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Robbins Library Robbins Feb 27, 2012 08:49AM
Are you excited about the upcoming Hunger Games film? Do you think it will be as good as the book? What are your thoughts?

If the movie stinks I am going to take it personal!

Am I excited for the film? Just let me think... YEEEEESSSSSS!! I am super excited :D From what I have seen in the trailers, it looks really close to the books and I am really happy about that. I put that down to Suzanne Collins having helped in writing the screenplay. And to me, Jennifer Lawrence looks exactly how I imagined Katniss. And Jennifer Lawrence really gets what the books are about and how to really represent Katniss. That makes me even more excited, having an actress who has a true appreciated for the story.

kpopfan I know right? I can't wait either!! Jennifer also acted on Winters bone another good book made into a great movie :) ...more
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Amy I have seen the film but have not read the book. I loved the film and thought she was really good in it. I better go put the book on my to-read list : ...more
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I am SO excited! My friends & r going to go see it as soon as it comes out! The cast is absolutely perfect.

kpopfan (last edited Feb 27, 2012 10:09AM ) Feb 27, 2012 10:08AM   0 votes
Josh Hutcherson is perfect for Peeta alot of people are pissed off that Josh was picked for the part because he does'nt have blue eyes... WHO CARES! As long as they play the part and can honestly act which Josh and Jennifer Can. Anyways can't wait for the movie to come out and I really hope they stay true to the book and not end up as a total Twilight fail....

Very excited for the movie! I hope it is as good as the book (or at least close), but I'm not expecting it to be quite as good (the books are usually always better than their movies).

I'm so excited about the Movie. I do hope to go see it sometime while it's in the Movie Theater. I most definitely don't want to wait for it to come out on DVD. What a long wait that would be.

The Book? I LOVE the book. I'm in the second book right now and it's so much more exciting. It just seems to me that there is so much more in this book than the first one.

I'm super excited! The actors they picked aren't the actors I would've imagined for the characters, but it still looks amazing. The costumes and the hair look incredible too.

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