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Bart | 3 comments I realize that most PHC students' syllabi generally aren't characterized by much poetry--literature majors excepted, of course. What poets did you all enjoy in your spare time at school and after graduation? I tended to read much of the Metaphysical poets, Yeats, and Eliot while enrolled, but now I absolutely love the English Romantics. However, from high school till today, I love the Anglo-Saxons. Have your tastes changed? What has remained the same?

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That's very interesting, Stewart. I've never compromised my enjoyment of a poem on whether or not it agreed with me. I must ponder this...

On how to read poetry, Billy Collins gives some choice words in the following video:

I've enjoyed reading poetry more outside of college than in it, and I find most of my time is spent perusing the American greats. Cummings, Dickinson, Frost, and Longfellow, mostly. Eliot is reserved for emergencies and Poe should be read in a church. However, I've read very little of the English Romantics, though the occasional Irishman is not uncommon.

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