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What are your three favorite professors from Harry Potter?

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Occamy Potter Occamy My favorite professors are Harry Potter from the Defense against the Dark Arts club, Remus Lupin, and Neville Longbottom from the Herbology class in the future (19 years later).

Lana Do you know how hard it is to actually choose favorites xD?

though I have to go with Minerva McGonagall (Transfiguration), Remus Lupin (Defence Against the Dark Arts) and Dolores Umbr- no just kidding, I guess the third place is a tie for Hagrid and Sprout (&maybe Snape for odd reasons), but that's just because I really like their subjects :D

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Jasmine Lupin, "Barty Crouch Jr." (he wasn't a bad teacher and I liked him up until he tried to kill Harry:)and probably McGonagall(especially in the last book)

Amanda So hard! McGonagall, Snape & Lupin.


Candice Lupin, McGonagall and Snape. (Snape only because his lessons were interesting as to what degree he picked on Harry :P)

Kasey Snape. I plan on naming a child after him. Yes, I'm serious.

Uditi Professor McGonnagall, Lupin and Dumbledore <3 <3 <3
For life.

Maia Mcgonnagall, Snape, and...Lupin. Its a crime that she killed Lupin, and Snape deserved to live too, i really like him. Hagrid is awesome too of course, and i love Dumbledore but dont count him as a professor since hes the headmaster.

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Amanda (Gale's Chosen One) Potter McGonnagall, Lupin and Hagrid. But I also love Dumbledore but he wouldn't count as a professor would he? And I loved Snape, Slughorn and Flitwick.

I hate choosing between Harry Potter characters. It's so difficult.
To me it's like asking who my favourite sibling or friend is.

Swathika Manu Lupin, McGonnagal and Dumbledore.

Jenetta It is so hard to choose!!!

Ummmmm, Snape, Dumbledore and McGonnagall

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Rula Dumbledore.

...but if i had to choose a fourth one, Snape.

Brittany Luigi wrote: "Lupin, "Barty Crouch Jr." (he wasn't a bad teacher and I liked him up until he tried to kill Harry:)and probably McGonagall(especially in the last book)"

that made me chuckle XD.

I love McGonnagal (i so can not spell), Lupin, and Hagrid. : ]

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Fanzura Snape of course for wit.. McGonagall for her sass and Trelawny because she is hilarious ;)

Fatemeh Remus Lupin, Dumbledore and Hagrid. :)

Natasha den Dekker Lupin, Snape and McGonagall. They're the funniest.

JazzyCat Lupin, Hagrid (yur stroke them!), and Snape (there's no need to call me sir, professor)

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Texas Nicole Purnell Snape, Proffesor Dumbledore, Hargrid... :)

Still crying about Dumbledore in book seven... :'(

Texas Nicole Purnell There is a missing E

Charlie Snape because in the end it turned out that he loved Lilly and thats really sweet, and gross...
Dumbledore because he's AWESOME!!!
McGonagall because she's a woman and she has GIRL-POWER!!!

Fanzura Haha! Totally agreed on the girl power! She sure kicks ass..

Texas Nicole Purnell haha Hell yeah she does... but then again, there was some epicness in the bellatrix and Rons mother... although they arent professor's that was EPICly Sweet..

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian Remus John Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, and of course, Albus Dumbledore!!!!!!!

Lorenzo Erik Dumbledore.

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Anne Marie Snape and Lockhart <3

Jenetta ewww i hate lockhart he's such a lovo

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Anne Marie Jenetta wrote: "ewww i hate lockhart he's such a lovo"

But that's what (in my mind) made him so hilarious. He's so out there and full of himself that he was very fun to read.

Jenetta yeah i guess i agree with ur comment anne.
and thomas...obviously i dont know how to do a memory charm....

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Rula Anne wrote: "Snape and Lockhart <3"

why would pick Lockhart? he's a fraud, and he's been taking credit for other wizards have done, so he couldn't write another book. he's gifted with memory charms.

Jennifer Giles McGonagall
Although, I did enjoy when Firenze taught Divination.

Atanu Dey McGonagall and Lupin are the definite choices. The third one....mmm...may be Mad eye Moody (actually Barty Crouch Jr)


Steven In terms of liking them as teachers, I'd probably say Slughorn is my favorite. He seems like he made classes fun, giving students practical exams and offering them prizes for the best attempt at a potion. He seemed like a genuinely pleasant teacher. Flitwick is another one that always seemed like a good teacher and someone who made classes fun and interesting.

As characters in the story, I like Snape, McGonagall, and Lupin.

Of course in terms of villains, Umbridge is in a class by herself. She's the teacher you love to hate. She was deliciously nasty, and I absolutely love the part of the story where she takes over as Headmaster and then the whole school rebels against her, coming down with "Umbridge-itis" and working to undermine her regime. I laughed so hard the first time I read that part of the book I actually dropped it.

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