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Olly (ollyherb) | 9 comments Carl was still wondering whether to tell her or not when the expedition leader called for everyone to listen. "listen up everyone" he waited a moment for some of the older trekkers to come closer to him "Right, I’ve just had word from the other camp that there has been an accident" there was suddenly lots of mumbling among the trekkers "one of the porters has been hurt and has had to be taken for medical attention, they have informed me that he will be fine but needs to go to hospital so they have asked if we can stay here another night until a replacement porter can come down to help" Carl's heart started pounding again he didn't want to spend another night here. "What happened" One of the older trekkers asked out of concern "well...I don't want to frighten anyone but he was attacked in the night we think by an ape. As I said I don't want to frighten anyone but you do all need to know the dangers here in the jungle The porter had left the camp on his own in the night why I have no idea damn stupid if you ask me but if you stay in the camp you'll be fine." everyone looked worried not now for the porter but for themselves Carl couldn't believe his ears was it just a coincidence that on the same night something or someone came into his tent, someone a few miles further into the jungle was attacked by what they think is an ape? He looked round at Amy she was looking back at him her mouth wide open in shock, was she thinking the same she knew something had come into the camp last night "ok everyone" the camp leader trying to get back the attention of the campers "as we won't be moving on today you have the day to yourselves, you can do what you want just don't go off on your own into the jungle. I have been assured that the replacement porter will be there by tomorrow so we will leave first thing in the morning" with that he walked off back to his tent and climbed in. Everyone just sat there quietly talking to each other, Carl got up and walked over to his tent Amy got up and followed "sorry I don't really know anyone here do you mind if I just hang out with you?"
"Course you can I don't really know anyone either so I’d be glad of the company"
"Great" she sat down next to Carl "what do you want to do"
"To be honest I’m pretty tired and if we don't have to go anywhere I might catch up on some sleep"
"Yeah I’m pretty tired, I couldn't sleep after I heard whatever it was outside last night, it’s quite scary in a tent on your own."
"Tell me about it" Carl wasn't ashamed to admit it after last night. He was finding it hard to get the picture of whatever it was in his tent out of his head. He wanted to tell her about it but he needed to sleep first "do you mind if I get a few hours sleep and I’ll meet up with you after"
"Yeah that's ok; I think I’ll do the same. I'll catch up with you later"
"yeah ok" Amy left and went back to her tent Carl slipped inside and laid on his sleeping bag a few moments he heard Amy calling him from outside, he scrambled to the front and unzipped the door "erm... I was just wondering if you didn't mind if maybe I could sleep with you... Not with you I don't mean like that but I just think I would sleep better if I knew someone else was with me." Carl laughed at her "yeah that's fine"
"thanks I’ll just get my sleeping bag" she ran back to her tent, Carl moved some of his stuff to make room for her and she returned with her sleeping bag and pillow "thanks Carl"
"That’s alright but if you start snoring you’re going to wake up outside" she laughed "I suppose that's fair, night" Carl smiled "night"
They both lay there trying to sleep but both having difficulty every time Carl closed his eyes all he could see was the girls face dirty and scratched her hazed eyes staring at him unnerving and wild. Who was she, and where did she come from. Was she from a jungle tribe, none of the exhibition leaders mentioned any indigenous peopling living anywhere near here. Slowly the tiredness took over and he drifted off Sarah wasn't far behind. Sarah woke with a yelp something had hit her in the back she jumped swung out an arm to fend off whatever it was, Carl's ribs took the blow knocking the wind out of him. "What are you doing? She shouted at him her hands still clenched into fists "I’m sorry I..." Sarah looked at him he was sweating all over and his face had a look of shock more than hers. Carl managed to get his words out in between short breaths "I must have been dreaming, I’m sorry did I hurt you" Sarah unclenched her fists "no its ok you just scared me that's all, I’m sorry for punching you"
Carl smiled "and I was worried about you snoring!" Sarah laughed with him
"What were you dreaming about?" the question took Carl by surprise and he stopped laughing. Sarah saw the fear appear on his face like before. Carl wrestled with the idea to tell her. "I err..." Sarah felt his apprehension in telling her "you don't have to tell me"
"No I need to tell someone" Sarah started feeling nervous about what he was going to say
"Last night I saw..." he paused not knowing quite how to put it.
"You saw what came into the camp?" Carl looked at her knowing there was no going back.
"What was it" Sarah was sat upright hanging on his words.
"It was... Well she looked like... I don't know really"
"She?" Sarah was confused, and Carl realized what he had said. Sarah could see he was struggling "just talk me through what happened"
Carl took a deep breath before starting, he told her happened and what he had seen. He watched her face to see her reaction but she gave nothing away. Even when he told her that what had come into the camp was human. When he finished they sat in silence Carl waiting for her to call him crazy, Sarah, not knowing what to say. "Do you think that she was the one that attacked the porter?" Carl looked surprised at the question "you believe me?"
"Carl, you have been jumpy all morning you obviously haven’t slept at all last night. And you woke up in a sweat and lashing out. I can't get my head around the fact that it was some kind of wild child but I believe you saw something"
Carl felt some kind of relief in her words. "So do you think that she attacked the porter?"
"I don't know, it was the first thing that crossed my mind when I heard of the attack but I don't know"
"Do you think they will come back tonight?"
The question sent shivers down his spine. "I don't know but I am going to be prepared if they do"
"Are you going to tell everyone?"
"I don't know do you think I should?"
"I think you should warn them but maybe not tell them exactly what you saw" Carl nodded
"Yeah I suppose, I’ll go and talk the guide and he can do an announcement"
Sarah nodded and they sat in silence for a while.
"Would you mind if maybe..." Carl knew the question "of course you can stay here" Carl put his hands to his ribs "with a right hook like that you could fight anything off." They both laughed weakly at his attempt in trying to lighten the mood.

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Great second chapter.

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