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A.C. Warneke (forsakened) | 56 comments Darkness Comes

Hey, all! I am the author of Darkness Comes, a new paranormal romance that features a twist on the vampire genre. Feryn is powerful and sexy and unprepared for his possessive reaction to the Malorie, a girl who grew up fighting vampires; a girl who isn't exactly what she seems. But then again, neither is Feryn, whose only weakness is Malorie.

This is a full length novel, available on the kindle for $2.99 or as a hard copy for $13.95. It is also being given away to 5 lucky readers; the deadline to enter is March 24, 2012:

Thanks for checking it out! If you have any questions or comments, please post - I look forward to getting to know my readers!!

A.C. Warneke

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A.C. Warneke (forsakened) | 56 comments Blight by A.C. Warneke ZOMBIES!!!!

My 2nd book, which is actually the first I wrote and the third I prepped for publishing. It is an Urban Fantasy about a Elite Blight Fighter names Beck who has a gift for taking out the blight, or as some people prefer to call them, ZOMBIES!!!! It is told from Beck's POV and she is messed up in the head; like, seriously messed up.

Available now through kindle for $2.99, coming soon is the paperback for $13.95

Blight is the first part of the story; After Blight will be the second part that will be out eventually. It is about 3/4 written....

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A.C. Warneke (forsakened) | 56 comments stone lover by A.C. Warneke Gargoyles

Romance, a little drama, a lot of passion and gargoyles, the first in a series of three gargoyle brothers and the women who love them.

Available on the kindle for $2.99 free 3/16-3/18

Also there is a contest to win a copy of Blight until 4/21

And the contest for Darkness Comes is still up until 3/24

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