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The Doubting?
Ahmad Qassab Bashi Ahmad Feb 28, 2012 01:07AM
Why did the other guy keep on doubting Changes's story? I could not understand I even asked the writer and he said it is hard to answer

My guess is the other guy was told that Changes is a militant religious fundamentalist & was sent to kill him, but from what Changes says he is just a nationalist, so either the other guy was fed lies about Changes' identity or Changes is an unreliable narrator.

Shreya (last edited Jun 18, 2012 02:08AM ) Jun 18, 2012 02:07AM   0 votes
I holler in unison. Actually, Changez explains things to him with so fearlessness, the listener started getting attracted towards him, his morality. He might have started feeling a sense of solidarity with him on account of their love for their own motherland. He now started realizing the fact that whatever Changez did was just because he loved his motherland which was the sole reason why he was there, his love for his own motherland. So, suddenly his motives and intentions started colliding. Whether he was a religious fundamentalist or a country-lover, he was not able to decide. But, this was not what he had come for. He now was caught in an imbroglio which he shouldn’t have. Whatever Changez was saying, either felt very untrue to happen or he was not ready to be getting more and more impressed with all his actions. The incident where Juan instigated him and Changez suddenly decided to leave his job and move to Pakistan caught the other guy off-balance alongwith his modesty, his guest-welcoming orders, his decency, and may be upto some level he being able to justify his actions in the eyes of the listener. So, the listener was left either to doubt the stories of Changez or doubt the intentions of the government of his own country who did send him to kill him. And, the other guy chose the easier option of doubting Changez’s story because he was in no way ready to think of the nasty intentions of his own country.

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