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message 1: by Bob (new)

Bob | 81 comments A friend of mine wrote to me, "I'm looking for some sources on race/class and spirituality. Does anything jump to mind? I'm finding all sorts of stuff on spirituality but nothing particular to 'who' engages in spiritual search." Any suggestions from this group of books from IVP or elsewhere that might be helpful to my friend.

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InterVarsity Press | 129 comments Mod
Hi Bob,

I'm sorry, I didn't see this question until today!

What do you mean by resources on race/class and spirituality? Like the experience of spirituality for a specific race?

We have several books about spirituality and what that means to an individual, but they are not race specific. And we also have several books on race as a social justice topic.
The book,
Spirituality: What Does It Mean to Be Spiritual?, explores basic questions about spirituality like 'What is spirituality?',
'Do all religious leaders basically say the same things?' or 'How do I find what works for me?'

Let me know if you have any other specifics, and I can try to give you better suggestions.



message 3: by Bob (new)

Bob | 81 comments Thanks--passed this along to my friend! --Bob

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