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Skirmish (violentshade) | 6 comments last year, i thought i could make it up to 250. fell woefully short, i was only able to read 73. this year, i'm setting a more realistic goal of 200, hopefully i'll do better this year

Grass for His Pillow Lord Fujiwara's Treasures by Lian Hearn The Flower King by Lesley Howarth The Pits by Lesley Howarth All Tomorrow's Parties (Bridge Trilogy, #3) by William Gibson Glue by Irvine Welsh Story of O, Part II = Return to the Chateau Preceded by a Girl in Love by Pauline Reage Chasing Cool Standing Out in Today's Cluttered Marketplace by Noah Kerner Virtual Light (Bridge Trilogy, #1) by William Gibson Now Wait for Last Year by Philip K. Dick A Wallflower Christmas (Wallflowers, #5) by Lisa Kleypas One Hit Wonders by Chris Welch The Kill Bill Diary The Making of a Tarantino Classic as Seen Through the Eyes of a Screen Legend by David Carradine Manic Street Preachers Sweet Venom by Martin Clarke

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Tatum | 459 comments Welcome to the group Skirmish! :) Please feel free to introduce yourself in the Intro thread and check out all the other stuff we have going on and jump in wherever you feel comfortable :)

Best of luck on your challenge, that's quite the task you've set yourself!

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Skirmish (violentshade) | 6 comments Thank you!!! :)

Got another down today
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

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