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Olly (ollyherb) | 9 comments The afternoon dragged for Carl and Sarah they spent most of the day by Carl’s tent. They had both packed up all their stuff in the event of having to leave in a hurry. They hardly said a word to each other each just trying to get through the day and both hoping that the night would pass without incident. Sarah read her books to try and keep her mind off the situation; Carl however just lay there staring into the camp not able to tear his mind away from what has and what could happen.
"When are you going to tell the guide?" Carl looked up at Sarah who was lying opposite him her book held against her chest. Carl exhaled heavily "I don't know, soon I guess"
"Do you want me to come with you?"
Carl looked over to the guide’s tent "no I don't think so"
"What are you going to say?"
"I think I’ll just tell him I heard something come into the camp, and see what he say's" he looked back at Sarah "I don't think I’ll tell him I saw anything" Sarah nodded in agreement.
"I think I might just get it over with now" Sarah nodded and smiled. Carl looked over at the guide's tent for a minute he was sitting outside sorting through some papers. "OK, here we go" Carl got up and dusted himself off "see you in a minute" Carl walked across the camp, a few of the other campers smiled at him as he walked past he nodded and smiled back they all seemed relaxed and happy chatting amongst themselves. He wished he could just relax and enjoy the extra day they had in camp, but he couldn’t all he could think about was the night that was coming. He approached the Guide who still hadn't noticed him coming. "Hey" the Guide looked up from his papers peering over the top of his glasses "hi, Carl is it?" he stood and shook Carl’s hand "yeah err"
"Pete" he smiled at Carl
"What can I do for you?" Carl looked back at Sarah who was sitting up looking back at him from across the camp. "Well I just wanted to talk with you a minute"
"We will definitely be moving tomorrow, and I apologize for the situation but.."
"no it's not that" Pete saw the seriousness on Carl’s face
"Oh, well you better sit down then" he gestured for Carl to sit next to him on the ground.
"So what can I do for you Carl?"
"Well I just thought I should let you know" Pete leant forward towards Carl "know what?"
"I err heard something last night"
"What did you hear?"
Carl cleared his throat before answering "I heard something come into the camp" Pete's face became serious he looked around over his shoulder as if to see if anyone was listening to their conversation. He turned back to Carl and looked him directly in the eyes. "Did you see what it was?" Carl couldn't help hesitating before he answered "no, no I didn't" Pete's eye's narrowed showing he didn't believe his answer. "so what did you hear" the exaggeration of the word hear made Carl nervous he knew Pete didn't believe him but why was he being like this?
"I heard them next to my tent."
"Yes them, there were two I think. They were either side of my tent."
Pete looked at Carl and sat back in his chair crossing his legs in front of him "As you didn't actually SEE anything, could it have been some of the other campers?"
"No, how do you know?"
"The noises they were making were not human; they were like quiet grunting or growling"
"Growling?" Carl didn't like the way Pete was questioning everything he said, he couldn't help but show his un-easiness "yes growling" his voice became raised and Pete gestured to him to be quiet while looking back over his shoulder. Pete leaned forward again "have you told anyone about this?" his tone implied he was hoping for a no answer.
"Well only Sarah as she heard them as well" Pete looked over to Sarah who turned her gaze away as soon as she realized he was looking
"Did she see anything?" he kept his gaze on Sarah as he asked the question.
"No she just heard them like me"
"OK" Pete sat back in his chair and rubbed his head with his hands,
"Are you going to warn everyone?" Pete looked up at Carl rubbing the stubble on his face with both hands "No" Carl was shocked by his answer "NO?, what do you mean no?, what if they were the same things that attacked the porter" his voice started to raise again, Pete glared at Carl "it wasn't the same things" Carl looked confused
"How do you know that?"
"Because..." Pete stopped before he said anything else choosing not to finish his sentence. Carl glared at Pete "you know don't you" Pete was now the one starting to look un-easy "Know what?"
"You know what attacked the porter"
"Of course I don't!" Pete took a deep breath to calm himself "if the things you apparently heard were dangerous then they would have attacked last night, they were probably just wild pigs"
Carl shook his head in disbelief "Carl, I’d appreciate it if you didn't mention this to anyone else" Carl stayed silent staring at the ground in front of him "Carl? I don't want to panic anyone they are already nervous because of the attack on the porter, this would just make things worse. We are leaving the camp tomorrow let's just get through the night and move on"
Carl still couldn't say anything, if he had not have seen the girl Pete's words would have made sense, for a second he wanted to tell Pete the truth but something was holding him back. "Carl, can I trust you not to say anything?" Carl looked up and reluctantly agreed by nodding his head
"good, now go and get some rest we have a long day tomorrow" they both stood up and Pete put his hand out to shake Carl's he held his grip "your sure you didn't see anything?" he looked Carl in the eye's and Carl stared back as the seconds passed "I’m sure" a few more seconds passed until Pete released his grip on Carl’s hand and he sat back down he smiled and nodded at Carl "see you at dinner" Carl didn't answer as he walked back across the camp.
Sarah was still sitting watching as he approached the tent she could see the look on his face that things didn't go well, "What's wrong, what happened?" Carl slumped to the ground and looked over to Pete's tent, he had his papers in his hand but was looking up over at them both they held each other’s gaze "let's go inside the tent" Sarah looked over and saw Pete staring "OK" they both went inside the tent Carl could see Pete still staring as he zipped up the door. "What’s going on?"
"Sshhh, keep your voice down. I think he knows"
"Knows what?"
"I don't know" Sarah was confused Carl realized and tried to explain himself "I think he either knows what killed the porter or he knows what came into the camp" Sarah's eye's widened in disbelief "how do you know?"
"when I first said I heard something come into the camp he looked almost frightened and he kept asking me if I was sure I didn't see anything, then he said that whatever came into the camp wasn't what killed the porter and when I asked him how he knew he went all quiet and wouldn't tell me"
"Maybe he was like you said frightened and was just making sure you told him everything so he could protect the camp"
"Then why is he not going to tell anyone here what happened?" Sarah couldn't hide her disbelief
"What? But.."
Both of them jumped at the shout coming from outside the tent Carl unzipped the door and pocked his head out, it was Ralph, Ralph was also travelling on his own but had hooked up with two other Germans and stayed with them. Carl got the impression it wasn't there choice, but Ralph was harmless so the other two put up with him. "What’s up Ralph?"
"Hey Carl me and the guy's were going to play some cards before dinner you up for it" Carl looked over to the fire at the other two who were chatting and pouring some drinks.
"Sorry Ralph, now’s not really a good time I’m afraid"
"Oh OK" Ralph said with a sound of rejection "well if you fancy joining in later just come over"
"Sure will do Ralph thanks" Ralph nodded and walked off back towards the others shaking his head at them. Carl went back inside "why don't you want to play" Carl hadn't even sat down "I don't think now is the time to" he didn't even get a chance to finish.
"what else are we going to do, all our stuff is packed and ready to go. If we don't we will just sit here and wait? At least it will help take our minds off things" Carl new she was right "yeah OK" Ralph saw Carl get out of the tent and then Sarah "hey Carl when you said it wasn't a good time I had no idea" he gestured towards Sarah Carl felt all the eye's in the camp on him Ralph was laughing uncontrollably "no it's not like that" Carl trying to play down the situation Sarah saw Carl was uncomfortable and then added to it pretending to straighten her dress and hair "what are you doing?" he said grabbing her arm to stop her, she laughed and looked at him "I’m just trying to lighten the mood a bit" and with that she kissed him on the cheek and walked off everyone gave a loud cheer. Carl wanted to go back inside the tent when Ralph called him over again "come on lover boy" Carl couldn't help but laugh as he walked towards them. The game helped take Carl's mind off of things; it seemed to do the same for Sarah she looked like she was genuinely enjoying the game. The light was starting to fade when the fire was lit to cook the night’s dinner; the card game had stopped mid game due to the constant conversation mainly from Ralph. Somewhere between the time of the game starting and now a bottle of whiskey had been opened and passed around Ralph and the other Germans had clearly had the most, everything was something to be laughed at, and then the singing started. Carl had only had a few swigs he didn't want to be drunk not with the night ahead; he assumed Sarah was doing the same until she started singing with them. He glared at her and she stopped singing the look on her face showed she had just realized how drunk she was. Ralph grabbed her arm and waved his hand in front of her as he sang trying to make her start again she smiled but stayed quiet. Ralph quickly lost interest and fell back into the other two and sang even louder. Sarah moved next to Carl "I’m sorry I didn't realize how much I was drinking" Carl smiled at her dopey face "it's OK I don't want to stop you having fun"
"no it was stupid of me, how about we get some food and help soak some of it up" Carl agreed with a nod and a smile and they both got up "hey where are you going" Ralph tried to stand up but fell back into the others laughing uncontrollably. No answer was needed as it seemed Ralph had already forgotten about them as he started wrestling the other two to the ground. "Boy’s will be boys" Sarah said as she turned away towards the camp fire. The daylight had faded it's last as the last of the dinners had been served. Only a few murmurings could be heard as people sat outside their tents eating their dinner occasionally a laugh interrupted the quiet. Carl hadn't even touched his plate he knew it would soon be time to go to bed. Sarah had managed half her plate before it also dawned on her the night to come.

Carl and Sarah sat outside the tent watching the evening go by the campers sitting in their groups got smaller and smaller until only a few people were left sitting around small fires dotted around the camp. Every time another tent was zipped up for the night Carl’s heart skipped a beat, he knew that as soon as everyone was in their tents it was a waiting game. Waiting for the morning to come or waiting for her to come back!

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Great/super third chapter!

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