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Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1)
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Rating: 4 stars
Review: I really liked it but it felt more like a building block like this book purposely just gives you backgroud material to get you ready for the next book, and I don't hate that but it's a slow starter. The ending was really good. It left me relaxed and kind of content with the story but at the same time ready for the next installment. I really loved Amy she was a very strong character. Kind of irrational at some points, but her situation is very relateable and can apply to different situations. It's like all that she goes through makes her a stronger person immediately instead of over the course of 3 books like many heroines. I love everything about Elder. I can't even put into words the respect I have for his character.....just amazing. I'm excited to read the next installment to see where their relationship will go!!! (: Definately worth the read.

Carly My rating is 3.5 stars. I was at times really confused by this book and had to read the last two pages over and over to really understand what was happening. It is probably my last free book to read until after I'm finished with Battle of the Books. Sooooo it was an OKAY book to finish out with. It really was an OKAY plot and had OKAY characters it really didn't wow me like I expected.

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Well, I've spent a couple of days thinking about this book and putting off the review because ... this is one of those books that I have mixed feelings about so it's going to be a loooong review. WOOHOO!

Let me start off by saying, I liked it. I liked it quite a bit. So despite all the criticisms I have, I just want to say it's worth the read. I was on the fence about whether to read it or not, but I'm glad I did!

The best part about Across the Universe is that it's a good page-turner. From the first page to the last, I was extremely engaged. Is the plot the most original thing ever? No, not really. But it's very exciting! Beth Revis does a great job of building up the suspense.

I mean, imagine you're on a journey to a planet 300 years away and you're frozen in a fish tank the whole time … and if that wasn't terrifying enough, you wake up 50 years too early, to discover that a) everyone on the spaceship is brainwashed and living in a creepy dystopian society, and b) there's a murderer loose who's killing all of your frozen comrades off one by one! YIKES. The tension! It's awesome! Plus, there were quite a few interesting plot twists that I didn't see coming.

I also really liked the world-building in this book. Dystopias are pretty hot nowadays, but they're all pretty much the same ... The fact that this one took place on a giant spaceship was quite refreshing. The whole brain-washing thing wasn't particularly original, and at times I thought it was trying a little too hard. But there were more original aspects ... like the Season. Heh heh. *coughs* Anyway. Over all, the details were good but not overbearing.

The most major problem I had with this book was the characters. Well, I did like the choice in perspective Beth Revis made, where one main character is a stranger to the spaceship, while the other is training to be the leader on the ship. Pretty cool. But the characters themselves were just kinda ... dull.

Amy was kind of a Mary Sue––appearance-wise, anyway. Like, the flaming red hair is kind of a cliché. And then her personality was a bit flat. She always just wants to run and run and run, because, you know, she's a runner! So whenever she's upset, she just … runs. Gets a bit repetitive. Either that, or she's whining about her boyfriend, Jason, who she left behind on "Sol-Earth" (as the ship's residents refer to our planet)––which I understand, since it sucks and all. But what I didn't like about it was, the author didn't establish much of a strong relationship between Amy and Jason. Occasionally there'd be, like, a second-long flashback, but I honestly couldn't tell you a thing about Jason's personality that made him so great ... so I didn't really care when Amy was upset about him. (view spoiler)

Then Elder … Well. I didn't like him much at all. He struck me as being a bit of a jerk. I liked him okay for most of the book, but he just seemed so … shallow. As soon as he sees Amy, he's like, "Yeah. I want to make out with her. I want to have sex with her." And that's pretty much the only thing on his mind throughout the entire book. He just objectifies Amy, which I hate––not that there's much else to do with her I suppose, since her personality isn't all that unique. He does seem to care about the pain she's going through and whatnot, but what he seems to care about more is having a relationship with her. And then what REALLY pissed me off ... (view spoiler)

Lastly, I thought the ending left quite a lot to be desired. Everything seemed to get tied up a little too easily ... the whole explanation about the murders didn't make a lot of sense to me. And then, it was like .... Wait, that's it? Do they ever get to Centauri-Earth? Does Amy have to live the rest of her life without her parents (view spoiler)? Also, why did they even leave Sol-Earth in the first place? How far in the future is this supposed to be, anyway? A lot of things––especially backstory-wise––went unexplained, which irked me. I wanted to know some more details. But, I dunno. Maybe there will be a sequel? (UPDATE: I have been informed that there will be a sequel, A Million Suns. Yay!)

Anyway, like I said ... it's worth the read. There were a couple of aspects I didn't like, but over all, it was very suspenseful and exciting.

(Link to review here: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/...)

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