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Olly (ollyherb) | 9 comments Carl lay awake; it was dark inside his tent only faint shadows of the trees could be seen through the canvas. The moon high in the sky could barely penetrate the thick jungle canopy. The constant sound of the jungle kept him awake. There were so many different sounds each one distinct and each one conjuring an image of what could have been making it. Carl looked at his watch it was only half three he still had hours before everyone else was up, the minutes slowly passed as he gradually started to drift off and corners of the tent softened until it was all starting to go black before he had a chance to fall into the sleep he had been waiting for, his eye's suddenly opened again something wasn't right he listened but couldn't hear anything, the silence was broken by the sound of a branch snapping on the floor just outside his tent he opened his eye's suddenly awake from the adrenaline coursing through his body he strained to listen in the darkness everything in him wanted for silence so it meant there was nothing outside. Then there was another sound closer this time a rustling on the floor Carl's heart stopped, there was definitely something out there hopefully it was just wondering through, whatever it was and would be gone very soon, then came a sound that sent shivers through his body it was a kind of grunt a low exhaling sound. Just then a rustling came from the other side of his tent, there was more than one of them instinctively he pulled his sleeping bag up to his face in the hope that it would protect him in some way his heart was racing, he dared not make a sound as not to attract attention to himself whatever they were they weren't leaving he could hear them one either side of his tent sniffing the air as they slowly circled his tent surely one of the other people in one of the other tents could hear them. Carl’s heart then stopped something pressed against the side of his tent and slid down to the floor. Another low grunt signalled whatever it was on the other side to do the same, the movement was slow. Carl contemplated screaming or banging on the side of the tent hoping that it would scare whatever was outside away but like most people he thought that if he did nothing then they would just go away themselves. The two things slowly moved to the front of the tent dragging themselves along the thin canvas they found the zip and seemed to be fascinated by it Carl could see them playing with it and feeling up and down its length. He slowly edged backwards into the tent and felt around for his torch anything that he could use to attack them with. Then his worst fears happened they tugged at the canvas and the zip slid open a few inches the intruders backed off slightly the sound of the zip unfastening startling them then Carl couldn't believe his eye's, what looked like a human hand pushed its way through the gap and pushed up unfastening the zip as it went. Carl's heart went into overdrive his hand felt across the floor of his tent and found his torch he looked around to pick it up and felt for the switch to turn it on the tent lit up and he swung around to the front his heart then just stopped, only a few feet away half into his tent was not an animal at all but a person her hair was long and matted she was completely naked and her skin was dark and dirty her arms were covered in scratches and cuts that had obviously happened a while ago. All over her body was hair not thick like fur but patchy dark tufts. There was a long pause both of them just staring at each other Carl looked into her eye's they were different, they were like an animal’s you could tell there was a consciousness behind them but they seemed empty. The silence was broken by the sound of the one outside grunting. The one in the tent glanced round and grunted back. The sound was unnatural a low rumble that seemed to rise from her stomach. Then turned back to Carl and held his gaze before grunting in the same animalistic way at him, this time it was lower and more prolonged then still keeping eye contact she slowly edged backwards out of his tent. The sound of them leaving from the way they came started Carl breathing again he didn't realise he had stopped. But now gasping for air his body was shaking and felt weak. He couldn't comprehend what had just happened hearing the grunts they made outside of the tent was scary as he just thought it was some kind of animal but hearing that sound coming from a human was even scarier he didn't even know that people could make that kind of sound.
Carl sat in his tent wishing the night away he was to scared to go outside but couldn't stand being alone in his tent.
A couple of hours passed and it was starting to get light Carl heard the sound of another tent unzipping he jumped at the sound, but peeked out of the opening in his and saw one of the other campers climbing out and stretching out the nights aches of sleeping on the jungle floor. Carl immediately got up out of his tent slightly surprising the other camper. "Morning Carl, Jesus you look like shit mate" Carl gave a nervous smile. "I err... Didn't sleep very well" he didn't quite know what to say he didn't know if anyone else had heard anything and didn't want to sound crazy to the other campers. "It looks like it, do you want a coffee I’m just about to make one"
"That would be great thanks" Carl went and sat next to the small stove and watched as the other camper brewed the kettle. "Did you hear anything last night?" Carl finally asked
"Hear anything, like what?"
"I thought I heard something around the camp that's all"
"This is the jungle mate there’s bound to be things coming into the camp during the night"
"I know but..." he stopped not knowing how to carry on.
”It’s probably your imagination mate, you hear something and your mind runs away with you, especially when your half asleep."
"Yeah true" he decided to stop the conversation he was just happy that it was morning and that they would be moving to another camp that afternoon. "There you go Carl, get that down ya" he passed Carl a plastic mug of coffee "thanks ... Erm..."
"Steve, sorry I’m not with it this morning"
"That’s alright mate" Steve disappeared into his tent taking in a coffee for his girlfriend. Carl sat on his own again looking around him into the jungle wondering if the girl was still out there watching him. Slowly the other campers emerged from there tent's, they all said hello to Carl while making their coffee but then all sat in the own groups leaving Carl alone. He didn't mind just as long as there were people around him. He heated up a tin of beans on the stove for his breakfast and was halfway through them when he felt a tap on his shoulder he jumped spilling some down his t shirt "sorry I didn't mean to startle you" He recognized her from the day before she was also travelling on her own and he had helped her up when she slipped on the way to the camp. "That’s ok, it's my fault I’m just a bit jumpy today, Sarah isn't it?" he tried to wipe the sauce off his t-shirt but just ended up making it worse. "Yeah, I was just wondering if you could help me start the stove I’m always scared I’m gonna do it wrong and it'll explode in my hands"
"And you'd rather I had my hands blown off would you” she didn't detect the sarcasm in his voice "no no I didn't mean that"
"I’m only joking, do you want some breakfast"
"Yeah if that's ok I’ll just go and get something"
"You can finish off this tin of beans if you like I couldn't stomach a whole tin"
"Yeah ok thanks" Carl relit the stove and poured the rest of the beans into the pot. They sat for a minute while Carl stirred away at the beans "did you hear anything last night" the words shocked Carl and he stopped stirring, did she hear them to? "Hear anything what do you mean?"
"Well I thought I heard something outside the tent"
"Like what?" Carl had forgot about the beans entirely and sat down. "I don't know I heard a zip go on someone’s tent and then I heard a kind of growling and then what ever it was ran back into the jungle so I presume someone scared off whatever it was" Carl stared at her wondering whether to tell her what happened if he said it was him then she would ask what it was and he knew she wouldn't believe him. "The beans"
"What" Carl looked confused "the beans" she pointed to the stove the pot was bubbling away. "Shit" Carl lifted them of the stove and stirred them they were all burnt to the bottom of the pan and just mashed under the fork. He did his best and scooped them onto a plate. He held it out and looked at her, her face was screwed up, not wanting to be rude she took it from him and held it on her lap. "Sorry I’ll get another tin"
"No it's alright; maybe I’ll just have that coffee"
"Yeah ok, sorry" she smiled and put the plate on the floor. Carl put the kettle on and made her a cup of coffee "thanks" she took it with both hands held it under her nose and took a large sniff before taking a sip.

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Wow! That is some great writing! Where have you been hiding your talent.

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Olly (ollyherb) | 9 comments Robin wrote: "Wow! That is some great writing! Where have you been hiding your talent."

Thank you Robin your to kind.

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Anytime! And I am not too kind, by the way.

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