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I'm confused. This was the first angel book i've read and i didnt understand the Nephlim thing and how Nora sacrificing herself killed the bad guy and the taking over bodies thing in the jewish month! I realling enjoyed the romance and want to read crescendo but I lost on the angel jibba-jabba. If someone could explain i'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Meagan henckel well in jewish and to tell you the truth i never heard of that month and nephlim as you may know from the book there angel and human offspring.That parts right but nephlim are gints.And as far as takeing over peoples bodies that can happen I red some stories online hope I helped.

Tess Fallen Angels:

The Fallen angels are beings who have had thier wings ripped out of their backs. That's why they all have two huge gashes on their backs where their wings once used to be. The normal reason for being banished and sent down to earth would be for falling in love with mortal girls or guys. AKA, human girls or guys. However, they also get sent down for things like Betrayal, Greed, ect...
They normally tend to become apart of gangs, however do need to get into a highschool if they're the appropriate age. It's their choice to choose their path...
Fallen angels are immortal. Nothing can kill them because they'll just heal again after pleantly of rest. They can play mind tricks with you and make you imagine things which aren't really there.
They can't feel, touch or taste anything, which is why a very large amount of them remain unhappy until they've possesed someone's body. BUT they can only posses the body of a NEPHIL on a certain day of the year IF they can torture that Nephil enough to make him swear an oath to give them his body.


Nephilim's can only be males. Unlike Fallen angels, these guys are here on earth because they've inherited Nephilim blood from their bloodline. A nephil comes from a Fallen angel and a human. They look just like humans, except for perhaps the fact that they can sometimes appear stronger and taller. They are also immortal, and can look good as new with pleantly of rest. Though unlike Fallen angels, they feel pain. And they need to try get away from the Fallen angels. Because if they're torture becomes too much, then they'd be forced to swear the oath and give up their bodies for the Fallen angels to posses and take control of for that one day... And the results could be horrific for them. They cannot mess with your mind like Fallen angels can.

I'll post more later.

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ahh, thank you! Totally get the whole body switch-aroo thing now.

Tess You're welcome. hey, if you really like the series, check out the RP group Who's Your Fallen Angel? It's really cool. I'll post the link.

Taylor Nephilim can mess with your mind. Jules makes Nora think that the ladder is falling off the latter when she isn't. Remember?

Kristin You don't really have to understand it to move on to the next book. It doesn't come up again. And about Nephilim only being male...I don't think that turns out to be true. That's all I'm gonna say about that, don't want to put in any spoilers.

Tess Ha ha. I know what you're talking about. *Winks*

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Tess Taylor wrote: "Nephilim can mess with your mind. Jules makes Nora think that the ladder is falling off the latter when she isn't. Remember?"

That's true, but it isn't really that frequent in the series itself.

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