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Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 19 comments Mod
Paragraph 1: Summarize the text without giving away the ending. In your summary, make sure to identify the genre, protagonist, antagonist, setting, and the primary conflict. This paragraph should be a MINIMUM of five sentences.

Paragraph 2: Reflecting
Answer at least THREE of the following questions:
1.) Did you like/dislike this book? Why/why not?
2.) Did you make any personal connections to the text? Explain.
3.) To whom would you recommend this text? Why?
4.) What advice would you give to the author? What questions do you have?
5.) How does this book compare to others you have read by the same author?
6.) How does this book compare to others you have read in the same genre?
7.) What was the most aspect of the text? Character development? The setting? The kind of conflict?
8.) Create your own interesting question!

message 2: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Z | 16 comments I finished reading "Extremely Loud & Incredibly close" by Jonathan Safran Foer. The protagonist Oskar Schell lost his father during the 9/11 attacks. His father lost his life inside the north tower of The World Trade Center above the impact. Before that day Oskar and his father played a game. I forgot the name of the game, but I know how it works. His father will give Oskar one clue. That one clue can be anywhere in New York City. Oskar is suppose to use that one clue to find the other clues which will lead to an object that his father hide or wanted him to find. Oskar found a mysterious key in his father's closet. Oskar wen to every door in his apartment, but the key wouldn't fit in. It was found in an envelope that had the word "black" right in front of it. Oskar doesn't know if it's a color or a name of a person.

I really like this book. The best part of this book is that I never imagine a little boy searching for a lock in New York City. He doesn't know where the lock is located at. He just knows that there are a bunch of people in New York City that has the last name Black. This book reminds me of "The Outsiders." Why? Well Oskar lost his father and Ponyboy lost his parents. The only difference is that Oskar only lost his dad not his mom. While Ponyboy lost his mother and father. I recommend this book to everybody even though at the beginning of the book is kinda of boring. As you keep on reading this book it will get more interesting.

message 3: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Z | 16 comments I finished reading "I am Number Four" by Pittacus Lore. The protagonist John Smith is an alien. He come from the planet Lorien. His plant has been taken over by Madorigans I believe. Nine people from Lorien were sent to planet Earth to live a new life, but separately. Nine went to different directions. The madrigans can only kill them, but in order. If they don't kill them in order the assassin will get killed. Only three of them were killed and John is number four which means he is next.

This book is really amazing i suggest that everybody should order this book right now. First read the book then watch the movie. The book is always better than movies because books gives a lot of details. What i really like about the book is the story. I like that in the beginning that it tells about what happen in the past before the war. This book is almost similar to any Transformer movies. For example, at the very beginning of the movie Optimus Prime first talks about the past and how it lead to what is happening in the present.

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Lydia I have just finished reading the fantasy book "Gregor the Overlander" by Suzanne Collins. The protagonist is Gregor and his younger sister. The antagonists are the creepy crawlers living under NYC. The conflict is that there are humans living under New York City aren't exactly enjoying living together with roaches, spiders, and other crawlers.

I personally found the book interesting but not as thrilling as other books i have read. I found this book interesting because it was about a kid who had to use his instincts in a tough situation. However, this book was also a bit bland because it didn't put me on the edge of my seat. I would recommend this book to those who like Suzanne Collin books. The reason why is because that was the reason why i chose this book. I had just heard about the Hunger Games and i thought to myself "why not read other books that she wrote to get a sense of how she writes her books?"

message 5: by Lydia (new)

Lydia I have just finished reading the realistic fiction book "Past Perfect" by Leila Sales. The protagonist of this book is Chelsea and Fiona. The antagonist of this book is those who work at the Civil War reenactment Town across the street. The conflict in this book is the forbidden relationship between Chelsea and Dan due to both work places being "at war".

I really enjoyed this book because it's basically a modern Romeo and Juliet story. I enjoyed this book because it is about teenagers learning to love, overcoming difficulties, and just being a teenager in a modern time full of technology and summer jobs. I would recommend this book to those who want to read about drama, relationships, and the troubles of being a regular teenage girl. If you enjoy any of those genre types then this is the perfect book because there is definitely a lot of girl drama and boy-crushing in this book.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I have currently finished the fictional book The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It was about the protagonist, Susie Salmon, who was raped, then murdered in a cornfield in front of her house, by the antagonist of the book, a man that happened to be her neighbor, Mr. Harvey. He had raped and murdered many, many young and old woman and children, and then vanished from the faces of the Earth. Nobody ever suspected him as the murderer to any of his crimes. However, Susie’s dad had suspected him and turned him into the police. Even after years and years of searching through his belongings, his house, his car, his EVERYTHING… They could not find evidence that supports Mr. Salmon’s theory. Eventually, everyone had given up. Mr. Harvey had vanished… This book is told from the point of view of Susie in heaven. After her death, she still walks, as a ghost, on the surface of Earth, watching her friends and family try to uncover her murder and to get over the grief of losing her. I don’t want to give too much away; however, believe it or not, this book is mostly about how people on Earth attempt to get over her disappearance, not really about attempting to uncover who had murdered her. Her family continually grieves about losing their oldest child. After years and years of moving forward, their family still has difficulty living without Susie, but they manage to keep her locked in their hearts in a safe place. And Susie watches as they grow happier and happier every day from her unfortunate place in Heaven.

I liked this book a lot. I remember I stayed up to read it until… 2 in the morning. And even after that, I lay awake in bed, thinking about what comes after life and/or death. It interested me… Because the people on Earth would never find out! I think that Susie, the protagonist, went through an extreme character change by the end of the book. She learned to let go (these words “let go” were used often in the book…) of what had happened to her and let her family live happily, which she did not have the ability to do in the beginning of the book. I feel so bad for her because she will never have a chance to communicate with her family until they die… And I will never forget the last words written in the book, “I wish you all a long and happy life.” It’s a wonderful book, but you must have the nerve to finish it!!!!

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

I currently finished the Fiction book Heist Society by Ally Carter. There are no protagonists in this book because all the characters are thieves. In the book it is a family business which is basically being a thief. At the beginning Katarina Bishop (Kat) wanted to escape being a thief from being in a private school called Colgan until one her friends Hale takes her out. It wasn't until the end that she changes. The setting takes place in Upstate New York and different places in Europe. It is obvious why the setting are in different countries because thieves always are always moving around. The primary conflict is stealing 5 paintings from the most secured museums in the world. In addition, by stealing those 5 paintings Kat's dad won't be in suspicion of taking it.

I liked this book because this was a book that didn't have any good guys. This would I think be the first good I have read that it was just bad guys. Something different which I like. This book does compare to other books I have read because it is something that there is no good guys versus the bad guys. There is no one side winning over the other.I really enjoyed reading the book. I wouldn't give the author any advice because I thought she did a good job at writing in a perspective that is not a characters perspective. If the author wrote it in a perspective of a character then I wouldn't get the full oversight of the story. I wouldn't know how each character was feeling or thinking. I thought the author did a good job.

message 8: by Ronnye (new)

Ronnye G | 35 comments I have finished the book "Eon," by Alison Goodman. The book is about how this girl who is trying to make a better living for herself and her master. She id disguised as a boy at a young age when an ox hits her in the hip to conceal her feminine body. She is then put into Dragoneye training to become one of these prestigious people who are well known fighters and defenders of the Chinese Empire. During Training she is thought of as a weakling and a person who has no right to be in Dragoneye training at all because of her hip.Although she knows that being a woman and training to be a Dragoneye is forbidden she keeps on concealing her secret of being a woman. As the ceremony for a being a Dragoneye starts she fights different masters and ends beating them all except for one who cheats by going to far and nearly killing her. She waits in suspense as the Rat dragon starts to choose the new Dragoneye and chooses Dillon. As she loses all hope the Mirror Dragon appears and chooses her as her Dragoneye. The Mirror Dragon is the leader of all dragons, so now Eon is prestigious. She spends her time in the palace, but soon Lord Ido the real Dragoneye for the Rat Dragon overthrows the emperor and saves the seat of the empire for Sethon the emperor's brother.

I thought this book was an okay book. It is very hard and kind of boring to understand in the beginning. The reason why is because you don't know much about this new character and they kind of leep into the story making it difficult to understand. The main character is also hard to know what and who she is because the author doesn't describe her well, but instead kind of just gives small references to her past, making the character appear to be undeveloped throughout the book. We only get to know more of her past as we reach the near end of the book making the readers forget about how the main character was similar to others in the book.

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I have currently finished the science fiction book Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer. The book was about a teenage girl, the protagonist, Miranda, who was living her life happily with her family in Philadelphia. Sure, her parents were divorced and her dad’s new wife was pregnant… But the worst was yet to come. One night when Miranda was griping about her pile of homework she had received at school that day, the world was preparing for a surprise: an asteroid was hitting the moon that night. Everyone was excited to see such a sight! However, when the asteroid had hit the moon, the moon had moved closer to the Earth which altered the temperature, the oxygen, the tides, and more. The asteroid was the antagonist because this is the thing that causes everything in the book to happen. The tides became so high that it washed off nearly half of the Earth’s population. The weather was getting severe; thunderstorms, severe lightning, and grey snow. And with only a couple of people living, including Miranda’s family, Miranda starts to miss her old life where school was open, her friends were alive, her family was okay, and they could eat tons of food and never run out. As Miranda starts to appreciate everything she used to had, the world begins to illustrate a dim, lonely place where she would soon have to adjust to.

This book was literally one of my favorite books ever. I can’t even describe how much this book affected me. I started to appreciate everything I have ever since I started this book. It’s amazing how a piece of literature could make you learn so much! Miranda experienced so much in the book that it’s almost impossible for her not to appreciate the things that she used to have. She did change from the beginning of the book to the end of the book because she became more grateful about the things she used to have because she knows she will never get them back to normal. She will always live to appreciate, and it was all because of that one asteroid that had affected nearly everything on planet Earth.

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Aidan Farrell | 26 comments I just finished reading the book Ghost Dog Secrets by Peg Kehret This book is about a boy who finds a dog chained up and he finds out that there is an owner that abuses this dog. He tries to get the dog out of there and keep him alive by bringing the dog food. The boy keeps on seeing this ghost dog that looks like he wants to help save the other dogs. He steals the dog away from the bad people and call the ASPCA to come and investigate this guy. The story evolves from there.

I thought this book was pretty good. My mom got it for me but if I knew what it was about I might have bought it. I would recommend this book to anybody who isn't such a fast reader and they love animals (especially dogs) even though it may be a little bit disturbing.

message 11: by Cody (last edited Mar 31, 2012 01:08PM) (new)

Cody Long | 15 comments In my book the Outsiders a genre of fiction by S.E hinton is a great book. The protagonist in the story is the Greasers and the and the antagonist is the Socs. These are two gangs that hate each other but the Socs are much richer because they have expensive cars, they live on the west side and they have more weapons while the Greasers have are poor because they have to steal froms stores to get foods or any items they need and there is only one weapon they use and that would be a cracked glass bottle. The primary conflict is that the greasers want to be in peace but the socs do not want to leave them alone so there are always fights breaking out in the parks and garages.
I would reccommend this book to people if you like fiction stories, if you like the book Speak because it is similar to the Outsiders. It is a really intense book that you would want to keep on reading and you would not want to stop until ypu have finished the book. The advice I would give to the author is to take out the part of who was Soda girlfriends baby belonging to cause it is unrelevant to the story. So my question to the author is Who was Sodas girlfriend dating? My interesting question is Would Soda have commited suicide if Ponyboy and Darry did not run after him?

message 12: by Luca (new)

Luca | 27 comments I read, "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom. The protagonist in my book is an old man named Eddie who has just died saving a little girl from a falling train car at the amusement park where eddie worked the entirety of his life. When he dies, he meets 5 people that influenced his life in someway. They do not need to be relatives or even friends at all. They can be complete strangers. Their is no person antagonist, but I personally think that the main antagonist is Edie's view of his life, thinking that their was absolutely no point to it.

I liked this book but it was nothing too special. I connected this book to "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. I connrcted them because they are both about ghosts visiting someone to show that someone that their life wasn't as bad as they think it was. I would reccomend this text to anyone who wants a good short book.

message 13: by Lydia (new)

Lydia I have currently just finished reading the fiction book "Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. The protagonist of the book is Katniss Everdeen. The antagonist of this book is the people who actually enjoy watching the hunger games and the people governing the Capitol. The main conflict of this book is when Katniss volunteers to be a tribute thus spearing the life of her younger sister, Primrose Everdeen; however, it basically guarantees that her life will be over.

I liked this book because it was about a girl who had worked hard and break laws her entire life just to keep her family from starving. This book showed me that Katniss wasn't just a girl in distress and that she was going to get help from a rich guy or prince in other stories. Katniss shows us that she isn't going to wait for someone to save her but that she is going to save herself and she isn't going to stop and give up just because things got hard. I would recommend this book to those who don't need a man to rescue them or those who love a good heroine. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy those genres because it's all about a girl who has to provide for her family and doesn't matter whether she breaks a nail in the making.

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Audie Suydam | 29 comments I have finished the book The Maze Runner by James Dashner. This novel was about a large amount of kids trapped inside a maze with no escape and hardly any luxuries. New kids are put into a box and then transported up to the maze once a month. The main character is the latest boy to be thrown into the maze named Thomas. He is frightened by the new life he has to deal with. However, he seems to believe that the maze is indeed familiar to him but he cannot remember. There are many characters who also have this feeling about Thomas, and believe he's bad news to the wellbeing of their lives at the maze, such as Gally. Gally hated Thomas from the start, and believed he will be the beginning of the downfall of the Gladers, therefore he is the antagonist.

I enjoyed this book because it is a fascinating premise, and I enjoy stories about kids who create their own government and thrive off of themselves. As a kid myself, I always think about having to deal with life with out any adults. This book reminds me of another book I read called Lord of the Flies by William Golding. This novel was about kids who are stranded on an island, and are destined to meet eachother and create a government between themselves. There are many issues in Maze Runner that aren't possible in Lord of The Flies, (such as evil monsters who wanted to bite you.) but there are also similar issues such as the issue of leadership. I enjoyed this book, and so did my mom.

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Audie Suydam | 29 comments I have finished a graphic novel called Land of Black Gold by Hergé. In this graphic novel, a young reporter, Tintin travels to a fictional middle-eastern country called Khemed to fully understand what is happening to the oil in his home country, which is hurting their economy. When he gets there, he notices that (view spoiler)

I liked this graphic novel because it is not a kiddish expierence like some graphic novels are. In a small amount of pages, Herge brings humor and excitement in the novel, and makes you ask for more when it's all over. I would recommend this book to anyone who's interested in excellent graphic novels.

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Audie Suydam | 29 comments I have finished the graphic novelDestination Moon by Hergé. In this extremely insightful graphic novel, Tintin and friends join their friend Cuthbert Calculus in another fictional country called Syldavia to help him create a rocket to go to the Moon. This is the first part of the story, and the set up of the story. It is very fascinating to see the thoughts of Herge, which are almost identical to the United States' idea almost 20 years after these were made. This shows the true genius of Herge.

I enjoyed this book because it is an excellent insight onto the thoughts of space exploration before space exploration even existed, and seems to be the closest thing to it, and it's a graphic novel. I would reccomend this to anyone, and reccomend it to China's space exploration program, which has no idea how to go to the moon.

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