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Sarah Dessen!

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Lauren Does anybody else think Sarah Dessen is the most amazing author ever?!?! I am in LOVE with Along for the Ride! Her writing is just amazing!

Hannah Cruthirds I love along for the ride too! I disagree that she is the most amazing author ever though. Suzanne Collins and J.K Rowling are both much better. Along for the ride was a great book. I loved how it is all about 2nd chances.

Hannah I liked Along for the ride to. Have any of you guys read What happened to goodbye, by her? Is it good?

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Dee when it comes to realistic fiction, I think Dessen is one of the top, but I don't know if I would say she is the best out of all YA authors - she would be top 10 for me though

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Chrissy Hannah wrote: "I love along for the ride too! I disagree that she is the most amazing author ever though. Suzanne Collins and J.K Rowling are both much better. Along for the ride was a great book. I loved how it ..."

I'm sorry but I have to strongly disagree with you there. Sarah Dessen is an amazing author, and I like her much better than J.K. Rowling, and much MUCH better than Suzanne Collins. But it is kind of hard to compare them because they right really different kinds of stories then Dessen.

My favorite books of hers are Along for the Ride and The Truth About Forever. But I do like What Happened to Goodbye? as well.

Adriana Pereira She is definitely one of my favourite authors! And Along for the ride is at the top of the list of my favourite books! I've also read: Someone like you, what happened to goodbye, just listen, and I'm now reading this lullaby and the truth about forever!

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Christina Fang i dont get it

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Mm..yes. She is certainly on the list of my favourite authors. She has a way with words, to make it easy to read her works yet it's difficult to get through. Each book of hers has an empowering message that lingers in my mind for quite a while until I find a suitable place to tuck that knowledge into my brain.

I have read the following by her:
1.What Happened to Goodbye
2.Lock and Key
3.The Truth about Forever
4.Just Listen
5.Along for the Ride

I am currently trying to get my hands on This Lullaby, but apparently, it's really popular at the library. -_-

Sarah Dessen would certainly be on my list for good realistic fiction. I have also heard of Susan Colasanti. It's a bit higher above Sarah Dessen, but nonetheless, she is also a good author. Try her and tell me what you think.

Did you guys know that Sarah Dessen and Susan Colasanti have Goodreads? I've requested for their friendship and they accepted! :D

Brandy i think she is a good author and one of my favorites but not the best

Kathy My fave Sarah Dessen book is Just Listen!!!

Erica Most contemporary books are either
1. Fluffy: Stereotypical high school with evil blonde cheerleaders and jocks who prefer plain, shy girls. The biggest crisis in anybody's life is whether their crush likes them.
2. Gritty: High school is miserable, the protagonist's parents are divorced, everybody does drugs, everybody has sex, and nobody has any hope.

Sarah Dessen and Janette Rallison are the only authors who do a good job of bridging the gap.

Maria I LOVE SARAH DESSEN!!!! Second chances, being true to yourself and dealing with boys,your parents and finding hope are what I found in all her books. I can't get enough! I recomend reading Keeping the moon its pretty awsome. Susan Colasanti is good (Sarah Dessen still my favorite though) When it happens was fun and epic

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Jada Harrison along for the ride is one of my favorite books but i cant reallysay that becuase i read bunches of books and love alot of them

Baya13 I love how Sarah Dessen makes the characters so life like, giving everyone reading a chance to connect with them.

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