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message 2: by ladymartinez (new)

ladymartinez Alice nodded "We are all attached to her. Its funny how you cant say shes your daughter though" she smiled at her as they headed downstairs

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Bella chuckled, "Yea I would say she is the most loved in the house. I don't think she likes it too much though," she said shaking her head and walking down the stairs with Alice, "The house is awfully quiet today," she stated as she heard no noises coming throughout the house which there usually was since there was so many people living in the house, and she could hear just about anything now that she was a vampire.

message 4: by ladymartinez (new)

ladymartinez Alice smiled. "Edward will be fine, he has been smiling ever since you came" she said sincerly and made tea for herself. Her heels making a light sound as she stepped.

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Bella leaned on the counter watching Alice walk in heels. She remembered the only time she had to walk in those things, and she did a terrible job. She practiced for days before the wedding. Those things are awful. "We need to plan a hunting trip soon," she said when she noticed her throat was burning a little more than usual.

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Jacob and Malia were neck in neck. He dodged a few trees in the woods only a couple miles from the Cullen's house. You'll never beat me Malia! he thought to her. As he ran threw the woods pictures of Nessie flashed through his head, and if he was in his human form you would be able to see his smile from miles away.

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Malia growled as she kept running Ya right She thought.She jumped over a fallen log and quickly started running again.She saw theh house coming into view and gave a wolfly smile

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ladymartinez Alice looked at her eyes. "yes we do" she said nodding. "Ill schedule it for today we dont want you getting out of control" she smiled

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Jacob phased back into his human form, "I let you win!" he shouted up at Malia with a chuckle. He jogged the rest of the way to catch up with her in his human form.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Bella nodded, "Sounds like a plan." For the first time all day she heard noises from outside, "I think Jacob is here." she told Alice.

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Malia shifted back"That's not fair"She said crossing her arms over her chest.Acouple minutes later she smiled"Ok,fine.Thanks"She said happily

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Jacob caught up to Malia, "Sure sure." he said as they walked up to the cullen's front door before he could knock Bella answered.

"Jacob!" she said throwing her arms around him as soon as she let him go she turned her attention to Malia, "Hey Malia," she said also giving her a small hug.

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"Hi Bella"Malia said hugging her back.She smiled but could feel Bella's hunger"Are you ok?"She asked,tilting her head to the side alittle

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Bella smiled and nodded, "Just a little hungry. I have been hunting less since we don't encourage Nessie to drink blood we have to go on hunting trips when she's not around. She gets mad, but she needs to learn to eat human food."

"I agree completely," Jacob answered, "Talking about Nessie...Where is she?" he asked not scenting her scent.

"She went to school." Bella answered.

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"You made her go to school"Malia said,shocked.She laughed alittle"I wonder what's it like"She said quietly to herself but turned back to Bella and Jacob

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Bella felt bad for Malia she knew that the werewolf's didn't have time for school. She remembered how Jacob had completely stopped going to school once he turned. It gave her bad memories so she shivered. "Yea she needs to go to threw high school at least once," she answered in an assertive mom type of way.

message 17: by ladymartinez (new)

ladymartinez Alice chuckled from the kitchen and came out her dress moving with her. Her fist was on her mouth chuckling. "oh bella if this is you i cant imagine edward" she grinned.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia smiled alittle as she tried to think what school was like.She looked into the woods,lost in thought.She turned around when she heard Alice"Maybe i will ask her when she comes back"She said"Hi Alice"

message 19: by ladymartinez (new)

ladymartinez alice smiled and went to hug her. she was good at controlling the smell of wolves although they needed to feed soon. "hello nice to see you again" she smiled going back to standing next to bella.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia smiled and hugged her.She looked at Jacob"Im kinda hungry"She said with a smile

message 21: by ladymartinez (new)

ladymartinez alice looked at her expensive rhinestone outer watch. it was silver and matched perfectly with her outfit. "we still have a few minutes. you can come in if you like." she said smiling beautifully.

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Malia smiled"Ok,thanks"She said.She walked in,her footsteps falling quietly againest the floor.She pulled out a chair and sat doqn

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Syriah slowly stepped down the stairs.She walked over to the counter and pulled herself up onto it"Hi Malia,Jacob"She said with a smile

Malia smiled"Hi Syriah"

message 24: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 584 comments Mod
Jasper sits in his room on his bed. He is reading a book..."Gone with the Wind"

message 25: by War* (new)

War* (warr) Zerrick had felt when Malia and Jacob had shifted, As he was running the perimeter of the territory but ever since they defeated the newborns and the Volturi, Other vampires knew not to anger the Cullens or the Packs. Zerrick's pace slowed as he came to the end of the land, sighing he feet carried him to the Cullen's house as he followed his pack mates scents. Standing at the edge of the trees his ice blue eyes stared at the house vaguely hearing the conversations happening inside.

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Malia sniffed the air and caught Zarricks scent.She sighed as she waited,her hunger for sone deer growing stronger

message 27: by War* (new)

War* (warr) Zerrick watched the house a little while longer, wishing Malia or Jake were in wolf form so he could speak to them, but, after a few more moments Zerrick phased back into a human and walked up to the door, raising his hand to knock, even if he knew they could smell his presence.

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia jumped off her chair when she heard the knock.She smiled when she saw Zarrick"Hi"She said happily

message 29: by War* (new)

War* (warr) Zerrick studied Malia slightly for a moment, making sure the Cullens hadn't harm her during her visit before meeting her eyes, her happiness effecting him as he let a small smirk grace his lips "Hey Malia" he said, leaves and twigs still clinging to his dark hair from his Patrol, which gave him a wild and rugged look.

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia gave him a small hug before pulling back and looking at Zerrick,noticing the twings and leaves.She smiled and started to laugh shortly after"You have twigs in your hair"She said softly

message 31: by War* (new)

War* (warr) Zerrick wasn't prepared for the younger girl to wrap her arms around him in hug but he softly returned the warm gesture "Hmm?" the sound was made as he reached up his hand to brush through his hair, Sighing when he touched a twig "Oh, Thanks"

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia smiled and looked back into the house"Do you want to come in?"She asked,tilting her head to the side slightly

message 33: by War* (last edited Mar 04, 2012 03:59PM) (new)

War* (warr) "Hmm" he made the sound as he looked back out to the woods before his eyes drifted back to Malia, he found it slightly weird for her to be inviting him to the Cullen's house "Are you sure the Cullen's won't mind?" Zerrick asked, even if he really didn't have any desire to walk inside. He would much like to be back into the comfort of the dark woods and let his wolf free.

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Malia looked at him for awhile"I dont know,you can go back into the woods if you want"She said with a small smile.She pushed her brown hair behind her ear when her stomach growled quietly

message 35: by War* (new)

War* (warr) Zerick's eyes shifted to her stomach as it growled with the need for food, his smirk grew and his eye brow lifted "Hungry?" he asked, knowing very well she was.

message 36: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 04, 2012 04:36PM) (new)

Malia smiled"Ya,and I can smell some deer over on the other side of the forest.Their only making it worse"She said glaring alittle before going back to smiling

message 37: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 584 comments Mod
Jasper senses the wolves and never had liked them but hey what is a vampire gonna do. Jazz was growing a little impatient while hopng Alice showed up soon. He continued reading and began to wonder when they were going to go out.

message 38: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) You could hear Rosalie's heels clicking as she walked down the stairs to the front door. She hissed in disgust at the scent of wolf that seemed to be a constant in the Cullen's home now. "Well, if your so hungry then why don't you leave and take your horrible stench with you," She said, as she glared at the two wolves.

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia glared at Rosalie but didn't say anything.She knew if she did they was a high chance she wouldn't be able to come back to the Cullen House

message 40: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Rosalie chuckles softly, smiling at Malia she says "That's right, pup. Get going, best not to challenge me." She flips her hair over her shoulder, turns and walks off to the living room.

message 41: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 584 comments Mod
Jasper senses a prideful emotion radiating from downstairs it had to Rosalie.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Nessie heard all the commotion from afar. Nick had run off into the woods to hunt. He would be back soon. She had her backpack slung over one shoulder as she walked through the front door, "Hellllloooooo," she said walking in as she slammed the door a little harshly. Sometimes she forgot her own strength.

message 43: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Rosalie heard the door open, and Renesmee's voice call out. Her mood switching instantly. In a moment, Rosalie was at her side. She took her back pack from her, and smiled at her. "Nessie, how was school today? Did you make any friends?", she said as she wrapped a protective arm around Renesmee. She always felt a sense of motherly devotion for her Neice.

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Nessie smiled as rosalie took her backpack, "it was fun," she smiled brightly. It was nice to get out of the house and meet new people, "there are some new vampires in town," she said remembering the new vampires she had met today at school.

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Malia growled quietly before turning on her heels and walking out the door.She sighed and kicked a rock

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Rosalie heard Malia growl and smiled to herself in triumph. She turned to Renesmee, "Nessie I am so glad you enjoyed it, we all want you to have a good education. We've all had years of schooling," she laughed a bit and continued, "So, tell me about the new vampires. I'm sure Carlisle will want to know about this. If they are rouge, it may mean our families safety and secret. And, how long we can stay. But, you already know.all this." She smiles at Renesmee.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Renesemee heard malia growl and she frowned sometimes she wished Rosalie would be nicer to the wolfs, but she knew that was impossible at least they were putting up with each other, "I'm not sure I didn't get much time to talk with them."

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Malia looked back and saw Jacob.She wished she was able to get along with the Cullens.She shook her head and shifterd,jogging deeper into the woods

message 49: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Rosalie hated disapointing Renesmee, she knew she did by the frown on her face. She berated herself and then spoke to her, "I think that your parents wanted you home for some reason, Nessie. You should go see what they want. Would you like me to cook something for you? You must be hungry." She stated.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Renesemee thought about food and it didnt seem appealing to her. She liked the food, but what really would satisfy her hunger would be a nice mountain lion. Her stomach growled at the thought, but she knew it was far out of reach since finding a nice mountain lion would be at least a whole days hunt. "I'll talk to them later, and I'm fine....I'll just go drink some tea or something," she responded with a small smile.

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