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Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 77 comments Mod But much bigger and with more beds

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Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 77 comments Mod
Ada sat on a bed in the cold room. The matress was hard as ice under her. She rubbed her hands together and hugged her knees to her chest in an effort to stay warm in the dusty room. Her barefeet were frozen and her messy, ripped clothes were dusty from cleaning a closet just a few hours ago.
Oh, Oz, where are you? she begged her brother silently.

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Shiori (poets_artificial_intelligence) Exrale changed her clothes and put on a messy dress that wasn't that ragged. She took off her hat, her armor and sword. She placed it in her trunk. She may have long sleeve dress on that went down to her shoes but it was still cold. She knew she was no longer Exrale the knight but a simple girl named Eri. She walked over to Ada and hugged her. "It's okay Ada, your brother is at the fighting/training ring. We should go there later but first we need to clean the halls. Come on," she replied sweetly as she held out her hand.

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Ivyscar ~Echo~ (EREakins) | 77 comments Mod
Ada nodded, taking Eri's hand and hopping off the bed.

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Shiori (poets_artificial_intelligence) Eri walked with Ada toward the halls and took the bucket of water. She gave a sponge toward Ada and held both of the buckets. They walked toward the hall for their labor to commence.

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Shiori (poets_artificial_intelligence) Eri walked into the Servant Quarters with Ada and looked upon her trunk of clothes she washed but still flilthy. She found the right clothes that would fit Ada and walked toward her bed waiting for her to try it on. She looked at her dress and smiled since she didn't make it filthy looking. She hoped that Oz wasn't there because she seriously doesn't want anymore of her secrets to be revealed.

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