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Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Here you will audition to be one of the original Characters.

Post you name:
The Charrie your auditioning for:
And how often you plan to be online:

(Post this format above every post please! So I don't get confused)

Then post!

I will post after you, and we will see how it goes!
It won't be to hard I promise! and Good luck!

message 2: by ladymartinez (new)

ladymartinez Post you name: Maggie
The Charrie your auditioning for: Alice Cullen
And how often you plan to be online: Well mostly always unless i have work at times :)

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((post something as Alice and I will post as soon as I get home I'm in Portuguese class, and I love this professor.))

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ladymartinez (lol alright is there a cullens house?))

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((Wait it's better to just post here because it will get confused with the actual RP there.))

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ladymartinez (yeah ok then)

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ladymartinez Alice rummaged through her closet looking for a nice dress to wear to school. She hadnt seen japer but had a vision he was going to run late to school so she woke up super early. She finally found a white dress that was fitted to her body and drapped by the waist. it had some pink belt making her look outstanding. She added some heels and brushed her hair. Her pale skin seemed to shine where the rays reflected on her.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Bella peaked her head into Alice's room and saw the gorgeous dress she was wearing, "You look stunning as always," she said smiling. She walked into the room wearing her regular jeans, and a plaid button up shirt over a black tank top. "Why are you up so early?" she asked,

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ladymartinez "Had a vision" she shrugged and slipped on a black cardigan. "Ugh. Bella how many times do i have to tell you about" she gestured her clothes "This"

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Bella looked down at herself, and then looked up at Alice as she exhaled loudly, "I do not see the big deal. I like my clothes."

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ladymartinez She circled around her. Her index tapping her chin "At least let me do your hair" she said with her hands on her hips

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Bella smiled and shook her head. That's my sister. She loved being part of the family although she missed living with Charlie sometimes. "Alright, Alright," she said as she sat down in a chair in Alice's room.


((You will make a wonderful Alice!))

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ladymartinez ((woohooo! :))

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ladymartinez Alice grinned at her victory. She got a brush and brushed her soft hair. She did two strand braids connecting to the back coming off in a messy attractive bun. "It goes with your outfit" she said approvingly

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Bella sat as Alice did her hair once she was finished she looked in the mirror, "You never fail at amazing me," she said examining her beautiful braid.

((HAHA I don't want to stop. I updated the Original Characters you can post anywhere now! :) ))

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ladymartinez "Its what i do" she smirked leaning on her shoulder looking at her through the mirror. "Where is your husband anyway" she said knowing he was able to hear her.
((ok got it lol im that good huh jk jk ))

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Bella looked up at Alice, "I think his at the Cabin. His all worried about Nessie going to school," she shrugged, "You know how he can get protective over Nessie," she said shaking her head, "Personally I think she will be fine."

((lol... Let's move to the Cullen's house.))

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 584 comments Mod
Post you name: Jacob
The Charrie your auditioning for:Jasper Hale
And how often you plan to be online: I am online almost everyday between two and three hours and more if I can help it but you know how school goes

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((I am going to ask Maggie to audition with you since she is Alice! :) ))

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Tess Name- Tess
Role- (Damn, Jacob, you took Jasper!!) Edward Cullen
How Often- Every Day, morning (like, 7:30) 11, and 1:20 pm.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((Ahh you caught me at a bad time. lol. I have class in an hour. Post sometime as Edward here, and I will post through my phone :) ))

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ladymartinez ((me what? Lol))

message 24: by Tess (new)

Tess ((Rokay. Wait. What time does this take place? Is this during Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, BD, or after? So I can be the right kind of Edward.))

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ladymartinez ((haha im thinking more of breaking daw since nessie is being played))

message 26: by Michelle Herondale (last edited Feb 29, 2012 01:25PM) (new)

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((???? After breaking dawn.. .simce we have new charries and because of Nessie.))

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((Yes maggie will you audition with JJacob since he wants to be Jasper?? ))

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ladymartinez (yupp!! I'll start it off Jacob)

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ladymartinez Alice walked to jasper doors with grace. It was almost time for school. She gave a soft tap with her knuckles and turned the knob. She went in and saw him on the covers. "hurry up sleepyhead or you will be late" she smiled as she sat on the edge of the bed tugging on the covers

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Post you name:Olivia
The Charrie your auditioning for: Rosalie Hale
And how often you plan to be online: Hopefully every day, for about 2-4 hours.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((to Olivia))

Renesemee walked into the kitchen, and opened the fridge. She scanned threw the stocked fridge, and shut it angrily. Her parents always stocked the fridge for her and jake. Thy prefer that she ate human food, but she liked blood way better. She crossed her arms stubbornly, stomped her foot on the floor, and huffed.

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Rosalie strode in through to the kitchen tossing her long blond locks behind her shoulder. Rosalie smiled at Renesmee, even though Renesmee was Bella and Edward's and Bella happened to live, she still longed for her to be her own daughter, she liked to treat Renesmee as her own, well when Bella and Edward weren't around. " Hey sweety? hungry?" she asked with her beautiful smile, leaning against the counter

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
Renesemee smiled at the sight of Rosalie. Rosalie was like a second mother to her. She huffed and kicked he fridge, "yea but not for this crap." she crossed her arms stubbornly and pouted her lip. "I want to hunt," she said walking over to the, and cabinet grabbed a glass. She filled it up with water from the sink and took an unhappy sip from it.

message 34: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) (( I want to try out for Rosalie, too. Not sure if that will be ok, considering Olivia already is. ))

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Rosalie smiled " A little vampire shouldn't be forced to eat human food. Come i'll take you to hunt,we can get some real food in you" she said with a dazzling smile. She loved to make Renesemee happy, she always wished Bella died after giving birth to Renesemee. Bella was so selfish, to just give up her life, just to be with Edward. Anyways Rosalie still hopped the vulturi would come back and get rid of Bella, then Renesemee could be hers and Bella would get punished for giving up what Rosalie so dearly wanted.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((okay then... So I'll stop the audition with Olivia. I need both of you too post the best post you can with Rosalie. If you want to include other characters feel free, but make it mainly about Rosalie. Once both of you have posted I will talk to Jacob, and we will decide who the winner is. Good luck!))

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((ok, so im not continuing the post with Rosalie and Renesmee?))

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
if more than one person wants to audition for a part that's how we will do it. It's fair.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((no sorry :/))

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((no sorry :/))

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) (( You won't give us something to go on, a new scenario maybe? And, we both respond to it. ))

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((yes I Can do that, but I am in sociology class right now so I'll have to do it when I get home))

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) (( Well, actually I have a scenario in my head now. Can wait if that is what you want to do. ))

message 44: by Lucy (new)

Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) Rosalie, sitting at the Cullen's dining room table is brought out of her musings by a loud boistrus laugh. She smiles, knowing the laugh could only belong to one person.. 'My Emmett'. She looks over to him, sitting on his usual spot on the sofa watching his favorite game.. Football. Her face falls as a sudden memory floods her mind.

The image played out as if projected upon a movie screen. The vast trees, around her flying by in a blur of color. She was on the hunt, she stopped dead in her tracks stirring up dead leaves amongst her feet. Sniffing at the air she smelled a carnivore.. 'A bear?' She thought. She began to run in the direction of the bear, but something was off. The closer she got to the bear the stronger the scent. Blood? Human blood.. it was fresh. 'Must have attacked a human' she thought to herself. She lunged, at the bear. He was slughish, didn't put up much of a fight. He was wounded, shot in the side of it's neck. Just as she was about to sink her teeth into the bear, it hit her. That smell. That devilshly, wonderfully sweet smell. All human. She stiffened as her throat began to burn, and her killer instincts had her dropping first choice of a meal.. For something more appetizing. 'Mine, all mine' she thought as she made her way towards the scent, and slowing in a clearing with a campsite. That's where she saw him face down in the dirt bleeding to death. Her grin was sinful, showing the tips of her fangs. In a second she was at his side, turning him on his back. The boys eyes were closed, his breath labored, he was dying. Surely, Carlisle wouldn't be disappointed in her if the boy was already dying. And, that's when she looked at him. He was beautiful. He had dark curly locks which reminded her of Henry, large muscular arms and was much taller than her from what she could tell. She heard him groan, and his eyes opened slowly he reached out to her. His voice raspy, he said "He-help.. me." And, she broke. She had to save this man, no matter the cost. In an instant she was running, the man in her arms, to the home the Cullen's inhabited nearby.

Rosalie is brought from her reverie again, but this time by a loud 'Oh, C'mon!'. Smiling to herself she thinks, 'Other team must have scored'. She stands up from the dining room table and walks over to the living room sitting down on the sofa next to Emmett. He doesn't look at her right away, but he knows she's there. He wraps his arm around her, and she snuggles into him laying her legs across his lap, the television cuts to commercial. He looks down at her, grinning showing off his adorable dimples. "Hey, babe." He says. "Hey," she says to him, reaching up running her fingers through his hair, leaning up kissing him on the cheek.

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Tess Edward sat down on the couch and smiled to himself.

message 46: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 584 comments Mod
Maggie^.^ wrote: "Alice walked to jasper doors with grace. It was almost time for school. She gave a soft tap with her knuckles and turned the knob. She went in and saw him on the covers. "hurry up sleepyhead or you..."

Jaspers eyes open quickly as he was still not used to being awoken from a bed. His eyes burned red for a moments time and then seeing the face of his lover framed beautifully by the clouded light shining in the room he seems to lighten his expression. He sits up and wraps an arm around her should staring intensly at her red lips. He pale skin so soft to the touch and yet a beast is hidden within them both.
"Good morning. My wonder. How are you?" Jasper asks with a charming smile. Even though he had just awoken he still was very pleasant to look at. He attraction to her was uncomparable to anyone he could think of except that of Bella swan and Ed.

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((I'm sooooooooo sorry. I would have given a senerio, but last after class a few of my college buddies decided to go to the bar, so i tagged along. After a few hours we decided to go to the skate park. Yes i tried dropping down the half pipe like an idiot. Needless to say i broke my wrist. I just got back from the hospital, and im in a lot of pain. Hopefully jacob will take over the auditions till some of my pain dies down. I will still be reading them, and I will post in the regular RP but I can only type with one hand, and it's pathetically slow. So be patient with me :p))

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) (( -laughs- It's alright. I was just nervous about this for some reason. And, that is terrible you broke your wrist. Hope the pain lessens soon. -smiles-))

Michelle Herondale | 392 comments Mod
((Thanks :) ))

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (ashesaveatquevale) (( Ok, so where do we go from here? Lol.))

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