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Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
Which is your favorite and why? No haters, please!

message 2: by Yazzy (new)

Yazzy (yazzy101) | 24 comments Omg I love twilight the best because it's simple with just bella and Edward, no Jacob no evil people fighting over them. And I love the romance! P

Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
* Beware! Spoilers ahead for those who haven't read the whole series.

Lol, thanks for your enthusiastic reply, Yasmin! But you're right--what I like about the first book, Twilight, is the young, fresh, innocent feel about it. The wondering, the mystery, the sweetness between the couple as they are just getting to know each other. And the real danger that Edward might harm Bella and does all he can not to! I haven't re-read the books lately, but I recently re-watched the movies. There was a true innocence, sweetness, and a great need for Bella to be protected, even from Edward himself, that fades over the course of the series, even almost disappears as Bella grows stronger and her own gifts of protection emerge.

I do like Twlight. Also, New Moon. While I always chose Edward for Bella, understanding true love, I was never really against Jacob. He is a good best friend. So, I didn't disdain New Moon like some of the fans. Although I will say, my favorite parts were those snatches of seeing Edward, wondering if he was really there or if she was just imagining it.

Honestly, didn't like Eclipse all that much compared to the others. I think at that point I was all revved up, ready for Bella to make her choice. She just took too long and made Eclipse a little drawn-out for me.

But Breaking Dawn--awe, man, WELL worth the wait! So much bizarre but beautiful stuff happens. The Jacob-Renesmee thing? I mean, who saw it coming? But it worked and was brilliant, and made total sense considering Jacob's constant connection to Bella. The wedding, honeymoon, baby, was all fresh and just what I was waiting for. Even the showdown with the Volturi was unique because there was no true fight; just this big "talk", but I was on edge, waiting for a fight to happen! But it never came. That was a truly unique showdown.

And the very end, where Bella lets Edward see all her thoughts and memories. Sigh...the perfect ending.

SO, all that rambling done...I guess it is hard for me to pick a favorite! If I had to, maybe Breaking Dawn. But they are all lovely, even Eclipse with its drawn-outed-ness and Bella's painful indeciveness.

message 4: by Yazzy (new)

Yazzy (yazzy101) | 24 comments I know I loved breaking dawn although I don't know if I like Jacob and Resenesmee thing I mean im glad Jacob got over Bella and all and happy that he fell for soneone available I just don't know I guess the fact that Jacob fell for a baby

message 5: by Susan (new)

Susan (momblogger) | 5 comments I love each one for different reasons:
Twilight for the budding romance and trust
New Moon for the hunky wolves, and angst
Eclipse for the drama and internal struggles - and all the stupid things that made them all act "human"
Breaking Dawn for all the fear, danger, loyalties and love

Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
Lol, well said, Susan! A nice summary.

To Yasmin: I do like the Jacon Renesmee thing. Yeah, it seemed weird at first, but also something unique for an author to do. Honestly, it made more sense to me in the movies. Sometimes, the movies sum things up better for me because they have limited time and must get right to the point.

When Jacob talks about imprinting, he says you would be anyone for that person. Not just a lover, but also a friend or brother. So, one way to look at it is that while Renesmee is still a child, he can be her protector and friend if that's what she needs. She'll grow fast and eventually fall in love when she's old enough.

I also love the way they show Jacob imprinting in the movie. It's like, not only does he see her as a baby, but he sees into the future, what she'll become as a child and then as a grown-up lady. In that sense, he sees what she will be someday and loves all of her.

message 7: by Robin (new)

Robin I enjoyed all the books, but was slightly disappointed with the end of Breaking Dawn. To me, it feels like everything ended to neatly. Everything is nicely tied up in a bow. With a whole army coming to kill Renesmee, I was honestly hoping for something a little more exciting than another half human half vampire showing up on the battlefield.

message 8: by Yazzy (new)

Yazzy (yazzy101) | 24 comments Ok ok that is seriously cute! But idk maybe if the imprint happened a little while later that would be cool. But I do t like the fact that Jacob has a history with her mother, what the hell is he going to do about that? Oh before you were born I was in love with your mother and it was only after I decided to kill you for killing her that I sore and imprinted on you? Idk it sounds a bit to weriod. But I do like your idea of how Jacob loves and accepts all of her, it's just his relationship with Bella that I can't get over! And I really feel sorry for Edward! First Bella now his daughter!

Tobyann Aparisi (darkfrog) | 1 comments I liked the first one for getting me into the series. I did not care for the second one too much. Too much whining and whoa-is-meness in it. The third was great for the action and more character building. But my favorite would have to be the last one. The family support, the love they all share for one another and even for Bella the new comer to the family. How much they worked together to see things through. For the Family they become.

message 10: by Yazzy (new)

Yazzy (yazzy101) | 24 comments Aww that's awesome! I love the first and last most the second was a bit whiny and Jacob was a pain in the third. But I really loved twilight it's the book that got me into reading!

Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
Yasmin wrote: "Ok ok that is seriously cute! But idk maybe if the imprint happened a little while later that would be cool. But I do t like the fact that Jacob has a history with her mother, what the hell is he g..."

Lol, it is funny and a bit strange if you think of it that way. Edward's family just can't escape those mutts...

Christine Schulze | 74 comments Mod
Tobyann wrote: "I liked the first one for getting me into the series. I did not care for the second one too much. Too much whining and whoa-is-meness in it. The third was great for the action and more character..."

Well said. Again, if I HAD to pick a favorite, it may very well be Breaking Dawn. So much happens in this book, and the characters do grow a lot, perhaps more in this book than any of the rest.

message 13: by Yazzy (new)

Yazzy (yazzy101) | 24 comments Lol yer poor Edward first his girlfriend now his daughter, I'm surprised that he hasn't killed him yet, I would have! I also like the fact that Stephane Myer didn't have detail in BD. it's a nice change from a lot of other books I've read. And I would also like to add that I'm gettin a little bit sick of love triangles there every where, and we all know who she'll end up with, it's just that spending time with this other person makes me hate him and I can't figurative out why she would still be hanging out with him! (Btw this is me ramboling about nothing, no speaking of twilight!)

message 14: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 1 comments I think I liked Twilight and Breaking Dawn the best. Twilight was new and fresh and I love seeing the romance blossom. New love is always such a wonderful thing to get carried away with. And I loved Breaking Dawn because of all the changes the characters go through. It was a bit long for my taste, and the fact that the ending was so anti-climatic bugged me, but overall the book was good. I really enjoyed the wedding and then the beautiful place they went on their honeymoon, and how devoted Bella was to her baby. I actually thought Jacob imprinting on Renesme was very apropos. I thought it was a very unique way to close the love triangle.

New Moon and Eclipse were middle books to me. It was keeping the story going to Breaking Dawn. And I really get sick of love triangles. We all knew she would end up with Edward, so New Moon was particularly frustrating for me. I probably read that book the fastest, but not because I enjoyed it, but because I had to push myself through it to get her back with Edward. I enjoyed the endings of both New Moon and Eclipse, but overall, I would say that I enjoyed Twilight and Breaking Dawn the best. But really enjoyed the series as a whole.

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