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SPOLIER: Who do you think killed Prim?
Jaclyn Lore - Edwards Jaclyn Feb 27, 2012 02:23PM
I think that Gale- under the influence of Coin -dropped the bomb that he and Beetie created on the Capitol children to get back at them. I think if he knew that Prim was aiding the children, he wouldn't have done it, though. Still, hurting children isn't right, even if they were part of the Capitol. Prim's death wasn't described in detail as in who nessicarily dropped the bomb that killed her. What do you think?

Actually, if you read what they said while devising tactics they said the quickest way to win over a population is to gain their sympathy and that was Gale's idea. I think he fully intended to harm innocent people to win the war, whether it was children, Prim or someone else is irrelevant. His passion made him an asshole. I think Coin made sure Prim was there, but Gale knew fully well what it was for. The argument here is like do you blame the SS or Hitler for what happened during WWII?

IMO both parties are guilty.

coin. gale designed the bomb, but he didnt kill her.

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Violet YES! it was Coin, Gale designed the bomb and Coin killed her. We all know that Gale cares for Katniss and her family, so it wouldn't make since for hi ...more
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Of course Gale had his share in it but Coin killed Prim. She sent Prim on the battlefield, she dropped the bombs on those children, she wanted power and revenge, and she wanted Mockingjay out of the way. Maybe Paylor intentionally allowed for Katniss and Snow to meet, so he can plant the seed in her mind that after all nothing had changed - children are still being killed and power is still in the hands of one person not better than the previous. As for Gale he should have thought that those bombs will end up killing innocent people. But he did them anyway, for revenge I think, for the destruction of 12, and in this he became just a part of the game.


It didn't ever say that Gale knew what the bomb was going to be used for. He, for all we know, thought that it was going to be used on soldiers, not children or innocent civilians. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if he did know, or didn't care either way, because he despised the Capitol with a burning passion, he had gone crazy with the war stuff. He would have done anything to win. But, he would never let anyone hurt Prim. I'm not really sure how to feel about this. If he knew the bomb was going to be used on innocent lives, then he should definitely feel guilty and be held partially responsible. Coin dropped the bomb, but if Gale knew how it was going to be used, it's his fault, too. The really sad part is, that after years of Katniss and Gale's friendship, the war ruined it, and they never saw each other again, according to the book.

Gale. Why else wouldn't he have ended up with Katniss if he hadn't? There's a tone of guilt in the book when Gale and Katniss meet next where she and he is sort of guilty and the whole scene is awkward.

I totally agree with what Esthermarie said and what Aurora said also. That sums everything up for me.

deleted member Feb 29, 2012 05:39AM   0 votes
coin writen all over it

gale designed the bomb to blow up children...coin just blew up the wrong children (from gale's POV). so, I think prim's blood is on gale's hands just as much as it is on coin's.

and, I don't think this was used to simply eliminate gale from the equation...I think it just showed further (we'd already had glimpses) that gale was willing to sacrifice anything to overthrow the capitol. that doesn't make him a monster, but he let his passion override his decency- as often happens in war.

Coin. That's why Katniss killed President Coin, right? Because Katniss knew that Coin was manipulating Katniss into another "revenge game" against the Capitol.

Coin did. Why the heck do you think Katniss shoots her?! Other than that, President coin clearly wanted Katniss to think that the parachutes were from the Capitol's end, so that automatically she would agree to let coin have the power over Panem, just as Boggs said that if Katniss didn't imply that her first choice for a leader would be coin, she would be a threat. On Gale's part, HOW COULD HE HAVE KNOWN WERE THE BOMBS WERE GOING! HE WAS WITH SQAUD 451 AND WAS CAPTURED BY PEACEKEEPERS! Sure he birthed the idea, but Beetee manufactured the bomb and none of you seem to care! Gale didn't drop the parachutes. He did not know where they were going. Also, you really think he would justify killing children?! C'mon guys, seriously. Start thinking like Gale. He was part of the bombing in 12. He hates the hunger games. And you're getting thinking he wants to hurt children?! He loved Prim as his family! God.

Parachutes which came out of a hovercraft with a Capitol seal had bombs in them which killed poor, sweet Prim. Exactly who was responsible for them is never spelt out. President Snow says it was Coin. But he would say that wouldn't he. Katniss eventually believes that it was Coin ... that's one of the reasons she kills her. The bombs go off in two waves. First the children are bombed and then, after the medics from districy 13 try to help them, they get bombed. Katniss sees this and sees Prim being burned to death. Earlier Gale puts forward an idea to use bombs in this way and so this is used as "evidence" that District 13 was behind the attack on the Capitol children (and Prim). Katniss and Gale never get over the possibility that Gale's idea may have caused Prim's death. Gale, himself, feels guilt over this too. What actually happened is never gone into and President Coin is not mentioned as being responsible or "disgraced" over this incident

The capitol did have the idea to drop bombs and then drop seconds because that is what they did in district 8 so I think the President Snow saw Prim then dropped the bombs.
Only my opinion.

Abby (last edited Mar 11, 2012 01:22PM ) Mar 11, 2012 01:21PM   0 votes
I think Gale did. Maybe not knowingly, but he designed the devices that killed her. I understand why Katniss blamed him, but it wasn't entirely his fault. I am a little mad that he did in a sense kill her, though. He designed the bombs knowing it would kill innocent children. He really bugged me with his ruthless killing mind; when I first read it I was like, 'Go die in a hole, Gale!' But I think I'm over it. Wait, no, I think he should still die. No, I do love Gale...I think. Oh, never mind.

Lynn Franco Gale was captured how could he have killed prim? Designing a weapon does not make you a murder.
Oct 18, 2017 12:49PM

Coin killed Prim CUZ she always hated Katniss.

I hate to say it but I think it was gale who dropped the bomb thinking he would kill Snow not Prim.

I know it was Gale's idea but I don't think he'll be able to do that. He loved Prim a lot, she was Katniss' sister, he loved Katniss. I don't think the best way to "flirt" with someone is killing her sister. I think Snow did it. He probably knew that idea. They could have found it out without nobody knowing it.

Gale was captured he didn’t kill prim! Designing a weapon doesn’t make you a murder! It was Coin , why on earth would prim be sent out ?! Why didn’t they send out the mother she was more qualified for the job. Snow would have used the hovercraft to escape and leave everyone to kill each other. I was disappointed with the author choosing Peeta for katniss, and blaming Gale that’s ridiculous! To me in a way Snow wins, katniss killed Coin and ends up with Peeta, if you remember that’s exactly what Snow wanted.

Gale invented the bomb, not to be used on their allies and DEFINATLY not to be used to children! He just did because he was a slodier, and soldiers do things that they don't want to do sometimes. But coin dropped the bomp. She pressed the button. Coin's fault, not Gale's

Jaclyn wrote: "I think that Gale- under the influence of Coin -dropped the bomb that he and Beetie created on the Capitol children to get back at them. I think if he knew that Prim was aiding the children, he wou..."
Could you show me where does it say Gale approves killing of innocent children (without Prim there)? Or did you just make that up?

Mrs. Collins. It was used as a plot device that I thought wasn't entirely clever. I guess we had to have a reason for Katniss to pick Peeta over Gale that wasn't just because she loved him. Not hating on the book, I just wanted the 3rd one to be a little stronger. Killing Prim at the end weakened the big guesture by Katniss to spare her at the beginning of the first book.

The Capitol killed Prim. That bomb would never have been thought of, designed, or dropped by anyone if the capitol, or more specifically Snow, hadn't turned the world into what it was.

Chris (last edited Dec 14, 2014 05:18PM ) Dec 14, 2014 05:16PM   0 votes
It was Coin. She put Prim on the front lines knowing it would happen even though she is too young. Someone had to order it for her to be out there. She wanted Katniss to be a broken woman so the rebels would no longer want to follow The Mockingjay's example and be a problem for her. She actually hoped Peeta would kill Katniss when he sent him without cuffs and with a gun to be the replacement for Leeg 2 in Katniss's unit. How we know it is not Snow is because he did not have a hovercraft. They had all been destroyed or captured, mostly when the Rebels took District 2 where the military base is. If Snow had a hovercraft he would have used it to try to escape. Katniss puts all this together when she decides it's Coin she should execute with her one arrow.

It's kind of like saying who killed JFK: Lee Harvey Oswald or the gun he shot? Gale designed the bomb, yes, but it was Coin- or whoever- that ordered the bombs to be dropped. Even though I don't particularly like Gale, I think Katniss was unfair to him in the end. Coin killed Prim, not Gale.

I do not believe Gale killed Prim. Although he designed the bomb, I dont think he ever thought it would have been used in the way it was. Gale wanted so much to beat the Capitol and beat the system, but I dont think he would ever have targeted children and definately wouldnt have sacrificed his own people in that way.

GALE DID NOT KILL PRIM!!! he would have NEVER dropped the bom it he had known the prim was there...remember in the 1st book how gale promised katniss he would always take care of prim

It's not Gale's fault that Prim died. None of them knew she was gonna be there. Maybe the bombs were dropped and Gale helped with them, but he would never do that and it's not his fault she died. Why would he try to kill Prim? He loves Prim. He fed her while Katniss was in the Hunger Games. And he loves Katniss, and of course he would've known that Prim dying would kill Katniss. Gale wouldn't do that. A lot of people had something to do with it: Gale, Beetee, and Prim herself, for deciding to go. But Gale should not get the blame, and I'm not sure anyone should.

I think it is Coin's fault that Prim died. Yes Gale made it and he knew what it was for, but he didn't make it to kill Prim. This may sound stupid, but thats like saying the guy you created guns killed everyone who has ever been killed by a gun.

Gale stayed at home to look after his family, young siblings, and provide for them and keep them safe rather than go off and fight in a revolution.

I don't think it is in Gale's character to be a child-murderer, regardless of who the children were.

deleted member Aug 26, 2012 02:31PM   0 votes
I think that Coin ordered the bombing and that Gale had nothing to do with it. Yes, he created the bombs with Beetee but that doesn't mean he ordered their release! I don't think he even knew that they were going to be dropped. Yes, people connect him because of his guilty tone at the end but of course he feels guilty because he created the bombs! I think Coin ordered the bombs to be dropped and for Prim to be on the battlefield to break Katniss. Katniss was turning into a threat so Coin decides to break her because at this point nobody will believe that she just died.
So, Coin is responsible for Prim's death and Gale most certainly is not.

P.S. I like Peeta much more than Gale so please don't say I'm biased about this.

i think it was coin

deleted member Jun 28, 2017 06:11PM   0 votes
Here's an idea (and I'm not trying to be rude) -

Maybe put the spoiler part inside the actual discussion and not in the title. I haven't finished Mockingjay yet, and I just found out that Prim DIES!

I think the title of this post kinda gives away that Prim dies prior to the word Spoiler being used. I just found that amusing. I'll get back to work now.... Carry on... :-)

R.S. Merritt

Oh so the person who created the pencil the my friend stabbed me with is responsible for my friend stabbing me. Okay. Suuuuuurrrrrrreeeeee.

I think it's Coin. One, because Gale definatly designed that bomb, and two, because Snow said so. I think he (Snow) knows he's going to die - why lie? He knows Katniss would never spare him in either way. But I also don't think Gale knew about Prim. In the book he says he doesn't know whether it was his bomb or not, and that it will haunt her forever.
But it also adds to his character, since it really shows how much he is invested in the war, he really wants to do what he think is right, regardless of the consequences.
I think it also helps the reader understand why Katniss chooses Peeta over him, since Gale makes choices Katniss can't approve of, like blowing up 'The Nut' or making the bombs. Even game she doesn't kill if it's not completly necassary.

Coin, of course. Beete and Gale created the bomb, yes, but they were not the ones who gave the permission of a thirteen-year-old girl to lead the way in a war. In addition, I think it was entirely intentional, the person with the greatest influence on the population of Panem was Katniss, and what better way to get her out of the way than to destabilize her emotionally? so he would not have to give his opinion which, in my opinion, would obviously be against Coin. I'm sorry if you do not understand. I do not speak English.

I agree with Gale above. It's never made clear that Coin ordered the bombing. Snow blamed her but I wouldn't trust Snow after some of the stuff he pulled, like burning District 12 -- Katniss' home town -- to ashes.

I suspect it was some rogue supporters of Snow who were looking for a way to sucker in a rebel medical team and then bomb them too.

OTOH, it's impossible to blame Snow for Prim being in a medic group so near to the combat zone. Somebody on the District 12 side has to take the blame for that, maybe not Coin.

In contemporary armies, emergency first aid is located some distance behind the combat zone and the wounded are them evacuated by chopper. There's no reason why Coin's army should have handled it any different.

HER DEATH WAS SO HEARTBREAKING. I actually think the one who killed Prim is Gale, but under Coin's order. I never liked Coin.

District 13. The book never specifies exactly who released the bomb that killing Primrose. It was most likely Coin as said by Snow, but honestly, can you trust this guy? Gale designed the bombs (which, I must admit was pretty sick), but he never would've used them to kill Prim.

What I find ridiculous about this topic is how everyone says, "Oh, Gale is so evil for killing Prim (which he technically didn't)." But, NO ONE seems to care about the fact that Katniss wanted to continues the Hunger Games with the Capitol children?

If the bombs were dropped in two waves, why did they bomb the rebel paramedics?

Just so you know, I'm hardcore team Peeta. Gale today, Gale tomorrow, Gale forever; just not with Katniss.

Gale. He was the one who designed it after all. I don't think he would have dropped it if he knew Prim was going to be there. I think Coin was absolutely informed that Prim would be the first aid.

Gale. That little...*deep breath* "jerk" >.<

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