shiamaa You're welcome, Michelle ;)
And Did you get that Amber?

Amber Lindsey I did, thank you so much! It's just the fix I needed while waiting on the next book. :)

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Shiamaa Glad I could help, I know how that feels like, when I'm waiting for something I can easily become desperate

Hannah I got some POVs but not those ones! Thanks guys

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