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ARCHIVE 2012 > Book 1: Chapters 13-18 *may contain spoilers*

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message 1: by Tatum (new)

Tatum | 459 comments Just one thing after another after another with this book! I feel badly sometimes for being happy that some of the others are being killed off and yet I still want them to be killed off.

Did it make you happy when Peeta told Katniss to run after she'd gotten the bow from the dead girl?

Were you expecting Rue to survive longer after she paired with Katniss or did you think something bad would happen when they split up?

How do you think the Careers will do without supplies?

Are you surprised that they have now said two people can win if from the same district?

message 2: by Johanna (new)

Johanna | 766 comments It did make me very happy he helped her! I was not really thinking on how long Rue would survive but it did come as a surprise when she died. I have no idea what to think about Careers right now. I was not very surprised they changed the rules but a little disappointed. I was hoping for some cool way for Katniss and Peeta to both survive. Surely they both must survive!

message 3: by Beverly (new)

Beverly (bshrib) I love that Peeta helps Katniss. I think it's pretty obvious that he is really in love with her, though Katniss does not see this yet. Rue's death is so sad. I think that Katniss was so attached to Rue because she reminded her so much of Prim and so her death was really difficult. I love that Katniss decorates her with flowers after she dies though. I think that's a very moving scene in the book.

message 4: by Lorelei (last edited Mar 20, 2012 10:01AM) (new)

Lorelei (goodreadscomlorelei_reads) | 393 comments This is such a good book. It would be hard to believe that someone could be in love with you when there is so much to be suspicious of in the District. They have been forced to never trust to survive. Peeta is a great guy to have saved her life and shown his love. It has changed Katniss and made her want to fight the Capitol rules and the thrill the people have in seeing kids die at the hand of another child! Breed them early to hate so they hate as adults and are easier to control.
I am sad that Rue died but it does eliminate the inevitable show down which would be much harder to accept and carry out for Katniss.
The Careers have been bred for these games, there is no trusting others except to use them for survival. Cato is obviously a hate filled person, especially for Katniss and doubly so since she destroyed the food supplies. I think we are being groomed by the author for a stand off between Katniss and Cato with Peeta comming in to save her life again. (maybe?)
I too am a little bit disappointed with the 2 can win change but it certainly sets the story up for Katniss and Peeta to be the victors.
Good story.

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