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Malia walked along the sand barefoot.She stopped and looked towards the water and sighed.The wind blew her brown hair into her face and she pushed it back,putting it behind her ear

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Jacob saw Malia walking along the sand, and he jogged up to her, "Hey!" he said catching up to her as soon as she stopped, "What's on your mind kiddo?"

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Malia smiled up at Jacob"Hi"She said than looked back at the water"Nothing really i guess"She said with a small smile

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Jacob starred out at the water then looked back at her, "Sure looks like there is something on your mind," he stated. He pointed out at the water, "I like to come out here to think."

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"Me to"She said quietly.She remembered how her parents always came up here with her and they would walk along the water,laughing and telling stories

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Jacob raised his brow at her, "If you don't want to talk about it it's fine," he smiled at her and looked around noticing that nobody was out on the beach since it was very early, "I'll race you to the Cullen's house," he said grinning.

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Malia looked up and smiled"Ok"She said.Her golden eyes gleamed with excitment as she got ready to run

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Jacob looked around to see if there was anyone there, and listen silently for a minute to see if anyone was approaching. "Clear," he said before phasing into his wolf form with a small growl. He grinned at her and dashed off into the woods towards the Cullen's house.

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Malia growled as she shifted and started running.She came up next to Jacob and pushed harder,trying to pass him.She easily dodged all the branches and trees and her size only made it easier

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((To the Cullen's!))

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((Okie dokie))

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Tessa sat on the rocks dangling her feet off of it as she stared off to the ocean. What is going on? What's this anger inside of me all about. She felt weird but she just assumed it was because of her parents dying. She was always a bitch, but it seemed like she had been being extra bitchy since she got here. The waves crashed and sent a light spray of water to her face which was nice since she had been burning up for a few weeks now.

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Malia walked on the shore.She walked ankle deep into the water and sighed.She rubbed her shoulder and winced alittle as she found the forming bruise from being thrown.She growled low in her throat as she thought of those stupid vamps.She angrily kicked the water,splashing her legs and shorts

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Tessa let the wind blow threw her hair. She looked to the left, and saw Malia walking along the beach. She jumped off of the rocks gracefully, and walked over to her. Once she reached her she asked, "What's wrong with you?"

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Malia looked up at Tress and frowned alittle.It was harder to talk to some people in the tribe that haven't shifted yet since she couldn't really talk about all the other stuff.She shrugged slightly as she turned her head back towards the water"Nothing"She said

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Tessa rolled her eyes, "Sure looks like there is something wrong," she huffed, "But I see that you don't want to speak of the matter with me," she said rudely.

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Malia sighed"I'm sorry, its complicated" She said looking up at her. She rubbed her shoulder again and noticed her bruise already healed

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Tessa crossed her arms, and looked out to the ocean, "Couldn't be any more complicated than mine," she told her, "You're not the only one with problems," she spat, "I was just trying to help."

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"Im sorry"She said quietly.She sighed and kicked the water alittle

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Tessa clenched her and gritted her teeth as she started to breath loudly. Her skin was burning up more than ever. She didn't even know why she was so angry What is wrong with me? "Uhhh I don't know what's going on.... I have to go." she said running off into the woods completely confused on what was going on with her own body.

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Malia looked after Tessa and could sense the heat coming off of her. Her eyes widened when she remembered when the same thing happened to her. She quickly started to run towards the Cullen House, knowing Jacob was still there

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Alix walked across the beach, hands in his the pockets of his shorts. He waded knee deep into the water and tilted his head back. He turned around and walked back out of the water.

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Daisy Lyla was in the back seat of her father's dark green sedan. Her stuff was in the back seat, though there wasn't much. She had a few personal items, a bottle of unfinished shampoo, and clothes. She had never accumulated stuff the way most people seemed too. She was so tired of moving, at least here they would hopefully have running water. She listened quietly to the rustling of luggage as her father hit a bump. She had no iPod since depending on where they were there was usually:

a: no place to charge it
b: it would get stolen

Her father had come here to study a little marine life, but mostly for the bison and the mysterious 'giant wolves'. It was risky buisness but he was quite fascinated with these creatures.

When Lyla and her father arrived her father promised he could unpack their stuff and she could go explore. She nodded, getting out and stretching her legs before making her way to the beach. She hadn't seen any beaches recently, but she was still acclimated to a constant temprature of 75, so she shivered anyway.

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Tessa had ran back to the beach once she had calmed down slightly. She still had no clue what was going on with her body, and she was still burning up. She was wearing very short shorts, flip flops, and a tank top. She walked along the beach, and saw a new girl walking up. She was usually rude, and mean to people, but she figure she was about to die, so why not make a new friend. temporarily. She walked up to the girl, "Hello, Are you new here?" she asked.

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Daisy "Yes, yes I am, I live here, for now. Um...I'm Lyla-Jane." Lyla-Jane offered her a half smile.

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Daisy ((?))

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Alix sauntered over to Tessa and Lyla. "Hi."

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Tessa toke her hand, and shook it firmly, "It's nice here, but somewhat strange," she said as she looked around the familiar beach she was so often on. Tessa saw Alix walking over to them, and looked up. He looked familiar he was defiantly from the reservation. He even looked the part muscular and big, "Hi," she said as the heat started radiating off of her body. The heat just kept getting more intense since he hadn't phased for the first time yet.

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((Sorry didnt get the notifications.))

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Alix tilted his head, looking at Tessa. "Are you okay?" he asked. He bit the inside of his cheek, and shook Lyla's hand. "I'm Alix." He told her smiling slightly

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Daisy Lyla shook Tessa's hand ad then offered it to Alix seeming to do it with great restraint. "Ugh, people greet eachother so differently in Colombia."

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Daisy Marissa wrote: "Alix tilted his head, looking at Tessa. "Are you okay?" he asked. He bit the inside of his cheek, and shook Lyla's hand. "I'm Alix." He told her smiling slightly"

"Mucho gusto," she responded instinctually. "oh, um pleased to meet you."

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Alix laughed softly, "What did you do in Columbia?"

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Tessa looked down at the sand, and bit her bottom lip as she exhaled threw her nose. Then she looked back up at Alix, "Um..uh...yea I'm fine I just think I am running a fever," she said nodding her head up and down awkwardly, "I'll survive." Tessa looked at Lyla, "Your from Colombia?" she asked.

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Daisy "There was usually always a big hug and sometimes a kiss On the cheek depending on how casual or professional the relationship was. In Colombia when you meet someone you really...embrace them, no pun intended."

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Tessa laughed, "Welcome to America."

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Daisy "Oh no, I'm not from Colombia actually apparently I'm mostly Turkish. Not really the point, I came from Colombia, but we tend to move around a lot."

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Alix glanced between them, "Well I hope you like it here." He said. He crossed his arms nervously, "You can always go to Mexico, they greet people different over there."

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Tessa kicked off her flip-flops and buried her feet in the silky soft sand. "I'm from the Ukraine," she said looking down at her feet. She really missed home, and couldn't stop thinking about it.

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Tessa giggled at Alix's comment.

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Daisy "Do you realize how many people you could've pissed off?" she gave him and amused look, raising an eyebrow slightly.

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Alix shrugged, "Yeah, but I figure unless they pull a gun on me, we'd be in an even fight." He raised an eyebrow back

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Daisy "Well don't you think you're the shit." Lyla gave him another amused look. This boy just didn't stop did he? Culturally unsensetive comments and now a machismo ego to match?

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Tessa raised her brow at Lyla, "If you think his cocky just wait till you meet the rest of the boys on the reservation," she said with a laugh, "You'll get use to it though."

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Alix grinned easily, "If there was a mexican here, I would appologize, allright? Feel better Lyla?"

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Daisy "Love, trust me I know. In colombia most men are still sexist. It's not the Mexicans you would offend, it's the Colombians, and then on top of that why is a racist comment coming out of a native american's mouth." she said.

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Tessa shrugged and faced the ocean. Letting the chilly breeze cool down her face.

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"Tessa...Are you sure you're okay?" Alix asked biting the inside of his cheek again

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Daisy "Well I'm going to leave you two here to flirt. Any suggestions of where to go or who to meet?"

((last question is legit. Don't know why to do now))

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