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Haley (hlygirl5) Her parents are dead, and she and her brother were left a ton of money, so this is their awesome "small" house...


Aimesly's room:

Aimesly's brother's room:

Kitchen: [image error]

[image error]

«Kẚt»•his hair is so curly!• (JustinlovewithStyles) ((I love her room!))

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Haley (hlygirl5) ((thanks! I want it so bad...a girl can only dream.. lol))

«Kẚt»•his hair is so curly!• (JustinlovewithStyles) ((Lol it's really nice!))

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Haley (hlygirl5) Jeremy pulled up to the house and got out, so did Aimesly and Sybil. He looked at Sybil and said, "So, I can show you the house if you want."

Aimesly was already on her way into the house by the time Jeremy was asking Sybil if she wanted to come in. She went up to her room and shut herself in, taking out her favorite book to read.

«Kẚt»•his hair is so curly!• (JustinlovewithStyles) ((Sorry!I forgot to tell you I was grounded.))

Sybil shrugged and grinned softly."Sure, why not."She said simply.

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