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Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Skye made her way through the woods working her way to the familiar meadow she found once. She saw it coming up and she inhaled the fresh cold air into her lungs. She saw the spot right up against a tree she always sat at. She smiled and walked up to it. She sat down, leaned against the tree, and opened up her book. She started reading, but her mind didn't process the words in the book. The only thing that ran threw her mind was Ryker.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Skye was sitting in the meadow, and she couldn't keep her mind off of Ryker. She looked out into the meadow as a breeze hit her face, and blew her long hair with the wind. She shivered slightly tightening her jacket around her body. She smiled at the beautiful sight the meadow was. She loved it here no place cleared her mind better. She huffed and pulled out her phone she decided to text Catherine Hey....what are you up to? She typed in and sent the message.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Catherine was startled by the buzzing of her cellphone.Jesus, what is with me today? She picked it up noticing she had a text from Skye, they only just met yesterday but have already become good friends. She read the text sending a quick reply backI'm at school, going to let out soon. Then, walk home. Catherine didn't live too far from the school, just a quick walk through the woods. She decided to send another text.Hey Skye.. Did you notice the new kids? Kind of odd aren't they? She slipped her phone in her bag as the last bell rang, and headed to her locker.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Skye sat there dazing off into the woods with her cellphone in her hand. As soon as it buzzed Skye jumped and squealed. Her cellphone fell to the floor, "damn it," she growled as she got on her knees looking for her phone inside the tall flowers. It took her a minute to find it then she picked it up and read the messages. She wrote back, I left early..... Because one of the new kids kind of scared me, but it was in a good way. If that makes any sense? I'm in the meadow right threw the woods. I needed some fresh air she pressed the send button then laid on her back looking up at the sky.

message 6: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Catherine heard the buzzing in her bag that she was filling with books from her locker. She was glad school was over, now she could get home and rest and be alone. Today had left her feeling surprisingly tired, and she couldn't understand why. She reached into her bag grabbing her phone. After reading Skye's message she sent a reply Yea, that does make sense. There were two new kids in my home room this morning. They had.. Like.. Golden eyes or something. Then the boy just walked out of the room and the teacher didn't even notice. He was.. I dunno.. I can't seem to.stop thinking about him. Before I even knew it I was drawing in my journal. I was drawing him. She sends the text slightkly embarassed by her admission. She slings her bag over her shoulder and walks out the doors of the school. Making her way for the woods, it's the fastest way home. She hesitates before entering a bit scared, biting in her lower lip. She starts to walk home.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Skye felt her phone buzz in her hand. She didn't bother sitting up she just held the phone up too her face and read the text message. The flowers were so tall that they covered her body for some reason she felt better because no human could see her. It was weird how she had this connection with Catherine they felt the same way about these kids. She typed back I know exactly what you mean..... I feel the exact same way except I don't know how to draw, or else I would probably draw him, lol. Is it weird that I'm frightened, but in a good way? she put her arm down as soon as she finished texting and looked back to the sky.

message 8: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Catherine jumped as she heard her ringtone alerting her of new text message. She clutched her chest, her heart beating fast. That new boy, and that girl have her on edge. Get a grip, Cat. She flipped open her phone reading the text from Skye. Her fingers dancing over the keys sending a reply back. Lol. I am sure you could come up with some way to describe him. I don't think your that hopeless artistically. Anyways, no it's not. I feel that way too. And, I am a bit scared right now. It's getting dark here in the woods and feels like it's taking longer. I should have called my dad to come get me. Anyways, was he cute? She sent the text just before she bumped into a tree and clutching her phone in her hand.

(( Haha. That is ok. :) ))

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Skye felt her phone buzz she raised it up to her face again. She read the text and chuckled softly. She typed back to catherine ohh but I am. Haha. I like to read maybe I could write about him but I would want to risk my mother reading it. Skye looked towards the woods and realized how dark and foggy it looked in there she felt slightly bad for Catherine. She lived near Catherine but her car was at the school so she had to go the other way he was absolutely beautiful. An impossible perfection she wrote back and then looked back up at the Skye.

message 10: by Lucy (last edited Mar 05, 2012 06:19PM) (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Catherine's phone alerted her of a new message, she read it and smiled. She replied, Lol. Your mom would kill you, huh? A tiny laugh escaped her lips as she hit send. Her phone rang a second time, she smiled at the message. So, does your mystery man have a name? Mine doesn't.. Lol. She hit send putting the phone in her pocket wrapping her jacket tighter around herself. It's getting colder..

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Skye's phone buzzed she stuck it up to her nose as she read it. She laughed when she heard the message then started typing back She wouldn't only kill me she would beat me to death, throw my body in some hot oil, then tell me to focus on my studies, and that boys are just a waste of time. She was about to put her phone down as it buzzed again she read it and typed back Ryker.

message 12: by Lucy (last edited Mar 05, 2012 06:46PM) (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Catherine heard the chime, of the ringtone in her pocket. She clutched the phone in her hand. Skye she thought. And, took the phone out of her pocket flipping it open and quickly taking a picture of the boy and sending it to her.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Skye's phone buzzed she looked at it, and downloaded the media Catherine had sent her. It was a picture of the boy... in the woods with her? He looked somewhat like Ryker. Same eyes, and same skin completion they were definitively related. Skye's heart start racing as she typed back, Holy shit! What the bloody hell is he doing there? Are you okay? she wrote back. She didn't put her phone down this time she just starred at the screen waiting for Catherine's response.

message 14: by Lucy (last edited Mar 05, 2012 07:32PM) (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Hearing her phone chime again, she flipped it open. Reading the text from Skye, she was scared too. She wrote, I'm fine.. But, not out of the woods yet. Can we meet up? and she hit send.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Skye saw her phone light up, and the text message pop up on the screen. She read the message and thought about her mom. She was probably waiting for her, but she would get over it. She quickly sent her mom a text message then wrote to Catherine, Where do you want to meet at?

message 16: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Flipping her phone open, and quickly writing back to Skye. Meet me at my house, and we will drive to your house from there. Dad's not home tonight and I am not looking forward to being alone now. Is that ok?

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Skye typed a message to Catherine Sure no problem I just have to head back to the school to get my car, and i'll be right over. She stuck her phone in her pocket, and stood up to stretch. She made her way back to the school parking lot.

message 18: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Checking her phone for messages, she could hear the clicks of the keys in the silence. I will be there soon, see you then.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Taliah and Delilah both entered the meadow quietly. Here, Delilah could work on her drawling and Taliah could work on her writing. The girls worked silently. Taliah sighed as she wrote of the damage of her childhood. She hated it but, she hated her sister Jennifer more. That whore... her mind mumbled.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia walked through the meadow, still searching for Jacobs scent. She sighed before she sat down, pulling her knees to her chest, "Where could her be?" She mumbled quietly

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Suddenly in unison, a scent caught both Delilah and Taliah. Their eyes met. It was a sickening stench. Delilah closed her sketch book and stood up while Taliah stood as she closed her journal. Taliah moved over to Delilah quietly, "where?" Taliah asked. Delilah looked over in the direction of Malia.

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia looked up when she heard some rustaling. She quickly stood one her feet as she saw the two girls

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Delilah and Taliah smirked as they began to circle and surround Malia. "Mmmmmm, what's good in the neighborhood?" Delilah giggled with a evil smirk. Delilah watched Malia carefully for any fast movements. Their fangs slid out.

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia growled, "Stay away" She warned. Malia glared as she saw their fangs, making sure she kept her eyes on both of them

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Awwww look at da puppy," Delilah giggled with glee. She stood in front of Malia. "Can we keep it?"

"Eeeeh, looks like a mutt to me, probably no one else wanted it," Taliah crossed her arms as she watched Malia.

"But Sis, I'll train it, walk it, feed it, hell! I'll potty train the bitch!" Delilah hopped excitedly. They both laughed. "Then," her tone grew dark and unmerciful, "I'll make her believe in a good life. I'll let her dream and love-"

"Whoa, D, don't ta-" Taliah tried to interrupt.

"Then, I murder everything she loves. I'll drive her insane. She's beg for mercy, but it will not come. I'll beat her, I'll make sure she goes through Hell, and drags her ass in the bottom of the pit."

"D, that's fucked up, just qu-"

"She's try to commit suicide but I'll revive her. And she keep trying then finally, after about two hundred and seventy-three tries, I'll put a gun to the back of her head and blow her brains out," Delilah finished.

"What the fuck?" Taliah was shocked.

"Hehe, JK!" She giggled.

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia started at the girl, tears in her eyes, "Please don't. I never actually got a chance to live like you guys" She said quietly

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Speak up!" Delilah demanded.

"Elaborate!" Taliah commanded.

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia growled, her face in a snarl before she changed, jumping at Taliah. She growled into her face, her golden eyes locked onto hers

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Delilah jumped on Malia's back, jerking her ears back.

Taliah scratched Malia's face.

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia jerked back, falling onto her back. She stood and turned to Delilah, resisting the urge to rip out her throat. She backed up allowing her to see both girls How do I always get in trouble with vampires She thought

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Damn, where's a silver bullet when you need one?" Delilah joked. They laughed again.

"Let's kill another wolf, shall we?" Taliah asked.

"Naw, let's hear more. Come on, Wolfy. Speak. Trust in me." Delilah spoke softly. She untensed her body to show, she meant no harm."

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia growled, she started walking around them. She kept low to the floor, ready to pounce if needed. Her fur was bristling in anger

message 33: by UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost (last edited Mar 26, 2012 07:27AM) (new)

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Why are you here?" Taliah asked, "I hoped you know we could kill you if we wanted to."

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Are they stupid, don't they know I cant talk as a wolf? She thought as she looked at them

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments The girls looked at each other.

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia growled, getting into jumping position

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Let's kill her," Taliah said.

"With pleasure," Delilah replied.

The girls got into a fighting stance.

message 38: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Caleb had just phased when he heard Malia's thoughts. Using the pack's mind he spoke to her, Malia? What's going on pup? Are you alright?

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia lifted her head, looking around for Caleb No, there are some vampires over here who are planning on having a snack soon. She thought back to him. She started getting worried, she already delt with one vampire today but two would be hard Please hurry!

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments They could wait no longer. The girls pounced Malia. Scratching and punching, biting and kicking.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia whimpered. She bit into Taliah's arm before throwing her off. She rolled over, hoping to crush Delilah

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Taliah screamed and fell to the ground after smacking into a tree.

"SISTER!!!" Delilah grew enraged, she moved to fast for Malia to catch her. She grabbed a thick branch, and shoved it into Malia's thigh.

message 43: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 26, 2012 08:00PM) (new)

Malia howled, shifting to human form. She winced when she tried pulling it out

Malia nodded slightly. She had tears in her eyes as she attempted pulling out the branch, "1... 2... 3" She muttered to herself as she yanked the branch out. She yelped, biting her lip

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) Damien had been wandering around the outskirts of the meadow for some time, having escaped Jace’s house earlier in the day. It seemed as if his roommate’s restlessness was contagious and Damien had felt far too confined even in the vast space of the house. Wanting to get to know the area more thoroughly, he had ran through the woods and somehow come upon the meadow. As he got closer, he began hearing shouting and growling, the scent of blood soon accompanying it all. He caught sight of two females, clearly vampires, attacking the wolf Anca had gone after just yesterday. Racing into the field, he caught the one the other referred to as Delilah with an arm around her throat. “Well, well what do we ‘ave here?” Looking towards Malia, a look of concern on his face he asked, “You alright there, lass? Nod once for yes, twice for no. I don’t understand dog.”

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia looked at him, "Im fine" She muttered. She threw the branch at Thaliah before shifting back into a wolf

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(Wait....Ummmm...Delilah was closest to Malia and Thaliah's like on the ground.)(

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) ((O.o which is why Damien has a hold of Delilah and not Thaliah))

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(No but Ash seems to also have hold of Delilah.)(

message 49: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Caleb seen what was going on with Malia, and he hit the ground running. Speeding off the the meadow, as fast as he could. He thought, Seth? Leah? Anyone? Malia needs us! Reaching the clearing, he saw Malia had shifted and there was a male Vampire he hadn't seen. The male Vampire had one of the girls in somewhat of a chokehold. He couldn't speak to Malia in this form so he just ran over to her side. Nudging her softly with his muzzle a small whimper passed his lips. Then he turned to the Vampire's, eyes trained on them all, growling. And, then he felt Malia shift again. Are you alright? Who's he? He thought.

message 50: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) ((Edited mine. There ya go.))

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