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What comes next? (spoilers)

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Robert Lent It was some time before I realized that there wouldn't be another book in the series. The story leaves the ending ambiguous, but I think there are things we can infer. The Race is talking about destroying the Earth in a last-ditch effort to stop the humans. But it seems to late for that, it would take years for the order to get there, and in the meantime, human technology simply keeps advancing. Even if they did manage to destroy the Earth, human ships would probably retaliate, destroying the Race's planets.

There was one other thing, there was one habitable planet that the Race mentioned that they hadn't colonized because it was too cold. The Earth was marginal by the standards of the Race, but this planet probably would be a good fit for humans. I would expect that humans would colonize this planet. For all we know, colonization of this planet could be already underway during the events of the book.

Ginger appears to be making a wholesale change among the Race, they are behaving more and more like humans. This probably isn't a change they can roll back. In the long run, they may need to not roll it back, so that they can keep up, those who use ginger tend to be more open to new ideas, and dealing with humans requires this kind of openness.

infael I just finished reading Homeward Bound. I didn't know it had been released, in 2005. It has now been 7+ years. Sigh.

I think another alien race should attack Home, forcing the Lizards to ask Earth for help. Perhaps the attack could come during an Earth-Home war. That'd be some nice symmetry.

I don't know how to contact Turtledove, tho. He doesn't have an email on Goodreads nor his Sf-f.net website.

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