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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Catherine jumped as she heard her ringtone alerting her of new text message. She clutched her chest, her heart beating fast. That new boy, and that girl have her on edge. Get a grip, Cat. She flipped open her phone reading the text from Skye. Her fingers dancing over the keys sending a reply back. Lol. I am sure you could come up with some way to describe him. I don't think your that hopeless artistically. Anyways, no it's not. I feel that way too. And, I am a bit scared right now. It's getting dark here in the woods and feels like it's taking longer. I should have called my dad to come get me. Anyways, was he cute? She sent the text just before she bumped into a tree and clutching her phone in her hand.

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Skye felt her phone buzz she raised it up to her face again. She read the text and chuckled softly. She typed back to catherine ohh but I am. Haha. I like to read maybe I could write about him but I would want to risk my mother reading it. Skye looked towards the woods and realized how dark and foggy it looked in there she felt slightly bad for Catherine. She lived near Catherine but her car was at the school so she had to go the other way he was absolutely beautiful. An impossible perfection she wrote back and then looked back up at the Skye.

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Nick was in the woods hunting a deer. He had caught it within seconds he was draining its blood when he sniffed the scent of a human. damn it! Stupid humans. He dropped the dead deer and convinced himself to go home. On his way way back to the house he decided to head back. He hide behind a tree silently and watched her for a few minutes. He decided to step out from behind the tree into her view, "what are you doing here?" he said harshly.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Catherine's phone alerted her of a new message, she read it and smiled. She replied, Lol. Your mom would kill you, huh? A tiny laugh escaped her lips as she hit send. Her phone rang a second time, she smiled at the message. So, does your mystery man have a name? Mine doesn't.. Lol. She hit send putting them phone in her pocket wrapping her jacket tighter around herself. It's getting colder..

She continued walking after a bit she heard what sounded like a twig snap. She spun around at the noise, terrified. She stared at him, eyes wide. He yelled something at her, she couldn't hear him. Her heart pounding in her ears. She stuttered, "I-I.. y-you.. Who are you?" She took a step back stumbling over a raised root in the ground.

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Skye's phone buzzed she stuck it up to her nose as she read it. She laughed when she heard the message then started typing back She wouldn't only kill me she would beat me to death, throw my body in some hot oil, then tell me to focus on my studies, and that boys are just a waste of time. She was about to put her phone down as it buzzed again she read it and typed back Ryker

Nick chuckled at the girl being frightened and stuttering. He walked closer to her even though his instincts said not too. He wanted to kill her and he thought of it for a minute. He thought of all the possibilities and how sweet her blood would taste. His throat burned even though he had just hunted. His eyes were gleaming gold and he grinned at her, "The real question is what are you doing in these woods by yourself. It's never know who could be lurking around here. Rapists, murders, creeps...I could go on."

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Catherine heard the chime, of the ringtone in her pocket. She clutched the phone in her hand. Skye she thought. And, took the phone out of her pocket flipping it open and quickly taking a picture of the boy and sending it to her.

She rememebered her Dad always made her carry a can of mace. She took another step back trying to reach in her bag for the mace. Then, she fell backwards over the root she had just stumbled over falling back on her hands. She grunted when she hit the ground in pain, scattering all her things on the forest floor. She reached, around on the ground and felt the coolenss of the can on her fingers. She grabbed the can and stood , aiming at the boy. "I said.. w-who are you? What do you want?", she said her voice shaking and her body trembling.

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Skye's phone buzzed she looked at it, and downloaded the media Catherine had sent her. It was a picture of the boy... in the woods with her? He looked somewhat like Ryker. Same eyes, and same skin completion they were definitively related. Skye's heart start racing as she typed back, Holy shit! What the bloody hell is he doing there? Are you okay? she wrote back. She didn't put her phone down this time she just starred at the screen waiting for Catherine's response.

Nick raised his brow as she took the picture of him, "Why are you taking a picture of me?" he asked her calmly he was obviously scaring her which he did enjoy slightly. Once she fell Nick stopped breathing in case she started bleeding which he hoped she wouldn't. After a minute of silence he realized she had no cuts, and he proceeded forward laughing at the fact that she thought mace would help her if he decided to kill her. "I am from your school or are you blind," he spat at her, "Now put that stupid can of mace away." He walked to her split things and started picking them up.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Catherine watched him as he bent down and started picking up her things. She looked at her shaking hands, one holding the can of mace. She dropped it, suddenly not wanting to feel it's comfort. All she could do was stare at him. Why was he being so mean? He snuck up on me after all. She spoke to him, "I-i'm sorry, you startled me. What are you doing here in the woods? No one comes out here.. usually." Watching him grabbing for her journal. She reached out for it quickly, snatching it from him. "Sorry, that's.. Personal. So, are you going to tell me your name?" She asked, feeling a a bit better to be around him. But, still feeling uneasy.

Hearing her phone chime again, she flipped it open. Reading the text from Skye, she was scared too. She wrote, I'm fine.. But, not out of the woods yet. Can we meet up? and she hit send.

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Nick heard her drop the can without having to look. "Maybe I startled you because you know it's not safe here," he rolled his eyes gathering the rest of her things, "You shouldn't come here either," he said as she snatched her journal out of his hands. He raised his brow at her, but decided to let it go. He could read it later if he really wanted to. He handed her the rest of her things, "It's not safe here Catherine you shouldn't be roaming in the woods by yourself. There are way scarier things out there than me," he told her, "and my name is Nick." He thought back Wait did she tell me her name before? No I think I overhead it at school. shit. Nothing I can't cover up though.

Skye saw her phone light up, and the text message pop up on the screen. She read the message and thought about her mom. She was probably waiting for her, but she would get over it. She quickly sent her mom a text message then wrote to Catherine, Where do you want to meet at?

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Flipping her phone open, and quickly writing back to Skye. Meet me at my house, and we will drive to your house from there. Dad's not home tonight and I am not looking forward to being alone now. Is that ok?

Catherine chewed on her bottom lip, he was right. Anything, could happen to me out here.. Lost in her own thoughts, she realized he was speaking again. Did he just say my name? "How do you know my name?", she whispered mostly to herself, unaware he could hear her. Her name sounded nice coming from his lips, it made her feel strange. He made her feek strange. "Nick.. Your name is Nick. Thanks for not being a.. Creep?" She said and laughed nervously. Oh my god, Cat. What the hell are you saying? Get your bag and go. "Um, I should.. Get going. Thanks." She said, as she grabbed for her bag.

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Skye typed a message to Catherine Sure no problem I just have to head back to the school to get my car, and i'll be right over. She stuck her phone in her pocket, and stood up to stretch. She made her way back to the school parking lot.

Nick huffed annoyed that she had noticed that he knew her name and that he had to now come up with a stupid excuse because of his slip up, "I heard someone talking to you in school," he lied smoothly. "You lucked out because I am usually a creep," he said chuckling softly. His throat still burned so it was probably better that he would get going. "Yea you should," he said to her. He left without saying goodbye, and quickly disappeared into the woods.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Catherine watched as he disappeared. She called out anyways, "Wait!" She felt small standing in the darkness, the trees looming over her. She looked around, it wad definitely dark out now. She never was in the woods this long. She sighed, thinking There is no way he heard you.. he's already gone dumby. She stood there a moment letting her eyes adjust. She tightend her jacket around herself again, shivering as she slowly began to walk towards home.

Checking her phone for messages, she could hear the clicks of the keys in the silence. I will be there soon, see you then.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) ((Sorry I fell asleep. Lol. At work now so responses slow. ))

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When Nick was out of sight he ran home. He heard her call out to him, and he stopped in his tracks wanting to go back. He huffed It's probably better to just go. GO nick. Nick started up running again at full speed to his house.

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Malia walked into the woods in wolf form.She followed the scent of the deer as she looked around

message 18: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Anca had been running in the woods for hours with Damien at her side. She loved the feel of the wind on her skin, and the way it blew her hair back behind her. She smiled, closed her eyes and let the wind wash over her. Then a horrible, unfamilliar scent filled her nostrils and she stopped, her dark raven locks gracfully falling about her shoulders. She sniffed the air, and wrinkled her nose in disgust. "What.. Is that?" She said in a thick Romanian accent, turning to Damien. "Do your recognize it? I don't think I have smelled anything so awful."

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) The forest was nothing more than a blur of green and brown as Damien raced through the trees beside Anca. He always felt a sense of freedom in it, barreling through nature like a true force of nature. Fully caught up in the running, he was nearly 20 feet away from Anca before he noticed she had stopped. Quickly he raced back towards her, taking up post against a tree and crossing his muscle wrapped arms across his chest. "I have no idea," he said in his obvious Irish accent, his nose scrunching up in disgust. "Smells worse than a pile of rotting pigs feet though, that's for sure."

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Anca looked at Damien smiling devilishly, she says, "Want to find out?" Without waiting for him to reply, she was off running in the direction of the smell. That's when she saw it. A wolf? She thought, a bit confused. She had seen wolves before and knew the scent. This wolf was bigger than normal, and that god awful scent was different too. Feeling a a bit playful now, she said, "Come here little wolfy, I won't bite hard." Anca crouched to pounce at the wolf, a grin spreading across her face showing her fangs.

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♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) Damien's head snapped around in the direction Anca took off running. Pushing off from the tree, he was soon right behind as they made their way towards the smell. He skidded to a halt, nearly crashing into a tree as he spotted what looked like a wolf. "Bloody hell..." he muttered under his breath, though he was sure Anca would still be able to hear him. "That thing is huge. That some kind o' mutant, or sumfin?" As Anca prepared to launch herself at the wolf, he couldn't help but let a laugh explode from his lips. "Be careful there, you crazy bird. Don't know for sure what that thing is." He dropped down to the forest floor, back against a tree, bringing his knee up and letting his forearm rest atop it.

message 22: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Anca spun around her hair flying about her face, her movments full of the grace her long life had given her. She smiled a moment, then frowned at him. Pouting she said, "But, Damien I am hungry. And, you know I will try anything once." Then, she grinned at him, and spoke again "You know what they say, Don't judge a book by it's.. stench" Her laughter rang out and echoed through the woods. She was hungry for many things at this moment; blood, fun, and at the top of the list.. A good fight. She began circling the wolf, wondering what it was and what it would do.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Anca laughed at the wolf, crouching and snarling at them. She hissed back at it, clicking her teething in a scolding manner. "Now, now little pup. Is that any way to treat a lady?" She smiled at him, taking a step closer. Trying to coerce the wolf into a fight was the most fun she'd had in days. "My Mother taught me to never play with my food. I never did listen to her. You don't smell all that good anyways, I am hungry though. And, looks or scents in this case.. Can be decieveing." She licked her lips, crouching again and wanting to satisfy the burning ache in her throat.

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) Chuckling under his breath, Damien watched the exchange between his partner and the wolf. He tried his hardest not to retch at the stench coming off the wolf. Turning his head a bit, he hid his nose against his shoulder but keeping his eyes on the two the whole time. "You're gonna have to bathe for a good three days after this I hope you know, Anca. Otherwise I'm not comin' even 400 yards in your direction." He said teasingly, his voice coming out muffled.

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Malia growled again,her golden eyes starring at Anca. She laughed in her mind Does she really think she could kill me? She thought. She stood up straight now, and if she were in human form she would be smirking

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Anca laughed at Damien and said, "Oh Damien, you hit a nerve. You know how important appearances are to me." She pouted at him playfully. She turned back to the wolf hearing it's growl. Seeing that it's stance had become more prideful, as if she didn't pose a threat. She spoke again to Damien, not taking her eyes off the wolf, "I think, it understands us. What could this.. thing.. be?" They had never comes across anything like this wolf. Is it possible that this wolf is a shapeshifter?

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) Damien lifted his face from his shoulder, forcing himself to drop the pretense of breathing no matter how much of a habit it was. It’s not as if he needed to breathe anyway, and it was the only way to keep from having to take in the stench of the wolf. He turned his head at Anca’s words, taking in the stance of the wolf with a curious tilt of the head. “Huh…it’s much larger than any wolf I’ve ever seen before. But it looks rather familiar.” He said softly, more to himself as he narrowed his crimson red eyes. Shaking his dark hair out of his eyes to get a better look, it dawned on him where he had seen such a wolf before. “I know where I’ve seen one! In one of my books, there was a section on wolves like that one. It’s not your regular everyday wolf, so make sure you’re careful, Anca. I don’t care how tough you think you are.” This one of Damien’s rare times of showing any sort of seriousness, but he knew that if his friend didn’t take precautions she could end up this strange wolf’s afternoon snack.

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Malia looked up to meet Damiens eyes.She pulled her lips back alittle but than looked back at Anca Should i shift infront of these clueless vampires? She thought as she narrowed her golden eyes

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Anca laughed off Damien's concern and said, "Your worried for me Damien?" Still watching the wolf she noticed that it looked at Damien and curled it's lip. This wolf is smart, Damien is right. Though she knew he was right, she didn't care. She began circling the wolf again, hissing at it. Each time she circled the wolf she got closer and closer. When she was five feet from the wolf she crouched and sprang at the wolf. Attempting to launch herself onto it's back and wrap her arms and legs around the large creature.

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Malia growled and jumped at her.She clamped her jaw onto Anca's leg,penetrating her vampire skin.She was glad vampires didnt have blood or she would have to taste that awful flavor.She locked her jaw and brought the girl to the floor,pinning her down and growling in her face

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) Shaking his head as Anca crouched down, Damien leaned back against the tree he had taken up post at and looked up through the forest canopy. The sky was completely cast over in dark storm like clouds; just the way their kind liked it. He listened for the tell tale sound of Anca ripping into the wolf-creature’s throat but was surprised when he heard a thudding sound. He looked back to find Anca had been pinned down by the wolf, the creature’s jaws locked on his friend’s leg. He couldn’t help the condescending laugh that he let free. “See, I told you to be careful. But nooo, you just had to be a hard ass didn’t ya?” He said in a patronizing tone, a teasing smirk playing at the corner of his lips. The thought crossed his mind that he should help Anca, but he thought better of it. She wanted to provoke the beast, it was her responsibility to get herself out of the mess she had put herself in. “Since you’re such a tough lass, I’m sure you can get yourself out of that. Just hurry it up. We’re supposed to try and find that clan of Veggies everyone’s always yammerin’ on about.”

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Anca could only watch as the wolf lunged at her, she couldn't react fast enough to stop it from sinking it's teeth in her leg. Wincing in pain as she was brought down and pinned to the ground. She laughed at the wolves face growling and looming above her. Welling venom in her mouth she spat in it's face, "Get off me you worthless, disgusting mutt." She ground out between her teeth. Turning her head to Damien she hissed at his words, as she made a fist with her hand. The punch wasn't very strong, there wasn't much room for her to move but hit home. The crunch of bone could be heard, and the wolf was off her in seconds. She stood, growling at the wolf and reached out quickly grabbing it by the scruff of it's neck. Throwing him away from her, a thud was heard and the rustle of leaves. Anca's head snapped around to meet Damien's eyes. Her's were no longer red, but onyx. A color that seemed darker than black. Glaring at him she hissed, running as fast as she could away from him and the wolf. There was a slight limp to her leg, and she had hoped that it would heal quickly.

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As Malia hit the floor she winced and unconsciously shifted back.She stood up slowly and looked at Damien,pain and anger in her eyes.She starred at him before turning around and walking back to the beach

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) Damien stared back at the wolf for a beat or two before looking off in the direction Anca had run off, rolling his eyes and groaning inwardly. “And the hissy fit begins.” He muttered, not paying any mind to the wolf as he pushed off from the ground fluidly and took off after his friend like an arrow. It was mere seconds before he was able to catch up with Anca, a cocky smirk painted on his lips. “Oh don’t get all pissy, darlin’. You picked the fight; I was just lettin’ ya have yer fun.” Damien made sure to stay at least an arm’s length away in case the other vamp decided to take a swing at him next. He knew Anca’s temper well, it was one of her qualities that he found fascinating and made them such good friends. With his laid back cockiness, they seemed to balance each other out. “I’m assumin’ we’re headin’ fer the Veggies now. But maybe we should rest first. Give time fer that leg o’ yers to heal.”

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Anca heard someone pursuing her, unaware if it was Damien or the wolf. Until she heard him speak, he was next to her now. Her head snapped around to him and without thinking, she lunged at Damien. Tackling him to the ground, hands pressing his shoulders to the forest floor. Sitting on top of him she hissed. Face close to his, glaring she said, "You think this funny, do you? Would you have watched it kill me, then?" Shoving his shoulders deeper into the ground, his body making a slight indentation in the dirt. "Well Damien, would you have?" she continued, her accent thicker in anger. Anca stood then, kicking a rock off into the woods, cursing loudly in her native tongue.

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) Damien didn’t even flinch as Anca pinned him to the forest floor, having become accustomed to her short temper. He couldn’t help the playful growl he let loose, smirking up at his angry friend. “Oh, now I know you like it rough, Anca, but we really don’t have the time for that now,” he said playfully, knowing that he was only making matters worse. Taking in the state of Anca’s accent, he knew that her anger was reaching its peak. He turned a bit more serious as she stood, propping himself up on his elbows as he watched after her. “You know I wouldn’t just let that thing kill you, Anc. I’m not that much of a bastard. But you have to admit you brought it on yerself.” Fluidly he stood from the ground and came up behind Anca, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Look, let’s just get goin,’ alright? ‘Fore you get yerself in any more trouble.” He kissed her cheek quickly, that smirk back in place on his lips, before taking off in a run deeper into the forest.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Anca watched Damien as he ran off into the woods, neither of them knew where they were going. Pausing a moment, her hand drifting to her cheek smiling a bit. This was a secret she would never tell. Anca knew what their relationship was, and that was all it ever would be. She took off after him, and caught up with him moments later. The wound in her leg throbbed as she ran, still a slight limp in her usual graceful stride. It was healing she knew, and the sooner the better. Running by Damien's side as she spoke,"Yes, let's get going." She chuckled, her mood had changed.significantly. "I doubt these.. animal blood drinkers are going to be pleased to see us. I don't get why they do it. Human blood makes you strong, animal blood weakens. Ugh. And, the taste.." She says wrinkling her nose, "Leaves something to be desired."

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♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (midnightdeluge) Pulling out in front of Anca, Damien turned so he was running backwards and grinned with confidence. Even though this was new territory for him, he always had a way of knowing exactly where he was going and just which obstacles to avoid. Dodging around a tree he said, “Who knows, maybe they’ll welcome us with open arms. Try to recruit us into their lil family or sumfin.” Damien faced back forward, slowing down his pace as his eyes caught sight of a large house about 100 yards away. It looked as if it were made entirely out of glass, at least the side that was facing them was. He took off at top speed once again and stopped just short of the edge of the woods. “We all have our own tastes, darlin’. These Veggies just happen to prefer the less…finer dinings in life,” he called over his shoulder as he waited for his partner to catch up, his ever frequent smirk in place.

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Keagan was just wandering around after school, hugging himself for warmth. The last thing he wanted to do was go home, thats for sure. He looked up at the trees, stumbling pver a branch on the ground and falling on his knees. "Shit..." He mumbled, trying to brush off the dirt

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Nick had wondered off into the woods to see if he could pick up Anca's scent. She was a danger to his family, and that worried him. Instead of Anca's scent he sniffed the air, and found himself intoxicated by the sweet smell of human blood. Next thing he knew he was standing behind the human boy, Are these humans stupid or what? Why must they roam around alone in the woods. his throat burned, and it took every bit of his self control not to kill this young fellow. he cleared his throat.

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Keagan gasped, and stumbled to his feet, turning around. He saw Nick, and his heart and jaw dropped. "Just like Ember said..." Or, what she had read. This guy...He was proof that whatever folklore they had been discussing was true. It didnt help that he was drop dead sexy. "Please dont eat me." He said without thinking, then coughed to tryto hide it. "I...I mean hi..."

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Nick looked around trying to to laugh at the poor boys clumsiness. All humans were really clumsy Did I have two left feet when I was human? He couldn't really remember his human life. Once he had changed all his human memories faded. Nick busted out laughing, "Eat you? Why would you think I would eat you? I am no cannibal," he said trying to play it off. Nick stopped breathing, and walked over to Keagan and offered him a hand, "Hello."

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Keagan took it to be friendly, and felt how cold he was. He looled to his shoes as he pulled himself up. He dropped his frigid hand as soon as possible. He looked nervous, cheeks burning. "I knew I should've never come here..." He mumbled. Home sounded like a fine place right

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Nick took a couple steps back from the human boy just for a little distance from his pulsing veins. He could see a vein on his neck pumping blood. He bit his lip, "Yea the woods can be dangerous," he warned him, "It's never a good place to be by yourself. And surprisingly your not the only one who likes danger. Your the third." he held up three fingers, and then put them down, "Anyways I'm Nick."

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"K-Keagan..." He said with a quaint nod. Why is he making me so damn nervous? He couldn't wait to tell Ember about this. "If the woods are so dangerous, then why are you here?"he asked in a quizzical tone

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Nick smirked, "Because I am a badass why else?" He could tell how nervous Keagan was. He started feeling bad, "Since I am such a badass would you like me to walk you home?" he asked.

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"But I dont want to go fricken home..." He sounded whiney even to himself. "Whatever, Mr. Bad Ass." He spun on his heel, venturing off into the trees. "Don't get lost, don't get..." But he could already tell that this was not the way he came. He cussed and slurred under his breath before turning back to go find Nick. "Okay, yes. I do.need your help. I have no fricken clue where i'm going, apparently."

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Nick smirked as Keagan walked off into the woods. He could tell he had no idea where he was headed off too. He crossed his arms and waited for him to come back. "Are you sure you would like my help because according to you I like to eat humans," he said jokingly then waved at him, "Come on the road is this way."

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"Cannibal..." He mumbled under his breath and followed h, feeling as if he was running to catch up at first. "So..." He thought he might as well ask some questions, so he could tell Ember. "Nick, you said your name is. Can I call you Nicki, hmm?"

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