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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 6448 comments Mod
((:O lol))

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((SHOTGUN BAGSIE THE OUTSIDE ONE AND THE BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

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((what?! O_o
i NEVER get to grab the stuff first cos i'm normally asleep at the time!!))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((wtf??? I don't see a boat!
COOL, VERY COOL! *dances around*))

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((boat is on lake, look carefully, red blob thing ;)

yeah, sure, Eli :) ))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA! I shall steal that boat~))

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((*nicks boat and sails off*))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((pssst I never share :P jk!
HEY! Don't leave me stranded!))

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((*throws water skis and rope to Elena* ;) ))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((DUDE I'M WATCHING FUCKING NARNIA.. *sniffle*
lol thanks harri))

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((I prefer the books, they explain it better; like how it came, how a lamppost is there, how it dies, etc.))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((righttttt............. lol

HEY! I love that lion))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((*facepalm*))

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((Elena, please can you make Mia?? :) ))

message 15: by Elena (new)

Elena | 25991 comments ((@twin yeah I think that is a good idea! and yes at your service,, even though you played that cruel little joke

@harri, on it! what species is she?))

message 16: by Elena (new)

Elena | 25991 comments ((XD should graduating ppl have been made one or two months after the academy was made?))

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Mia Wharton, at least 35 but looks younger whilst i figure that bit out...
three kids: Halcyon, Lynch and Drusus; one grandkid: Evangeline
history with Nico, now hates his guts, basically.
that enough to work with?? O.o ))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((ON IT! ))

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((*makes outside bedding invisible to everyone else so i get it* :P ))

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((i am getting that outside area if it kills me!!!!))

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Elena | 25991 comments (( i so read that wrong XP
we need more pictures!))

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((i just want to sleep outside (in a proper-style bed) so as i can literally dream under the stars, look up at the constillations, see which i can identify, etc. *sigh*))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((this is keane's place!!!

[image error]))

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((the PERFECT hiding place!! i am getting one (with wifi) and becoming a hermit!! :P ))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((lLOL guys))

message 26: by Elena (new)

Elena | 25991 comments ((reminds me of the hobbits XP))

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Elena | 25991 comments Jonah parked the car and got out taking in the fresh air and calming down."how was the ride?" he asked George walking over to her.

Fleur rubbed her head looking around."what just happened?" she asked.

Kole flitted out of the car still a little car sick.

Shia slipped out and waited for Cameron.

Lucain made it obvious that he wanted to be untied.

Keane skipped over to his man made tent and locked the door.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((gtg bye! May ghost.:p))

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((aww... BYE ELENA!!!!!!!!!! *waves*))

"Exhilirating," George laughed delightedly, her hair windswept off her face as it had grown out to just past her ears now. "What was it like stuck in there the whole way?" She asked, looking up at him as she crouched down to free her feet and pack the board and rope away.

Leander landed nearby, shifting ot human form and going over to Schuyler.

"Thanks," Nicandro nodded to Cameron.

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((Ahhhhh!!!!!! XD
My MJ pin just arrived!!))

"Good thanks, you?" Nicandro nodded, part wanting to talk to Cameron about 'things', and part not.

"What's this about dinner?" Leander smirked as he neared them.

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((my mockingjay pin!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ ))

"No..." Nicandro shook his head. "Although... Err... It might have... Gotten a little worse the other day..."

Leander grinned, catching her and twirling her round, resting his forehead against hers. "Thank you," he whispered before kissing her passionately. "Thank you..."

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((right!!!!!!!!! *over excited*))

"Yeah... That's... Why I had more," Nicandro admitted. "I mean, I tend to be alright with it. Just when something happens, particularly with my family, then... It just helps," he shrugged. "But yeah, Mia came back..."

"Scoup?" Leander raised an eyebrow at the name. "And I'm thanking you for saying yes, and making me so incredibly happy."

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((heehee, IK!! XD ))

"Well the fact that I wasn't expecting her to come anyway, would probably be no," Nicandro said dryly. "But she said that we could try again..." He added, a flicker of hope crossing his face.

"Great great uncle," Leander nodded. "Perfect sense," he smiled at her. "Any news on the twins?" He asked more seriously.

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((ebay it!! XP ))

"I didn't have time to ask before I was kidnapped," Nicandro said pointedly.

"Great!" Leander said, relieved. "They're at home, I take it?"

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((lol ;)
brb/bbs, shower... *runs*))

"No idea," Nicandro shook his head. "Talk later, yeah?" He said, heading after Levi. "Hey, wait up!"

Leander shook his head, "It is indeed puzzling..."

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"Where you off to?" Nicandro asked as he caught up.

"Well hunting is my speciality," Leander smirked.

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"Thought you knew where to get a drink, or at least some food," Nicandro shrugged. "Anyway, might come across either or both if we wander long enough."

"Which one?" Leander asked, almost apologetically.

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"Good," Nicandro nodded. "Might be needed at somepoint..."

"Yes... I remember..." Leander nodded. "But it's your thoughts that I want to know about, that I care about."

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"I wouldn't doubt that," Nicandro agreed. "Do you know what the arrangements are?"

"Keep him as a babysitter?" Leander suggested. "Find out how it all works? Or whatever?"

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Elena | 25991 comments ((if I get this wrong don't be hatin!))

Kole and Fleur got on talking while they tried making a fire without any powers.

Jonah shook his head."bad.. very bad."he said wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her towards him.

Lucain nodded to Cameron walking to his own tent, looking back at her warily. Unfortunately there was no wifi so contacting atton wouldn't work.

Shia walked over to Levi and Nico introducing himself and shaking their hands.

A huge bang came from Keane's hug, smoke billowed out of the hole aka chimney. "don't panic!"he called out.

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"Then I say that survival is by teams," Nicandro stated. "And that means, if there is alcohol around, then Cameron should be kept away from us. Therefore, want to share a tent?"

"Well not just a babysitter, obviously," Leander nodded. "I'm just saying, it'd be easier for him to babysit now. And the twins know him..."

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"Well you're free now," George smiled, kissing him softly.

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Elena | 25991 comments Shia shrugged."I thought I would properly meet you."he said."and I think if Cameron doesn't want alcohol than you should listen to her."he said firmly.

Jonah smiled."yes free to be with you."he said walking with her to where Cameron was about to make a speech.

Kole and Fleur looked up and walked over.
Keane came out covered in soot. "nothing!"he said casually.

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((just because we are active loony rpers, does not require any sort of punishment :P
how about, you clog up our notifs?? ;) ))

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Elena | 25991 comments Jonah smirked."or you can just knock before entering."he said.

Shia clenched his fist but didn't do anything instead he turned and stood next to cameron."yeah any fuckups and you'll have to dorm with Keane."he said.

Fleur sighed."but rubbing the stupid sticks doesn't work!"

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"Then you use rocks, and once you have a spark blow through your fingers as a diamond shape, like bellows. It concentrates the air flow," George told Fleur. "I've started fires like that enough times to know it works," she shrugged before turning to Jonah and saying more quietly, "Can't anyway," as she took hold of his hand and brought it to her lips to kiss, on the way lightly brushing the back of it against her stomach to ceritfy his understanding of what she said.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((I don't even see notifs XP))

Jonah chuckled."just speaking for the majority." he said smiling at George.

Shia crossed his arms his eyes glued on Cameron.

"oh..that was not good.."Kole said rubbing his head.

Fleur facepalmed.

((haha if shia was normal he would have said now we just have to keep warm by stripping :P))

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George laughed lightly, smiling back at him, before glancing around as talk of matches reached her ears. "Ignore experience of true survival, go for the so called reliant option," she shook her head in pity of them.

Leander went with Schuyler, whispering into her ear, "Regardless of what your sister says, I think your idea is a good one," he teased.

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((btw, am i the only feeling utterly lectured??
how many PROPER couples are there here?? O_o
(i think i counted right anyway)
and then see what's in common with them >.< ))

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