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Jessi Pollock | 5 comments Mod

This book seemed like a good one for you guys to read because it dealt with sports, and situations that could potentially be real. Although it is not a nonfiction book, it seems very believable. It could help you deal with problems within your family as well if any of you have them, since the book is about jealousy between two twins and their father.

Dream Real
This book seemed like a very good one for you to read, because it is designed for teenagers who are looking to go into professional sports. A lot of you listed being a professional sports player in their dream careers, so I thought this would be a very good book for you to read.

Behind Enemy Lines
Since many of tyous shared interests in books about war, I thought this book would be very interesting. It is about a man who lived in a prisoner of war camp during World War II. He was relatively young, so this would be interesting for teens since he was around that age. The book seemed really interesting.

Left For Dead
This is another book about war. It is about the Indianapolis, which sank, and the men on it were thrown into shark infested waters. It tells the story of what happened to them, and how they wanted to clear their ship captain’s name, since he was blamed for the accident. It seems like a really interesting story and I think that you guys would be interested in it.

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Lyndsey Tate | 7 comments Hi Jessi,

The group decided to read "Behind Enemy Lines". Hope that works for you :)


message 3: by Jessi (new)

Jessi Pollock | 5 comments Mod
That sounds great! Thanks!

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