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The theme of Mercy

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Margaret Chind I thought that the theme of mercy through out the entire book was fabulous. Mercy was not just a character, but something that Lauren needed to learn for herself as well. In so many things she would not show herself mercy, and not saying she was perfect, because obviously she had her own misjudgments of others. Yet, she would beat her self up too much rather than learn from it. You know?

Lindsey I can totally relate to Lauren in that way. And you present a good point - unless we forgive ourselves and move on we can't really learn from our mistakes! Sometimes when Lauren was beating herself up, like when she thought Raul was rich, or when she first thought he was a servant (man, what a contrast, lol), I wanted to tell her, "It's OKAY!" and it was so nice that Raul was so easygoing and forgiving. I think he was definitely good for her. :-)

Lauren and Raul are a great example of a literary couple fitting together really well - it just makes sense!

Margaret Chind I completely agree. Part of me would like the story continued with them. But then at the same time I feel that it is best left where it was so that I can just imagine a future for them. LOL.

Lindsey Me too! I like it where it's at, though if there was a sequel I would definitely read it. :-)

So there was a discussion question at the end of the book that asked:

"Mercy writes about a bird seeking shelter in her barn during the first few weeks of January 1692. What do you think the bird represents for Mercy? Lauren? Abigail? "

I remember that part but I it didn't hit me as significant when I was reading it, I'm afraid. What about you?

Margaret Chind No, during the book that did not really hit me as significant either. But thinking back... I guess I can see the desire to hide, and avoid other things in life. Mercy wanted to avoid all the nastiness of what was going on in the trials and accusations. Abigail wanted to hide from what she did by casting away her one true love. Lauren wanted to hide from her father, but also from the truth that she knew of herself that was pointed out by both Clarissa and Raoul.

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