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Make your charries here. Charries must be approved by a moderator before you start roleplaying.

First Name:
Last Name:
Age: (12-18)


Relationship Status:

message 2: by yael (new)

yael Name: Faylinn
Last Name: Quinn
Gender: female
Species: Pheonix

Appearance: Heart shaped face, intense icy blue eyes with long lashes. They're almond shaped. she has a perfect button nose. She has long, chocolate brown curls that's waist length. She has an hourglass shaped figure and average height. She has tattoos on her back:

Personality: She is fun loving, loyal, sarcastic, funny, crazy (plans and trouble maker), party animal, animal lover, big temper but calm for emotional events, she also daydreams alot. She's talkative (sometimes), charismatic and pervy minded. She gets into many fights (physical) and will always win.

History: Both her parents pretended they loved her and later left. From that day on, she lived with her uncle and grandmother and learned tricks to use her powers and fighting techniques. She is not aware of any possible location of her parents or any siblings.
Relationship Status: Single
Weapon: dagger:

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Approved! Unfortunately, you're gonna have to wait to roleplay, because I still have to make the places. :(

message 4: by yael (new)

yael thats fine :)

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Regina | 169 comments Mod

River Song (DobbyIsFree) First Name: Jez
Last Name: Redfren
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Witch

Appearance: She is slim and tall, she has dark brown curls that cascade down to her waist, chocolate brown eyes framed by long dark lashes, she is wearing a mdinght blue batwing top with black jeans and black combat boots.
Personality: She is sweet and caring yet teasing and daring, energetic, lively, fun to be around, stands for what is right, is always up for a fight/challenge, she can be mocking bnut is generally a nice person to be around.

History: Her family died when another withc burnt down her house when she was 10years old, she was the only one who survives, she moved away and lives with her friend, till this day she can't forget the image and cries of her family when the house was burnt.
Relationship Status: Open
Weapon: Dagger given to her by her dad.
Other: She always wears a charmed necklace her mother gifted her, and each charm was given to her by a different person.

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Regina | 169 comments Mod
River Song: Approved!

message 8: by Zoe (last edited Feb 28, 2012 05:09PM) (new)

Zoe First Name: Amelia
Last Name: Taylor
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Faery

Personality: nice, independent

History: She killed her family because they were evil.
Relationship Status: Open
Weapon: staff:

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Ash Mesa (JinxLies) First Name: Kamilah
Last Name: Luce
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Death God(Goddess)/Demon
Personality: Bold, sarcastic, witty, independant.

History: None she wants revealed
Relationship Status: Single
Weapon: Scythe:
Other: Likes apples

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Regina | 169 comments Mod
Maddie: Approved!

message 11: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 17, 2012 02:17PM) (new)

First Name:Willomeeda (can call me Meeda)
Last Name:Flame
Age: 16

Appearance:Dark brown hair that is wavy, soft brown eyes, slim, and has a narrow face
Personality:kind, friendly, but can run you over if you are not careful.

History:Mother is also a witch, and so was her father (wizard) but then an evil angel killed him
Weapon:Wand (of course) and a sword that could shrink to a dagger
Other:She and her mother are good witches but can be bad to some people

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Regina | 169 comments Mod
Kacie: Approved!

message 13: by Ash (new)

Ash Mesa (JinxLies) First Name: Raymond (Ray/RJ)
Last Name: Jace
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Psychic

Personality: Bold, outgoing, sarcastic, witty

History: He's traveled probably to every part of the world.
Relationship Status: Single
Weapon: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Aura Reading, Precognition (Futer seeing), Pyrokinesis.
Other: Hates to use his powers unless he really needs to...or is bored.

message 14: by yael (new)

yael cool :D

message 15: by Tatum (last edited Mar 07, 2012 04:27PM) (new)

Tatum First Name:River
Last Name:Centerwood

Appearance:Green eyes,long eyelashes, usually has a hair band made out of flowers and grass. She's kind of skinny and frail, but tough. She has human like features but can make her wings grow out to fit into her human form but also can shift into a normal fair size(About the size of a pencil.) [image error]
Wings:[image error]

Personality:Kind and nice. very loyal to her friends, that are deserving. She is sorta shy in front of people she doesn't know...But she does give looks that could either make your day brighten right up, or give you such a menacing look you could burst into flames right on the spot.(Not literally). She isn't afraid to speak her mind...And she hates being underestimated, which happens quite often for her. She is tough and doesn't let her emotions get to her.

History:She grew up without a family but lived with a group of other fairies but never really made much of a home anywhere. So once she turned 8 she left and hid in a human orphanage till someone adopted her and lived with them as a human, never letting her wings unfold. But on her 15th birthday she had to leave because she saw someone at school wasting paper(She's a tree hugger) so she got mad and...her wings unfurled. So she traveled around then found the university!
Relationship Status:Single..?
Weapon:She can control Earth(Dirt,plants,rocks) and a little bit of water. So she can use that as an advantage...And just knives
Other:Smart and persistent too.

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MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) First Name: Zay
Last Name: Iyderago
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Species: Sorceress

Personality: Dangerous if you get her mad. She's creative and a good student. Good friend too. She's always herself, and her clothing style often draws attention to her.

History: Don't bug her and maybe she'll say so
Relationship Status: Open
Weapon: Whatever she has on hand, but she especially is good with swords.
Other: Daughter of Merlin

†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 1 comments First Name:Damion
Last Name: wolfsoul
Appearance wolf:
Personality:Is sweet but likes not to show it.
History:His fater was a werewolf and his mother was a human but he ended up having 3 heads in his wolf form.
Relationship Status:Single
Other: Has no likeing for fighting but he is very good at it.

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Regina | 169 comments Mod

message 19: by Tatum (new)

Tatum First Name:Erik
Last Name:Rayez
Age: (12-18)17

Wolf:[image error]
Personality:He's a major flirt. But mostly he's goofy and fun-loving. Most of the time he's smiling and laughing. But he is also very protective of people he cares about.

History:He doesn't remember much...Mainly just the night of his sisters death and traveling then finding the University.
Relationship Status:Single
Weapon:He's great with a spear.
Other:Fast. Like....Bot in human and wolf form. He's fast.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Regina*Who Cares Im A Jerk? At Least I Know Im One wrote: "Everyone:Approved!"


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First Name: Sapphire
Last Name: Jones
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf

Appearance: emma stone Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: Sapphire is really outgoing and nice.She makes friends easily and rarely makes enemies.She loves to laugh and play around.She also has a really bad temper and is aggressive

History: Dont ask her
Relationship Status: Open
Weapon: Her claws and strength

message 22: by Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (last edited Mar 08, 2012 12:05AM) (new)

Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (vyannikrace) First Name: Chet
Last Name: Fyrez
Age: (12-18) 18
Gender: Male
Species: Psychic
Appearance: Black, kinda messy hair that reaches to his shoulders, (But still looks cool and non-girly,) and stops just above his eyes, his fringe (possible side-fringe, not sure) is white. He has dark brown eyes-almost black and is 6'1ft tall (he has more of a 'tall and lean' build.). He is wearing a black t-shirt, dark jeans, dark jacet, combat boots (sorry but they suit him) a studded belt and a shark-tooth charm/necklace thing.

Personality: Chet has many hidden layers to his personality; he wears many 'masks'. He rarely acts serious and even manages to retain his humor/sarcasm in dangerous situations. He often comes across as being kinda idiotic but he is actually very smart/intelligent. He can act serious when need be and is actually very understanding. He has hidden depths.

History: He has a twin sister called Aruen. He is 1/4 italian and 3/4 english. When he was 12 his mother died in a car crash. His dad was sent to prison when he was 16. He came to the school only recently with his sister.

Relationship Status: Single.
Weapon: Anything he can get his hands on. He prefers using his pen-knife of hand-to-hand combat though.
Other: He has a mental link with his sister.

Vyanni Krace ~Wisdom of the bitter sea.~ (vyannikrace) First Name: Aruen
Last Name: Fyrez
Age: (12-18) 18
Gender: Female
Species: Psychic

Appearance: She basically looks like a female version of Chet. She hates dresses and wears similar clothing to her brother. (Same sense of fashion.) So it isnt unusual for people to mistake her for Chet or to think she is also a boy. Though people who know her can always tell the difference between her and Chet despite the fact that they look almost completely identical.

Personality: Aruen is a lot more...mature than Chet, despite the fact that she is infact, the younger twin. She loves her brother and always does what she thinks is right. She is very intelligent and comes across as being intelligent. She is a very gifted liar/actress as is often the one to get them out of tough situations. She, like her brother, has hidden depths.

History: Refer to Chets history.
Relationship Status: Single.
Weapon: Just like Chet she is happy with anything she can get her hands on. She also own a pen-knife but she prefers her guns.
Other: She has an affinity with fire.

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Regina | 169 comments Mod
Everyone: Approved!

message 25: by yael (new)

yael who wants to rp?

message 26: by Regina, Head Moderator (new)

Regina | 169 comments Mod

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Thanks.

We neede3d more guys anyways XD

message 28: by Ash (new)

Ash Mesa (JinxLies) Anyone wanna rp?

message 29: by iomai (new)

iomai (irun) First Name: Katara
Last Name:Malinowski
Age: 14
Species: Fire bender

Appearance: Katara Fire Nation Clothes
Personality:Katara isn't exactly what you'd call a 'thinker'.She acts and speaks with out a second thought and that brutal sense of honesty always gets her in trouble,not that she cares. She is crazy about rebelling. Even if she doesn't want to do something,she'll do it if you say she can't just to prove you wrong. She has no sense of modesty.
History: She grew up as a princess in Argentina.Her father own a plantation the enslaved lesser species and as the heir she was forced to aid in the torture of the poor creatures.At the age of 10 she met a young daemon her age and knew she "loved" him.When she helped him escape,he left her and she was forbidden to return home. For the last 4 years she's been on her own.
Relationship Status: Single
Weapon: Fire-2

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Regina | 169 comments Mod
♪ Çḉ☂| т♄ℯ $щёєтнєaґт❣ (had to copy and paste to write the name lol): Approved!

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First Name: Jessica
Last Name: McCleary
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Personality: Gets angry very easily, it's easy to get her yelling at you, and want to kill you. Jessica is barely nice to anyone, unless she actually likes them, and can get along with them well.
History: Jessica grew up in San Fransico. A bunch of kids always made fun of her, and she hurt every single one of them. She's gotten suspened from almost every school in San Fransico. Her family all left her when she was 9 years old, so she was on her own. She got a job at the age of 9.
Relationship Status: Single
Weapon: A spear
Other: Kind of has a brittish accent.

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First Name: Scarlett
Last Name: Childes (her sister is Zendaya Childes)
Age: 17
Species: Dark Angel, (no wings)
Personality: Flirtasious, gets jealous easy, acts dumb when she really is very intelligent. Trouble maker not someone you should trust if you are not good friends with her.
History: She is supposedly the daughter of Aphrodite and her family was killed by a sorceress, so she hates any kind of magic. She got a job at 13 as a model and that is how she makes her living
Relationship Status: Single

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Laini, you have to add the history and the gender and then I'll approve it.

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Huda (hudak) First Name: Scarlett Grace
Last Name: Romano
Age: Many centuries but looks about 16 or 17.
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire

Appearance: Long, dark red wavy hair with side bangs, hazel eyes, a sprinkle of freckles on her nose, kind of tiny, simple-looking but pretty.
Personality: Feisty, a little dramatic, intelligent, clever, sly, strong, doesn't let people mess with her, hates it when people try to push her around, the kind of person that when pushed, would get up and push right back.

History: She's been on the run for centuries, literally. She has been hunted virtually her entire life. Her entire family was killed at night when she was 7 by some hunters and they'd locked her in a trunk where is was pitch black. Since then, she's been afraid of the dark and when night falls, she gets very tense as though she is preparing to defend herself from an attack.
Relationship Status: Single, looking for love but refuses to show it or admit it.
Weapon: A golden dagger, the only good thing left from her past. Is also a good archer but prefers her dagger.
Other: She was originally Italian, born in Rome a few years before the fall of the Roman Empire. Her family was killed when the Roman Empire was conquered and she only survived because she didn't fight when hunters tried to take her. She's immortal but can be injured and killed. She has a hint of an accent when speaking English but it is barely audible and impossible to place.

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Laini and Scarlett: Approved!

message 36: by Shily (new)

Shily | 1 comments Tatum *Sparkles* wrote: "First Name:Erik
Last Name:Rayez
Age: (12-18)17

Personality:He's a major flirt. But mostly he's goofy and fun-loving. Most of the time he's smiling and l..."

----- Hey that pic you posted, whos that guys name in real life?

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Name: Brooklyn
Last Name: Anderson
Gender: F
Species: Werewolf
Appearence: Dirty blond hair that is usualy in a ponytail/bun. Hazel eyes. Stalky. Usualy wears sweatpants and a T-shirt. Doesn't ever wear makeup. Very white smile.
Personality: Loves ketchup. Psycotic. Will fight if she has to. Loves to laugh and joke. Unique. She is a little crazy. Loves country music. Sarcastic. Manuplative. Stands up for what she belives in. Mature. Level-headed.
History: Her family sent her to boarding school and were killed in a car accident coming to bring her home.
Status: Hasn't found the right guy.
Weapon: Sword
Other: Austrailian

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Regina | 169 comments Mod
Kassi: Approved!

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maria ♡ (maivvaa) | 93 comments Name: Sky
Last name: Night
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Age: looks 16 but is like 90 years old
Weapon: a dagger the handle has pic of a skull
Appearance: Brown hair that reaches her waist. Kind gothish looking,wears mostly black occasionally wears red. When she smiles her dimples show. She has a curvy figure.
Personality: loves to listen to music all the time, listens to pop. She loves to write poetry and stories. She will fight back if provoked,she laughs a lot
History: Her mom was a very mean lady always treated her badly saying she didn't love her. Her father left them when she was 4. She has I brother and one sister,shes the last child. Was born in England.
Other: she has like a kinda English accent
Status: single

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Lina | 2 comments First Name: Jaz

Last Name: Night

Nick Name: 'Hot Stuff'

Age: 17



Appearance: Blonde with purple highlights. Pretty tall, about 5'7. Purple eyes. Slim body, flawless face.

Personality: Tough to become friends with. Hard and fearless. Not scared of anything. Never backs away from good fun.

History:Family died when she was 10. Her parents and sister were killed in front of her eyes by the hunters. She has a twin brother but does not have any contact with him, since after the murder. She was born as a vamp but never appeared like it, she pretended to be human and went to a school for hunters where she becaame an amazing warrior.

Relationship Status:Single

Weapon:Daggers, and bow with arrows.

Other: She hates liars!

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