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Hey XD

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I'm familiar with Incest and Romance,not Forbidden though.

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Never have. I know what it means though,its just that i've never done it.

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Oh kk so,you want to do "Forbidden Romance" then?

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K lets do it then. How about step brother and step-sis?

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Haha, sure,why would want to be a sis?I'm a guy.

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Name: Jake Tyler
Gender: Male
Personality: gentle,nice,sarcastic,humorous
Appearance:Dirty blonde,green eyes,muscular,handsome

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"Yeah mom,i'll remember to bring out the trash on Tuesday. O.K,have a good vacation. Oh and don't forget to bring me something from Mexico.Bye"he said and hung up the phone. He walked over to the living room,where his step-sister was now watching T.V. "Mom and Dad are gone.The house is all ours now"he said to her

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"Your looking sexy in that outfit"he told her taking a spot next to her on the couch.

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He smiled."So uh,you want to do anything while our parents are gone.?"he asked

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"Well uh..."feeling his face turn red."I was thinking maybe we could have some fun"he said

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He smirked. "Whichever you want to have"he said

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He looked into her eyes and brushed her beautiful hair.

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He leaned in for a kiss

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He layed back and kissed her softly.

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He kept kissing her and placed his hands on her ass,holding her tightly.

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He felt her boobs being pressed onto his chest. He kissed her with fury.

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