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Olly (ollyherb) | 9 comments The sea was cold on Jack's feet, but it felt refreshing washing away the trouble of the evening. He had been sitting there for over an hour wondering how things had got so bad. Behind him the lights of the city were starting to fade, one by one diminishing into darkness the pier still lit up in the blackened sky. A few people remained on the street's stumbling back to their homes laughing and shouting. Jack looked back towards the city he watched the people carrying on with their lives as if nothing had happened. He knew they had nothing to do with his evening and they knew nothing of what had gone on but he couldn't understand how life could carry on. He watched a man shuffling along the pavement hunched over protecting himself from the cold of the evening. His hands in his pockets, pulling his jacket tight in around him, his collar up to protect his face from the sea breeze. Only then Jack realizing the cold himself he was sitting on the cold wet stones of the beach in Jean’s and the t-shirt ripped from the struggle. He felt the pain start again it had gone away for a while the joint he had smoked subduing it, now it was wearing off and his body reminded him of the stab wound he had in his side, he pulled at his t-shirt un-sticking it from the dried blood surrounding the cut, he winced taking a deep breath as he leant back a second resting on his arm, the other clutched at his side. He knew he should see a doctor but what was he going to say, how could he explain what happened without being locked up. He decided he would go home clean the wound himself and have a smoke. It would make him feel better; he was the same as everyone else who smoked regularly no matter what was going on in their lives no matter how bad things were as long as they had a joint in their hand things would be ok. Jack got up, it took him a while the cold had got through to his bones he yelped with pain with every move, the walk up towards the road wasn't easy the stones beneath him slipping and sliding, moving under his feet, it was hard enough to walk on them normally. With every step the stones sucked at his energy until he reached the steps leading up to the road, he got only half way up before having to rest he sat on the stairs with his head in his hands he was shivering uncontrollably now, he felt so weak, it was only about ten minutes walk to his studio apartment all he had to do was get there and he would be fine, he willed himself up the steps when he reached the top he stopped and took a long deep breath leaning on the railing for support, he started to feel dizzy and his vision started to blur he tried to focus on the buildings on the other side of the road and headed towards them. Just as he stepped foot on the road the sound of a car horn pierced his skull he automatically stopped and put his hands to his ears, he looked round just in time to see the car headlights blind him before it all went black.
"Jack....Jack... Can you hear me Jack...will he be ok?" Jack's mum stared at her son, her eyes red and swollen, the doctor placed a hand over hers which was clutching jacks his voice soft and calm. "Mrs Tyler your son should be fine he's had quite a bang to the head, he is very weak though from the loss of blood from the knife wound in his side, we have..."
"What!" Jane looked round to the doctor her eyes wide with panic "knife wound, he was stabbed?"
"yes, your son has been stabbed it must have been quite a while before he got hit by the car when the ambulance found him there was already dried blood around the wound he must have been very weak already and stumbled into the road."
"Had he taken drugs?" Jane's voice was shaking. She always worried about something happening to him because of the drugs.
"We found small traces of cocaine but this was not taken tonight, probably two maybe three nights ago there was also quantities of cannabis in his bloodstream. Which by the amounts would have been smoked recently?"
"I knew it" she broke down into tears again, she knew he smoked for a while but he had promised her that he had quit, he also told her that he had tried other things but that he didn't like it and would never try it again, she believed him why wouldn't she, he was her son. No mother or father for that matter wants to admit to themselves let alone anyone else that their son takes drugs, even when they see the sign's they make up excuses, he's tired, he's got a lot on at work, he's feeling a bit ill. But as long as the parent doesn't ask or the child never talks about it then everyone carry's on happy in their ignorance.
"Carl...Carl is that you" Jack mumbled his words, still drowsy from the drugs given to him by the doctor, he half opened his eye's slowly focusing on his mum. "Jack your awake! how are you feeling?" Jane leant over the bed trying to hug him without catching herself on the wires coming out of him. Jack tried to hug her back but found it too much effort. "Why jack"
"Why what?
"Why did you have to take drugs, why do you need..."
"Mum don't!" Jack cut her off angrily and tried to turn away, he used to think it was because he was angry at her for judging him about his habit's and his life. But over time he'd come to realise it wasn't anger at all it was guilt. He felt he'd let her down, not necessarily in the beginning when he was just smoking weed and taking the odd pill at a club it was harmless fun then, experimentation but he didn't expect it to become his whole life, and now he knew his mum was right about him and the only way he could deal with it was by masking it with anger, pushing her away so he didn't have to deal with it. As he turned away from her he pulled at the stitches in his side letting out a loud yelp, the doctor ran over and set him back flat on the bed lifting up his gown to check the stitches "you’re going to have to stay still for a while Mr Tyler I have to warn you I’m supposed to tell the police when you wake up they want to talk to you about the stabbing"
Jack turned sharply his eyes locked onto the doctors. "No you can't, I don't want to talk to them"
"Jack what's wrong what happened?" Jane holding tightly onto his hand
"Nothing I just don't want to talk to them" he turned to face the wall not wanting to look either of them in the eye. "ok jack I’ll tell them you are still not up to it but they will want to talk to you at some point, get some rest I’ll be back to check on you in a bit" the doctor left the room leaving the two of them in silence. Jane still clutching her son's hand, staring at him staring at the wall. "Who did this to you" Her voice was soft and understanding "mum I don't want to talk about it"
"Was Carl with you?"
"You said Carl’s name when you woke up"
"Did I? I didn't know what I was saying I'm still messed up from the anaesthetic”.
"was Carl with you when you were stabbed, or hit by the car for that matter" her tone suggested she thought it was his fault, she had never met Carl but whenever Jack got into trouble his name would always crop up. "No he wasn't, alright!" he wasn’t up for another lecture about Carl and the trouble that comes with him. He was still getting his head around what Dr Keller had told him the last evening.

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