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SPOILER: Hunger Games with Capitol Children

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C.D. Hussey Do you think Katniss and Haymitch actually supported Coin's proposal of a Hunger Games with Capitol children? It was hard for me to tell and never really expanded on. What do you think? Actual support or political decoy or...?

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i think they actually supported it, though katniss was thinking through her emotions. she was thinking about prim when she gave the ok for it to continue one last time, and acted irrationally. she realized this at the last minute though, and thats why (view spoiler)

Lauren This makes me think of "you can't fight fire with fire"

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AJ Casey wrote: "Katniss said yes not because she wanted to have another Hunger Games but so she could prove that Coin was just like Snow, just as bloodthirsty and hungry for revenge. Haymitch understood Katniss an..."

That's an interesting thought Casey, I've often wondered what Katniss' motives were for voting the way she did. It had to be more than revenge.

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I think Haymitch knew what Katniss was planning and agreed with her so she was able to shoot Snow, which would also lead to Coin's death. So, I think they both did it to get rid of the leaders who would lead Panem into the wrong direction.

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Lau Nicole You know after reading this, same thing happened in my school :O!!!!!The seniors told us they wanted to let the 7 grade( us) to vote for president this year, but the other grades( especially the 8 grade!!!)didnt vote for this and their excuse for not voting was that last year they didnt gve them the same opportunity
(deja vu, huh :/)

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Lau Nicole oh that they wanted revenge X(

C.D. Hussey I think I'm on the "political decoy" side. By agreeing with Coin they were able to lull her into a sense of security and then, whap! Arrow through the heart.

Candice Voting yes was the only way for Katniss to get an opportunity to kill Coin. She and Haymitch had been communicating without speaking for the entire series. Before he votes Katniss thinks, "This is the moment, then. When we figure out exactly just how alike we are, and how much he truly understands me." Haymitch doesn't say "I vote yes", he says "I'm with the Mockingjay." And then Katniss killed Coin (remember a final Game with Capitol children was Coin's idea), and it's over. Pure political ploy. No more dictators, no more Games.

Candice Could be a political ploy, but I think that Coin was also hinting that if the Hunger Games thing didn't happen, then there would be pressure to kill some of the Capitol's residents anyway, so it was kind of a 'sacrifice a few, save many' thing. Yeah, I see what you're on about with the plot to kill Coin though.

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Dana C.D. wrote: "I think I'm on the "political decoy" side. By agreeing with Coin they were able to lull her into a sense of security and then, whap! Arrow through the heart."


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Lau Nicole NOTHING is better than Katniss shooting an arrow through the heart
*puts cool sunglasses*
Oh Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah......

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